M Prey/Switch Looking for Feral Snake/Creature Pred

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M Prey/Switch Looking for Feral Snake/Creature Pred

Postby lookoutbellow2016 » Wed Oct 21, 2020 10:00 am

Hey! So I thought I'd throw this out there and see if there's any takers. I enjoy RPing as a young human male (late teens-early 20s). I don't have a specific character...rather I base my fiction off of the imagery of guys that I find attractive. Models, Instagramers, etc. I love finding a hot guy and imagining him in all kinds of perilous scenarios. The visual of who I'm working with is really important to me. I have...quite a pool of athletic, hot guys (IMO) to draw from. Yes, I definitely have a type. :-P If you're interested I'd be happy to show you a few.

I generally prefer to play as prey - but I can switch for the right partner. It's all about give and take, right? I could be talked into playing a feral snake, or some kind of monster, for the right partner AND the right prey. If you'd rather play the hot guy, it's definitely worth the discussion to see if we can work something out.

I've RPed plenty, and have a published vore RP under my belt. I really enjoy erotic horror. Forcing pleasure on an unwilling stud, with the fear and peril only adding to the arousal. Vore is a natural progression of all that, I'd say. I'm rather fond of a "bad ending." It makes the prey fight all the more hard, knowing what is on the line. My favorite preds are tentacle creatures of all kinds, plant beasts, slime creatures, snakes, and nagas. The idea of living bondage is super hot to me. And you can do all kinds of things with that... ;-) You might be sensing a pattern...sorry, no furs, though. For vore I'm strictly oral vore only - though quite possibly absorption in the right circumstance. I guess I'm still figuring that part out, but I'm pretty sure I'm a solid "no" on vore through any other orifice but the mouth.

My goal in an RP is for both of us to enjoy it! I love writing in detail, painting a picture with words. I've been known to get carried away and write multiple paragraphs on a turn. Short, generic responses are a no-go. Not to sound pretentious, but I hate doing all the heavy lifting in an RP.

Discord: Tsavo#0374 I'll check messages here frequently, but I use Discord a lot as well. Also it's much easier to share images on Discord.

- Male Prey
- Human Male
- Teens/20s
- Smooth, Fit (Sometimes muscular) Prey
- Oral Vore
- Fatal Vore
- Nonfatal Vore
- Sexual Vore
- Unwilling Prey
- M/M (sex)
- M/Feral
- Tentacles
- Vines/Plants
- Slimes
- Snake/Naga
- Creatures In General (Feel free to try and sell me on something!)
- Noncon/Dubcon
- Rape
- Rough Sex
- Muscle/Body Worship (Got to appreciate that hot prey, right?)
- Sweat
- Oral/Anal Penetration
- Light Mind Control (Influence and weaken, but not necessarily outright brainwash)
- Mind Fuck
- Edging/Milking
-Forced Orgasm
- Unwilling Arousal
- Oviposition
- Breathplay
- Constriction
- Bondage

- Female Pred
- Pain Play
- Aliens
- Nonsexual Vore
- Willing Pred

- Female Prey
- Fat Prey
- Human Pred
- Furry Pred
- Cock Vore
- Anal Vore
- Gore
- Cooking
- Scat/Watersports
- Body Modification
- Excessive Belly Bulge (Not contradicting the oviposition, I just like my characters the way they are, if that makes sense)
- Graphic Digestion
- Brainwashing

Possible Settings:
- Locker room ambush
- Jungle hike gone wrong
- Secluded beach
- Sci-fi setting
- Prey's own bedroom (somewhere they *should* feel safe)
- Fed to a creature for the pleasure of a voyeur

If you've made it this far, congratulations. I admit I probably fit into a narrow window for things...but within that window I excel. I'm still fleshing out all of my lists, but this is definitely a good start. Thank's for reading, and hopefully we can connect some dots.

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