Male Switch Seeking Discord Partners!

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Male Switch Seeking Discord Partners!

Postby kawaiicommie » Sat May 23, 2020 1:39 am

Hello, I’m a male switch, as the title implies, and I’m seeking roleplayers of all genders and preferences with Discord as the preferred platform. I can play female characters on request, but would prefer to not do so exclusively. Please review all three of the lists below before sending me a message. "Loves" are elements which are all but necessary for my enjoyment. “Interests” are elements which I would currently like to include, although they are totally optional. “Hates” are elements which I prefer not to include, although I am more willing to give more favors with more familiarity. Please contact me via PMs if you would like my Discord. Cheers!

-Oral Vore (Soft or Hard)
-Digestion (Soft or Hard)
-Sex (Soft- or Hard-core)

-Same Size
-Human Pred/Prey
-Monster Pred (usually roughly humanoid)
-Fantasy Prey (dwarves, elves, hobbits, etc.)
-Unwilling Prey (dub-con/coercion welcome)
-Foot Fetishism

-Non-oral Vore
-Reference Images/Faceclaims (especially for my characters)
-Nonfatal/Endo (excepting main characters in long scenarios)
-Shrinking (prefer pre-existing size differences)
-Unaware/Unwilling Pred
-Multiple Prey/Mass Vore
-Most BDSM (feel free to ask)
-Shit/Piss (non-negotiable)
-Step/Incest (non-negotiable)
-Underaged/Chilidish Characters (non-negotiable)

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