friendly giant girl looking play pred (prefer boy prey now)

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friendly giant girl looking play pred (prefer boy prey now)

Postby typemoon » Wed May 25, 2022 2:31 pm

Hello, my name Rita. Actually I am looking for a partner to do long term rp. I have a few ideas to do some RP but I generally like people to give me their ideas. I am usually someone kind and undemanding. The posts that I do are usually long, 10 lines or more, so I'm looking for a partner who can do something similar.

As my title says, I love the macro / micro and I look for non-fatal vore scenes with preys arranged. I have a few ideas in mind and I will mention them before making my preferences known to rp.

Giant girl and her girlfriend or boyfriend with vore fetish. I love the scenes where my partner tells me about his fetish and I have to give pleasure to her or to him through the vore. I love that my boyfriend or perverted girlfriend also adore that they ask me to interpret different personalities usually I occupy a shy girl but I love that my girlfriend or girlfriend asks me to act like a ferocious predator or a yandere or stundere girl or dominant for them in spite of I do not know how to do it

I also love scenes where I am a neko or a predator who decides to be a vegetarian but a perverted girl or a girl with depression tries to eat her. the perverted because she wants to be in my mouth and the girl with depression because she simply wants to be devoured.

I also like the idea of ​​being sleepy and try to eat my girlfriend or boyfriend while I sleep. It would be fun to see what situations may appear after that.

RP likes

F / f - a classic I love this.

F / m - I like it but with cute guys or very young guys it usually depends on my mood.

foodplay - my biggest fetish I adore that my prey is in a tasty dish of salads or covered in tomato sauce while I eat it.

Macro / micro - more than one thing that I like is a necessity. I will only do rp with micro characters I love that my preys are especially 4 inches high, no bigger or no smaller.

Sweat - I like a little bit that my prey is sweating while in a soup dish or being covered with warm melted butter.

foot - another thing I like is to lick my feet to my prey but I do not focus so much on this.

Features in my preys - there are some things that I like that have my preys. in the girls I am not very demanding I have a weakness for girls a bit plump or with muscles I also like dark skinned girls or Asian features and with short hair but in general I am undemanding when it comes to boys I like thin and without beard also not be very perverted

Interesting plot - I like stories with vore so not only do the scenes vore I like that the rp has dialogue between pred and prey and also interactions with the scenario

Ub - I like these scenes accidentally or when the plot is more advanced but when I do I try to do them correctly but a bit short

Av - I can do it too but I do not have that much experience

spittle - I like the description of my prey covered in liquid from my mouth

One or three preys- if my partner is agreeing I also like to have more than one prey to eat but not too many with 3 would be perfect although 1 prey always works

Anime images - I like that my rp comrades have an anime image as reference helps me a lot to inspire me when doing the rp. I usually use images instead of describing my characters I find it better.

Underage characters - I also like them in different scenes can be fun to watch.

Romance - I usually start the rp with the characters already in love but I would like to try a relationship that starts from when they meet.

Demi preds - i like use demi preys or humans or nagas or nekos etc.

Masturbate - I like to use my tongue or my fingers to masturbate my prey and I just love it.

hypnosis something that I would like to try.

Protect my prey - I like to use more than one pred from time to time and protect my prey, I do not want anyone to eat my boyfriend >. <

things that I do not like in a rp

same size
fatal vore

Since I published my post to play last week many ideas have come to my mind which I would like to try.

new family vore

I have had some interest in trying something like this especially with adorable or young boys or girls. the idea is that the character prey is going to live with a family of giants (the reasons may be adoption, exchange student, neighbor who needs a place to stay friends with the family etc) the question is that in the family that consists only of pretty girls the majority will try to eat the new member of the family, it is an idea that I would like to try and use characters like a milf an adorable younger sister an evil sister and a sister that is in love with you a sexy aunt etc.

vore date

I would also like something simple like this. a page of appointments vore where a prey and a pred meet for vore not fatal. They will discuss common issues until they decide how the vore will be carried out. It is a simple but fun scenario I like the idea that my characters ask the other things to act in a way or to do this to fulfill their fantasies but in real life. I would like in this scenario was set in the 90s when the internet became popular and our characters discover their vore fetish and for the first time and discover that there are more people who share their perversions.

neko and mouse and courtship.

one of the strange fantasies that I have I would like this scenario to be with a neko girl and a mouse boy or mouse girl. There are two ways to approach this idea.
- A boy or a girl mouse try to woo a neko girl who always tries to eat the cute mouse, I would love that the romance was taking little by little and slowly become a romantic couple. A nice idea that I love.

- The other idea is that a neko girl tries to woo a very shy girl or boy mouse, I would like that by mistake always end a nice mouse in my mouth or that for perverted situations.

Jack and magic beans scenario

I would love a story based lightly on this one boy or girl trying to steal the gold or something like a giant girl. This would be a rp to catch and let escape, the main idea is that the boy or the girl always try to steal the gold from the giant girl but never get it in the same way the giant girl always tries to eat the girl or the Small boy but never get it would be a funny RP and the idea is that the characters evolve and become friends or boyfriends.

scenario with hypnosis

something that I would like to try. controlling the movements of my prey in a brusque or perhaps subtle way would make a very funny rp. I would like to try this using a lame girl, something silly and clumsy and for some reasons or luck my preys manage to escape.

unwilling pred scenario

this idea I would like too much to try to be a girl with a boyfriend with a vore fetish that asks me to do it in different ways even though I'm insecure to do it and I do not find pleasure to that or that my boyfriend or girlfriend asks me to interpret the personality of a cruel pred or that I have insomnia and try to eat my prey while I sleep all that I would love to see on a scenario

thanks for reading my post and I hope to find partners for rp game by discord

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