Teasing Vore RP. Male Prey LF Male Pred~

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Teasing Vore RP. Male Prey LF Male Pred~

Postby Shifzor » Mon Jul 13, 2020 1:02 am

Hello and thanks for clicking on this! :3

Looking to be nommed by any dominant male predator of same-size and would love to be one's belly pet/slave/lover! Non-fatal/Endosoma only. Heavily preferring scalie species only. No NSFW/NSFL though I am up for a lot of suggestive themes either through bellyplay, romance, teasing and whatnot. Just looking for a teasing RP with a lot of focus on vore and bellyplay. Even love permavore scenarios! Feel free to ask about other interests. Doesn't really need to be a plot or anything, can just be one shot and IC approaches are really welcomed. Can also be a casual RP tease thing that we do from time to time as I really love that. Just keeping each other in check, one being in the belly and the other outside. Prefer to have some literacy and a few liners. Feel free to DM, always up for it

1. Decent grammar and writing. Just so that its understandable and readable.
2. A paragraph of few liners.
3. Soft oral vore only. No alternate forms of vore. Same-size too (Even better if its a larger prey!) So as long it makes a considerable bulge.
4. No NSFW - In sense of description of sex outright or genitalia. Suggestive actions such as groping, making out, cuddling, rubbing, kneading, etc are allowed. I tend to go a lot into sexytimes but without describing the genitalia process (other than breasts).
5. I highly prefer male for both preds and prey.
6. No hard vore, full tour, etc. I am very much alright with many vore-related kinks such as belching, bellyplay, drool, musk, etc.
7. I heavily prefer scalie species for both pred and prey~. Dragons, raptors, lizards, etc. (Although the spirit can be any other species). No humans. Dragon
8. I lean a lot more heavily on prey.

Below are my favourites.
Favourites - It especially applies to voracious spirits possessing others~.
Soft, Oral Vore
Same Size
Size Difference (1-2 ft)
Smaller Pred eating a Big prey
Endo/Safe Vore
Permanent Endo Vore
Belly Imprisonment
Punishment Vore
Aggressive Vore (Predator showed no mercy as he violently gulp down the prey)
Long description of being swallowed and being encased within a belly.
Tight and cramped bellies (Able to see the imprints!)
Big, straining bellies
Tasting/Tongue Play
Possessive predator
Protective Vore
Sleeping in the belly
Bellyplay (Pressing belly against something, kissing, licking and snuggling the belly)
Taunts and teasing of the prey
Drool and belching
Physical Affection/Cuddling
Vore as Transportation
Unwilling and shy predator
Multiple Prey (Forcing main prey to listen to other preys being digested)
Romantic and Affectionate vore~
Tummy sounds
Stomach aches
Threatening to digest
Scalie species

Not interested
Human preds
Gas stuff (Farting)
Hard vore

Feel free to ask anymore about other kinks!

Thank you for reading and I hope to get to stay in one of your bellies soon~

My Discord - Mercurix#2193(I prefer if you send in a message first before you add me!)

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