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Looking For Prey: Original and Canon Requests

PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2022 3:34 pm
by DoctorFreak
Section 01: The Introduction

Hello! I am DoctorFreak. I'm currently seeking interested parties in playing prey against an Apex Predator character of mine, original or canon. This means I am playing the Apex Predator, while the partner plays the prey. If you're interested, please read the rules and the plots below! Send me a PM noting your interest!

Canon Apex Predators (Currently in the Mood For): RWBY (Any of Team RWBY, high preference for Ruby Rose); Kim Possible; Shantae Half-Genie Hero

Section 02: Role Playing Rules

Spoiler: show

Rule 01: I will only role play as the Apex Predator as my primary character. If the RP calls for more than one Apex Predator, I would like to play the multiple Apex Predators. Certain plots can be altered to have multiple Apex Predators, though my preference is still to play them.

Rule 02: Role players mut speak/typ decent English and be literate.

Rule 03: Please read the thread entirely. Currently, there is no special password required to PM me to prove that you read the entire thread.

Rule 04: Faceclaims for characters MUST be drawn/anime. Real life faceclaims are a big no. The only time real life figures can be used is if it is a GIF conveying a fetish.

Rule 05: This thread and the plots will only involve the RWBY Universe. They also require canon characters be in each plot, with OCs as consideration as additional characters.

Rule 06: If the RP is based on a canon universe, canons will be required to show up in the RP. CanonXOC focused RPs are a no.

Rule 07: Partners must agree to playing more than one gender (Male, Female or Futa) unless the plot itself specifically calls for only one to two types (such as Apex Remnant Rebirth, where most of Remnant are now Futa with very, very few Females).

Rule 08: Extreme Kinks must be tolerated if the plot calls for them. This means involving Vore and/or Unbirth, but also extreme kinks like Body Horror Transformation depending on the plot.

Section 03: Role Playing Methods

The following would be the methods I can do role plays.

Discord- Discord is my preferred option for role playing, namely for organization purposes and the fact OOC and IC chat can be separated. I'm also just on Discord all the time.

Threads - This is the other option. I am willing to do Thread RPs if that's the partner's preference, but only if Discord is not an option between both of us and we have a good rapport going on with the plot picked in question.

Section 04: Fetish Lists (with Examples!)

Favorite Types of Vore

This is ranked as Number 1 is my ultimate favorite and the lower the list, the lower the favorite.

Spoiler: show

  1. Oral Vore (Soft or Hard)
  2. Unbirth
  3. Belly Mouth Vore/Belly Button Vore
  4. Cock Vore [Futa Apex Predator Only]
  5. Breast Vore
  6. Hair Vore
  7. Anal Vore

Favorite Fetishes

This is ranked as Number 1 is my ultimate favorite and the lower the list, the lower the favorite. A full list of fetishes can be found on this F-List profile, RWBY HUB Profile. Note: All image example links are considered NSFW!

Spoiler: show

  1. Large/Giant Breasts [Scale Reference Image]
  2. Being Dominated
  3. Non-Con/Rape
  4. Body Horror Transformation [The Thing Example; Parasyte (Anime) Example]
  5. Cockhead Transformation
  6. Cockhead Reversal Transformation [Example 01 | Example 02]
  7. Elongated Tongues (Tongue Growth)
  8. Elongated Necks (Elastic/Snake-Like/Tentacle Necks)
  9. Belly Mouth Transformation (Transforming into one's belly) or Belly Mouth Growth (Growing a mouth on one's belly)
  10. Body Part Transformation (Cock, Pussy, Asshole Transformation)
  11. Surreal Mouth Growth [Smallville Example]
  12. Pregnancy
  13. Lactation
  14. Tentacles, Tentacle Cocks and Tentacle Tongues
  15. Sentient Tongues
  16. Parasites
  17. Eldritch Horror Transformation (Lovecraftian/Old God-esque)
  18. Elastic/Rubber Body Transformation
  19. Submissive Apex Predator
  20. Unwilling Apex Predator
  21. Pairing: Female X Futanari
  22. Pairing: Futanari X Futanari

The No Zone (Fetishes I Do Not Want or Do)

