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Prey looking for Fpred for Wow/Eso vore rp partnership

PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2022 1:57 am
by BellyGame
so, I've recently been getting back into World of Warcraft and The Elder scrolls online! And I was hoping to find an Rp partner to make the games even more fun!

As for likes, I tend to try new things but here is what i basically love.
Loves: Vore (oral, Anal, unbirth)
being prey (I am only prey, so please don't ask me to be pred.)
NSFW stuff (not a requirement, just fun to add in for slice of life stuff)
SFW stuff (Vore can be cute too, and funny, especially unaware vore)
Pregnancy (this includes Impregnation, Hyper pregnancy, etc)
pred/prey relationship (I'm a sucker for romance in the tum tum)
Roleplaying: Not everything has to have vore in it, it's fun to have characters interact and build up a bond yah know? i love to make stories, they make the RP even better.
Roleplaying in and out of the game, via discord.

so, here is where you can ask what you'd like to do with me. I like to think i like to try out new stuff :) Just don't ask me to do things in my dislikes.

Male vore (yeah this is...just no..)
Mpreg (It kinda kills the preggo stuff for me)
cock vore (just don't find it fun :/)
Scat eating (fine with disposal and gas but not eating it)

And that would conclude this.
Hope to get sent to a tummy in a game soon. ^.^
I usually only RP in games or on discord, so hit me up for my discord.