Human M prey, Anthro pred switch. looking for heavy disposal

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Human M prey, Anthro pred switch. looking for heavy disposal

Postby TurtleNapkins » Mon Oct 14, 2019 1:06 am

Hi i'm looking for a rp partner to play with. I prefer to stick to using the messaging feature on the website, But feel free to add me on discord TurtleNapkin#9098
I tend to play a human male/s as my characters when i prey. I enjoy Anthro preds over human ones but i am not opposed to having a human as the pred.

I also pred! I dont really have any set characters i use. But i enjoy playing big dominating equines eager to churn up some prey things into heavy dumps. I do have a heavy bias to human preys. Im not so big into anthro lrey, but you might be able to convince me if your cute enough ;)

I tend to play one shot style characters, or if the need be multiple and will tailor the prey to your preferences.


Disposal (the heavier the better)
Anthro preds (horses, bulls, gators, bears are just some of my favs, but if you have a favorite let me know)
slob/fat preds
Oral vore
Anal vore
Cruel preds
unwilling prey
Willing prey
mild age play
Human preds (daddy types)
Human prey


Sex Rp's
Heavy scat play/torture.
blood gore
hard vore
Furry prey
cock vore

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