Spoiler: show

  1. Femboys
  2. Male Apex Predators
  3. Mirco/Macro Apex Predators or Prey
  4. Scat
  5. Watersports
  6. Lolicon/Shota (Characters Under the Age of 15-16)
  7. Pairing: Male on Male
  8. Pairing: Male on Futanari

Section 05: Original Plots

Spoiler: show

A New Kind of Bond - After a night out going to a party she was invite to as a joke, a young nerdy female wakes up back in her room with no memory of what happened within the last 12 hours. She feels odd, as if her chest is heavier and the dress she wore to the party, which she was still in, felt overall tighter. Something felt odd between her legs as well. She would then get up and head to the bathroom to begin preparing for the day and to get to class, only to discover via the mirror that her body now donned a huge, slithering cock that had the head of one of the prissy popular girl's head attached to the end of it. Understandably freaked out, the two argue and try to blame the other for the popular girl's Partial Cock Transformation, but soon decide they need to work together to figure out what happened and how to reverse it if it can even be reversed. The shyer, nerdier host girl seems to have gained the curves and bust size increase thanks to their body types merging as well, though odd desires and thoughts from the popular girl - now her futa cock - causing odd things to happen and they slowly begin to become addicted to sex with their fused form and the popular girl begins to love her new position in life. Will they be able to find their answers, or will they be consumed with lust? [Note: I can play the Host or the Partial Cock Transformation Victim. If I'm the Host, I'd like to play a Submissive Host where the Cock Girl can influence the host's actions and thoughts easily. Supernatural elements as well, as the Cock Girl gains strange abilities such as Hypnosis in addition to being a cock.]

Attack of the Sex Zombies - After a major chemical spill strikes a group of people consisting of females and futas, each of them wake up in different parts of the city with a couple winding up in the local hospital. Thanks to the chemical entering their system, they begin to emit strange pheromones, which quickly spread what seems like an airborne virus. This causes people to stop what they're doing and begin mutating, growing curves and a desire to have sex with anything that moves. Depending on the carrier, this can cause women to grow giant cocks and desire to fuck the carrier senseless or it can cause the carrier, if futa, to become irresistible to females and fellow futa, desiring to be fucked by their cock endlessly. Can the carriers figure out what's going on and get back together to try and find a cure of some sort? [Note 1: Think of this as a zombie apocalypse, but for sex!] [Note 2: A female carrier can also affect males if males are involved, but males will have no sexual interaction with futas.]

Cyber Cop X - A young prodigy officer is revealed, even to herself, that she is not an ordinary human. She is, in fact, an experimental android with a real human's brain that has had her memory erased and manipulated every so often to ensure she never figures it out. However, she is hacked and manipulated at one point as the hacker reveals how old she really is - the android body having been upkept by the department. She seems to be hundreds of years old, with the earliest database of the android design being as early as 2005. In addition to this, to her shock, it is revealed that her body and overly sexual appearance was the secret weapon to subdue criminals. She can devour them orally or pull them into her pussy via Unbirth, trapping the criminal or anyone else the current person in control had her target. Normally, this led to her delivering the criminal and coughing them up or birthing them into a cell. Over time, it had gotten a lot darker, with upgrades forcing her body to destroy criminals who were obtained via Unbirth or Vore within her womb or stomach almost immediately. Can she fight the monster she's become or is this hacker revealing all of this to her just to use her for themselves? Is she corrupt? Find out within the RP!

Fusion Beast - A group of high school students get into an accident, with an explosion resulting in only one body being found. The youngest girl of the group is found, knocked out and with her clothes nearly vaporized. She's taken to the hospital, in which she recovers quickly. Over the course of the week in the hospital, her body begins to become naturally enhanced - her hair grows much longer, it is much easier to maintain, her curves increase, her breasts grow in size and her height increased. No one, not even herself, bats an eye at these changes. She is told on the last day of her stay that her friends were all presumed dead as no one else was found at the explosion site. Distraught on the inside, the girl puts on a small act of bravery. Making it to the bathroom, she breaks down and begins to cry while sitting in the stall. As she does this, her body suddenly and violently shakes, contorting strangely as her friend's faces (or heads) appear on her body. Instead of freaking out, she is relieved to see or hear them. The friends seem different, however, enticing her and persuading her to "feed them" with sometimes only chanting the phrase "feed me". She does revert back to normal, but now desires to feed her friends and keep them happy. She sets out, finding victims for them to devour, not realizing she's only strengthening the monster they've all become.

