dominant M looking for females for food and foot stuff

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dominant M looking for females for food and foot stuff

Postby BeautifulBad9 » Sat Sep 23, 2023 2:11 pm

current rp status. OPEN and I'm currently seeking very masochistic females to dominate

Also any female prey who enjoys a deep tongue fucking while I eat them feel free as I'll be up to taste you fully

I am currently looking for a sub. someone to tease and dominate who is also willing to have me dom you with my feet. I am also seeking a vampire rp with a willing sexy female prey
I am also looking for a sub who I can tie up and get myself off, someone who wants to serve, like really wants to serve and I'll consider your position as my sub and of your the type of girl who wants to be my sub for irl teasing feel free to ask as you might have found your Dom

As for those femboys who wish to serve me, you'll be worshipping my feet and that's it

Also my Dom philosophy is rather unique as it's based on chaos theory, and before you message telling me that's hypocritical, that's the point as using that as a base allows for greater flexibility and also accounts for the unpredictability which comes with human nature.

If your looking for a Dom/ owner I'll consider your case and if I deem so will claim you as my sub.

Also accepting those who are massive gut sluts and those who want to serve willingly.

my kinks and likes are

teasing ( ooc kinda stuff outside the context of an rp)
Slavery, ( as part of bondage and teasing) ( if interested in ooc teasing and stuff regarding this message me,)
rope play
sexy uniforms for subs
sex, lots of sex oral, anal, vaginal.
dirty talk
light chocking
subby females
leash and collar play
yoga pants. and other sexy female attire.
a decent ass and great legs more so the firm fit ass and slim legs
feet especially in pantyhose

maybes ( stuff I like cause of being on the site)

vore, any type. prefs for oral and vampirc*

and if you see this and want to rp

also. NO underage, scat, watersports or anything really extreme

Also ran out of space for the title

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char well that's the main one, alt list is a general mess tbh

feel free to pm
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