Girl Olya looking hungry snake

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Girl Olya looking hungry snake

Postby 21Olya21 » Fri Nov 06, 2020 9:15 pm

I have been playing rp for quite some time. Mostly like prey. I can also play as a predator.

Favorite predators
Snake / Worm
Sloppy joe

M / F
F / F
F/ M
Belping clotnes
Trophy (Clothnes / Shoes, etc.)
Hard vore
Soft vore

No like
Now I'm looking for a partner willing to play the hungry snake.

1. You are a hungry snake. I was rollerblading and fell into the aviary where you slept.

2. I have a huge python in my house and feed it constantly. Suddenly I forget to feed him and he becomes very hungry.

3. You are the snake that climbed into my window and hid. When I enter the room - lunch served.

My favorite predators are snakes and barnacl.
Spoiler: show

1. You are Sloppy Joe, who climbed into my window when I was playing computer games.

2.You are my friend, I want you to eat me. I invite you to the city park to feed you.

3.You are a hypnotic snake that lives in a stadium. I am a first year student. A physical education lesson took place on the street and you found me the best food, out of all the students.

4. You are a TV star and participate in the show. You are hungry and ask someone to become food. I am one of the spectators who decided to help satisfy your hunger.


I'm currently looking for cooks to cook my character / me. I will do rp here. I am also ready to talk about self culinary fantasies, where I and twin sister is food.

Spoiler: show

1. I won a ticket to a tropical island. I walked around the island and then I was swept by a tribe of cannibals.

2. My boyfriend / girlfriend invited me / my sister to the opening of their restaurant, where I / we turned out to be the main dish for the guests.

3. My sister and I were kidnapped and taken away. I ended up serving a secret dinner.

4. Thanksgiving. I come to you to find out that I am in a turkey in the oven.

5. You are an alien who abducted me to cook and eat.

Expect to be in your stomach or on your dinner desk.


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