Happily Infested - After deciding to go to the school's bathroom during lunch, a female high school junior was in for a shocking surprise. She is infested in some way - typically via anal insertion or oral insertion - by a group of parasites that attempt to take over her mind and body to turn her into their host. However, they do not fully take over and instead wind-up merging with the female due to the strength of her own psyche and positive attitude. This, in turn, makes her become stuck in one continuous emotion - joy/happiness. Due to the fusion, she becomes inhuman and the parasites are capable of mutating her body as they see fit and even making her feast on other humans for food, which she finds to be a normal, everyday thing. Can no one stop her from mutating and devouring the entire town's population? Probably not! [Note: Body Horror Transformation is required]

The It Girl - A female high school senior finally decides to have sex for the first time with her boyfriend. In doing so, something triggers within her. She begins to drain her boyfriend of his cum and as she does so, her body begins to mutate - she grows Lipples, tentacles, etc etc. She loses control as she enters a monster-like form and unhinges her jaw and devours her boyfriend. She returns to normal once they've been devoured, unsure of where the boyfriend went or what happened as she blacked out the incident begins to happen more frequently and she records it, then tries to find out what's causing this to happen to her. Can she find out before her humanity is lost or is she already lost to her carnal desires?

Lilith - A female has a dark secret. She's mostly closed off to others, which has lead to most not bothering to befriend her. There are rumors as to what happens when one becomes involved in her life, though none of it seems to have been proven true. Lilith is not like other humans and what her affliction can be considered by most is a curse. She cannot die, but she isn't invulnerable. Even if she's chopped to bits and only has one body part left - be it a physical body part or even an organ - her cells will rapidly mutate and regrow her body, letting her live again as if nothing happened. This curse is further expanded as she seems to be able to reproduce clones of herself asexually, though involuntarily. It could happen in the middle of class or in the middle of the street. It could even happen during sexual intercourse, with the person winding up with more than one Lilith in bed. Further complicating matters is her appetite, which is often gigantic and usually doesn't consist of actual food but instead people. Her instincts are uncontrollable, and she typically leads living meals into a secluded area, seduces them and then devours them without much thought in order to restore her energy. What on Earth caused this to happen to this seemingly innocent girl? [NOTE: This is, obviously, inspired by Juni Ito's manga, Tomie. It is one of the more violent RP plots on here.]

Magical Chaos - A young witch is exposed to an extremely rare and thought to be extinct magical parasite. After she's infested, her body begins to heat up and she begins to emit a massive amount of magic that she can't control. This, in turn, causes her to transform randomly and cast spells randomly. The transformations range from growing cock(s) to stretching uncontrollably to mouths appearing in places they shouldn't. Her magic becomes so unstable and potent that she begins influencing others to begin transforming as well, but her own magic does cause them to desire to fuck her senseless regardless of her own transformations. This, in turn, makes her become an Apex Predator, hellbent on eating anyone and everyone to constantly replenish her out of whack magic.

The Noodle Girl - After a freak accident or being injected with a serum, a female wakes up feeling strange. She doesn't recall how she had gotten back to her house. However, she doesn't notice her body has undergone a noticeable shift. She is slightly taller, but she had also gone from a Plain Jane to being curvaceous and much larger breasted (usually 36DD to E cups). No one in her immediate family seems to notice this change either. That is until she accidentally stretches one of her arms to grab something from a top shelf. Freaking out, she winds up being calmed down by either a friend or a family member, who do recount the girl going missing for a while the previous day but assumed she was at a friend's house. With the girl not being able to remember her whereabouts, she reasons that was the case and she was just very tired. More stretching happens over time, with one of her friends jokingly calling her a superhero. She ponders this, though she's feeling unusually hungry. Her appetite seems to have grown significantly as she begins to eat far more food than before and her appetite only grows more and more the more she stretches.

This gets to the point where she finally has sex with her current partner, only to have her limbs and neck involuntarily elongate and flop around, termed "noodling" by one of her close friends, when she gets aroused. Even the slightest arousal causes this, making sexual intercourse both interesting and a little terrifying to people who don't know she has this power. Will she ever get used to this? Did the serum/accident change more than just the fact she has a rubber body that can seemingly stretch infinitely? [NOTE: While the Rubber/Elastic Body is the main fetish here, more powers can be added over time if desired. Her appetite can expand and start including vore as well, if so desired, but by default, it is left out.]

