Transfem Switch looking for DnD players!

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Transfem Switch looking for DnD players!

Postby Starduster » Sat Feb 22, 2020 11:15 am

Hello! Fourth time revising this seeking post, but the context is a bit different this time! Basically, me and some other fellow are debating making a vore dnd game, though it also have stuff like disposal and digestion, but I feel people here would be interested anyways. The game would take place either on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday, with a time we have yet to determine as this is still in the early stages. Regardless, i feel people would be interested!

As for likes of mine personally, though these may not 100% translate over to the game:

Must Have:
Soft Vore

Weird Vore
Weight Gain
Inanimate Transformation
Feral Preds
Humiliation and teasing/taunting
Smaller Pred
Ooc teasing
Incestual vore

All vore but Unbirth
Diaper Disposal
Transformation in general
Same Size

Underage preds or prey

Larger Pred
Sex and similar stuff

Non-vore Scat
Hard Vore

As for how the game and vore work, its simplistic: We would probably play post-by-post on Discord, though Roll20 is a small, if still possible outcome. As for the vore, its simplistic in that you need to grapple people to vore them, and vice versa. Acid damage depends on size and context of your character (like how a black dragonborn does more acid damage then a human, despite being the same size).

If you are interested, send me a PM! Note, this is not a guaranteed first come first serve, I will look for those who I think will fit best, but don't let that discourage you from attempting to join! I would personally prefer people who played dnd before though. There is only 1, maybe 2 slots left.

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