The Party - A female high school senior is invited to the biggest party of the year as a joke. Due to this, she is ridiculed and made fun of the entire time. She finally manages to escape, outrunning a group of jocks planning on "making her into a woman" by going to the bathroom and locking herself inside. She's tipsy, as her drink had been spiked as she otherwise had no alcohol. She opened the small window a bit to let air in before bending over the toilet, feeling like she's going to be sick. Within a few minutes, an escaped group of genetic parasites swarm into the bathroom and target the female. They insert themselves into her body (orally or anally), taking over her body and 'replacing' her with a new, vastly improved inhuman version of herself that is capable of mutation and killing without remorse. The jocks manage to finally break in and pin the girl to the wall before witnessing her body mutate and devour said jocks, giving the new female creature a taste and lust for human flesh and blood. Now all the party-goers are on the menu. [Note: Yes, the plot can go beyond the big party.]

The Tentacle Princess - A female in high school is only considered cute until their birthday, where they undergo a serious leap in late puberty. She wakes up to having a curvy body, thick hips and long legs, her height increased quite a bit, and having a huge set of breasts. She begins to have strange urges and her already awkward demeanor around people becomes even more awkward (think Starfire from Teen Titans awkward). Tentacles begin to grow from her body when she grows hungry or becomes aroused, which she only notices after she's been sated. Worried, she tries to figure out what's going on only to discover she's not of the Earth - she's an alien her currently family found abandoned in a forest and decided to raise as their own. More importantly, the document with her seems to imply she's a princess of some sort. As more and more power is unlocked within the female, the more she begins to view humans as lowly creatures that are only meant to serve her - including her Earth family. She gains unnatural abilities and hunger, beginning to devour living things if she feels like it, which can include other humans. Is the Earth doomed to be ruled by this princess?

Tentacle Trouble – A teenage female high schooler is exposed to a strange element from another world during a field trip to a laboratory, with the element being absorbed into her body and infused into her DNA. While at first, she recovered and seemed to be fine, over time her body begins to mutate. Her skin changes different colors, her limbs begin to stretch outward like rubber – as well as other aspects of her body. Her arms and legs eventually mutate into tentacles as she becomes a ravenous humanoid tentacle monster. She then begins to go out on hunts, mostly at night, and tries to find various prey to wrap in her tentacles and devour.

The Tongue - A young woman's life is forever changed when she is struck by a strange energy after a meteor crashes through her window and lands on her bed. This occurs at night, right before she goes to bed, and knocks her out. When she wakes up, she feels strange and feels her mouth being forced to hang open as her tongue has grown thicker, more flexible and even sentient. It has a mouth at the tip, though it uses her own eyes to look around. It forces her to begin feeding it, at first, normal meats like uncooked turkey, ham and coldcuts. It's not enough, however, and the sentient tongue forces her to go out and find living beings to eat - animal or human, though the tongue gets a taste of human flesh after the woman is exposed to a pervert while being forced to walk around. Its power only grows and the woman can't seem to stop this alien creature that was now attached to her. What's even worse, she's beginning to fall in line and under its control. Is the Earth doomed? [Note: Based on the B-Horror movie Killer Tongue]

The Town – A teenage girl and her mother move to a new town due to her mother’s new job. Within a month of living in the new town, the girl begins to note that only Females seem to live in it, though she also begins to see Females with bulges in their shorts and skirts – including her mother. People also seem to become far more sexual, with public masturbation and indecent exposure becoming a bit more common. Her mother even begins to act much more perverted and even teases her with her cock bulge a lot. As things continue to become even stranger, there is sometimes an odd flash of light and the town takes a turn for the even stranger. People begin to mutate into overly sexualized creatures, intending to procreate with anyone and everyone. The only one seemingly unaffected by turning in to a monster would be the girl, though she has gain notable curves, breast size and height thanks to being within this strange town. What is going on within this town?

Ultra Gal - A freshman in high school experiences an unusual development growth in puberty - her breasts becoming large, her bottom becoming firm and rounded, and her curves becoming prominent along with her hips and legs becoming a bit thicker. With little explanation, and the diagnosis from the doctor, it just seems to be an unusual puberty phenomenon called Ultra Puberty. She begins to have unusually high sexual urges, leading to several instances where she has sex with various friends, strangers and even family members. This culminates in her body mutating, her head splitting into four different versions of itself - based on her emotions (Happy/Sad/Angry/Normal). She grows two more rows of arms, giving her a total of six arms. Her height also becomes quite tall, letting her become 7 foot tall and looking a bit Amazonian, complete with her body's curves, breasts and bottom adapting to the new height. Her addiction to sex further expands, emitting pheromones to make others horny for her and causing women to turn into Futanari. She also runs into various scenarios that cause her to subdue a criminal, giving her the superheroine title Ultra Gal. She also finds out she can alter her appearance, reverting herself to looking somewhat normal with slightly reduced height and temporarily hiding her three other heads and two sets of arms. The primary way she keeps her energy up and the ability to hide or mutate herself is by devouring living things - human or animal. However, she's also discovered the reason for her sex addiction - it empowers her mind and body to be able to alter her appearance. The more sex she has, the more energy she has and the more alterations she can do to herself. Is she truly the city's hero that it needs? What is she exactly?

Xolpi – After finding a necklace that was seemingly abandoned on a school trip, a teenage high school student finds herself experiencing odd dreams and transformations, as well as having the urge to never remove the necklace. Over the course of a few days, she begins to act stranger and stranger. She begins to talk in tongues and her body’s transformations become more and more permanent. She eventually spreads herself out, overtaking a classroom and becoming an amalgamation of tentacles, transforming into an Old God named Xolpi. Now the new Xolpi pulls various females in, violating them and brainwashing them to serve it. The town now has a new Old God.

Section 06: Canon Plots


The following plot(s) would involve Orihime Inoue being turned into an Apex Predator and being able to Vore, but may gain other abilities like extreme fetishes (such as Fusion, Bodypart Transformation, Multiple Heads, Multiple Limbs, Rubber/Elastic Body, etc.) if the plot calls for it.

Spoiler: show
Fusion Delusion - A strange curse befalls Orihime Inoue after she receives an amulet in the mail. There's no return sender, but Orihime can't help but try to enjoy the gift someone sent her as it would be rather rude not to. She puts it on and thinks it looks good on her, though she feels a tingling sensation and suddenly feels rather drained and empty. It was almost as if she's now missing something. When she gets a surprise visit from Tatsuki, she invites her in, but notices within only a few minutes Tatsuki is acting strange and her eyes looked like they had lose their whites and became pure black. Tatsuki pins her to the wall, grinding against her as they make out. The tingling sensation gets even greater to the point of where Orihime passes out with Tatsuki on top of her in the living room. When she awakens, Tatsuki is nowhere to be found. Worried, she calls out to her before hearing Tatsuki's voice, but muffled. Feeling something between her legs, Orihime was quick to grab a portable mirror and pulled down her pants to check her findings. She squeaks in horror when she sees Tatsuki's entire face where her crotch and pussy should be, complete with those pure blackened eyes and a long, slithering tongue hanging from her mouth as arousal hit Orihime hard. Orihime's submissive nature gives in to Tatsuki convincing her this was normal and that she needed to add more people to her body to make her even more powerful. Thus began the hunt of fusing people to her body. [Note: This involves involuntary Body Part Transformation. This is primarily used on Females or Futa. However, if Males are involved (which is unlikely), they will become genderbent to Female once fused to Orihime.]

Soul Storm - After being impregnated by Ichigo and attempting to live a normal life during their final year at Karakuta High, Orihime Inoue tries her hardest to be a student mother. However, that is cut short when she's out shopping and knocked unconscious in some way (being injected with a drug, smelling a strange scent, etc). When she comes to, she's stripped naked and feels cuffs around her arms and legs. It's revealed that Mayuri has an experiment he wants to try on her without knowledge or approval from Ichigo or the Gotei 13. He injects her with several doses of a black ooze within her asshole, pussy lips, inside of her mouth and the back of her throat, and then finally directly into her womb to alter her pregnancy. Bragging about its success and how Orihime would give birth to something inhuman now, Mayuri fails to realize Orihime's rapidly mutating body as her neck stretches and her head opens up like a fleshy blossom before it lunges forward and devours Mayuri in only a few loud crunches. Breaking free, Orihime stumbles her way out of the lab, returning to normal and begins to fight her humanity side with her new monstrous side. Can she figure out how to ask for help or is the Soul Society and the World of the Living doomed? [Note: This is a horror, violent RP that isn't primarily all that sexual as it is more of a straight up horror RP. Orihime will still be sexually active and when she eventually gives birth, there will be a time skip. There will be no comprises with this RP - it is violent, saddening, and involves a lot of body horror and vore. Since this is in the Futa version of this thread, all characters are either Female or Futa.]

Kim Possible

The following plot(s) would involve Kim Possible being turned into an Apex Predator and being able to Vore, but may gain other abilities like extreme fetishes (such as Multiple Heads, Multiple Limbs, Rubber/Elastic Body, etc.) if the plot calls for it.

Spoiler: show
A Possible New Kim - While on a solo mission, Kim is ambushed and knocked unconscious by a strange entity. It seems to be an otherworldly creature that begins to invade her body via her mouth as she is passed out. It begins to take over her mind and body as it roots itself inside of her. When she does come to, she has no idea she's no longer human. Her hunger is intense and she finds someone who attempts to help her, only to have her body horrifically mutate and devours the person in half before swallowing the other half. Since Kim is still in control, she remembers what just happened and becomes utterly terrified and tries to hurry to find some more help, only to repeatedly keep devouring the people attempting to help her. She tries to prevent her urges and desires to go home and feast on people she's close to, but the creature now embedded in her mind and body forces her to eventually head home. None of her friends or family know the monster she's become now. [Note: Alternatively, death can be involved with the creature killing Kim and simply taking her place as a perfect physical replica. Either entirely replacing her and forming her body from the visual standpoint, or something like devouring her head and neck, then forcing itself to fuse to the now headless Kim and mutated into her head and neck. This is a very dark RP, so be prepared for that.]


The following plots are focused on the RWBY world/canon. They involve Apex Predator(s) and can consist of Extreme Fetishes such as Cockhead Transformation, Body Horror Transformation, Pussy Transformation, etc depending on if the plot calls for it.

Spoiler: show

RWBY: Aberration - An accidental explosion that goes off during an intense fight with several Grimm leaves Team RWBY injured, with only one of them being found within the rubble and taken to the hospital. Out cold for an undetermined amount of time, she eventually wakes up from her unintentional slumber looking significantly different - her hair is much longer, she is much taller than she used to be, her breasts are quite large and heavy, and her curves are to die for. Not knowing where she is, she discovers that she's in a hospital and begins to panic, especially as she gets up and walks around the room only to realize none of her teammates are in the room with her. She feels odd and suddenly hears a familiar voice. She has the urge to go to look in the mirror in the restroom and when she does, she lifts her hospital gown up and reveals one of her teammates' faces directly on her stomach, smiling and having red lines along the whites of their eyes. They speak to her, a dark voice following their own, and manage to somehow calm down Ruby and convince her that their fusion is making her much better than a Human or a Faunus and that "the other two" are inside of her as well and need to be awoken by feeding them. Once they're strong enough, they will form on their body as various body parts and can move themselves to different parts of her body, but they can never be on their own again. The fused teammates are also corrupted, as shown with imperfections when they reform (red lines within their eyes, their voices modulated to be deeper than usual or their normal voice is accompanied by a dark, deeper version at the same time, etc). Due to her desperation to wanting to make sure her teammates are okay, the teammate is easily able to manipulate her and convince her that if she doesn't feed them living creatures (Humans, Grimm, Faunus, etc), that they will actually disappear forever. The more she feeds her new corrupted teammates, the stronger they will get and soon enough the madness sets in. Is Remnant doomed with this new creature Team RWBY has become? [NOTE: Extreme preference for Ruby to be the protagonist/host of this role play. However, any of Team RWBY can be the protagonist/host. The fused teammates full faces are formed in place of body parts when they form such as on the stomach, which is a full face instead of just a mouth. They can become her breasts, full crotch, ass, etc. They can be even made into Futanari, though with one fused teammate becoming the cock with their Human/Faunus head in place of the normal cockhead. This means Partial Cock Transformation is required.]

RWBY: Apex Remnant Rebirth - A strange, unexplained phenomenon creates pink clouds in the sky and soon green rain showers down onto Vale and the other kingdoms, coating Remnant in the strangest planet-wide storm all at once. As people are drenched in the rain or somehow the green water gets into their system even when they're inside, they begin to mutate and become more powerful beings. Strange things occur such as Females and Males being turned into Futanari with various Special Traits (such as multiple cocks, heads, limbs, breasts, tentacle tongues/cocks, rubber bodies, etc). Some Females are not turned into Futa, however, but are empowered into a new level of Female called Purified Females. The Purified Females are extremely rare though as the world of Remnant is now filled with Futanari, making up 95% of its population and only 5% of it Purified Female. They wind up having similar Special Traits, though Futanari and Purified Females do have unique traits to one another. Purified Females are seen as lesser beings as well as they are only good for breeding in a Futanari's eyes. One member of Team RWBY winds up mutating into a Purified Female, while the other three are mutated into Futanari, with their minds being shattered and altered into the superiority complex the Futanari are known for and begin treating their Purified Female teammate like nothing more than a breeding barn.

This is a variant of the RWBY: Remnant Rebirth plot that features Futanari becoming Apex Predators that can devour each other and Purified Females as an additional Special Trait. Futanari are capable of oviposition, impregnating Purified Females with eggs designed to be birthed by Purified Females or other Futanari and can be used as substitutes for devouring living people from time to time. Purified Females can also wind up being Apex Predators, though this is even rarer among them. [NOTE: Any team member of Team RWBY can become a Purified Female, but only one can. It's up to the partner to decide if they're also an Apex Predator. The rest of Team RWBY will become Futanari Apex Predators. Female-to-Futa, of course, required. Oral Vore is required bare minimum, but any kind of vore can be used.]

RWBY: The City of Ember Hill - Team RWBY answers a distress call they pick up over a radio frequency using the Radio Signal app that comes built into Huntsman Edition Scrolls. They wind up in a city called Ember Hill and do not notice anything wrong at first. They do begin to wonder if it was an accidental request or someone playing a prank. The most unusual thing they run into is the fact all of the citizens are smiling and talking about how great Ember Hill is. In addition to stating that they never want to leave. The team decides to spend the night at the local inn and will head back to Beacon the next morning. During the night, one of the team members can't sleep and decide to go for a walk. They notice as they're getting to the lobby that the inn's receptionist is convulsing and mutating into a strange sexual creature right as the clock hits Midnight. The mutated receptionist then attempts to chase them down the hall and soon entrapping them and having their way with them, triggering their own body beginning to mutate. Similar experiences happen to the rest of the team, causing them all to mutate into sexual monsters and become drones in Ember Hill like the people before them. [Note: This is a Sexual Body Horror type plot. Non-con is required.]

RWBY: The Devourer of Worlds - After getting back from an expedition mission, a team member of Team RWBY sneaks back to the dorm with an artifact she should have dropped off at Beacon's Library to look it over and potentially wear it. It is a beautiful amulet, crafted at least 500 years ago. When she tries it on, she feels great for a few seconds. Rather suddenly, her energy becomes drained and passes out. As she sleeps, the necklace fuses to her body, leaving a tattoo in its place on the top of her chest, above her breasts. When she finally comes to, she is struck with a tremendous amount of pain because she is practically starving all of sudden. She begins desiring meat, whether it be living or not. When a teammate returns to the dorm, her hunger gets worse and she loses control of herself. Her mouth opens inhumanly wide and she grabs the teammate, shoving them into her gaping maw. She swallows them with next to no issue as if they are just another meal to her now. As they're digesting in their stomach, they come to their senses, panic, and try to warn her other teammates. As she goes to warn them, she's suddenly hit with a calming emotion that makes her stop and think nothing is wrong. Her body begins to change as she steals traits from the victim she devoured. Whatever is changing her that was inside of the amulet was alerted to the existence of the other teammates this way and now they were on the menu. It is the first several stops to its ultimate goal - have them devour all of Remnant. [Note: Elements of Aberration or Noir can show up, such as the other worldly entity forming as a victim's face on their body to calm them down in a more entertaining way. Any Team RWBY member can be the protagonist, but strong preference for Ruby.]

RWBY: Elastic Terror - During an attempted experiment for their Dust 101 class, a member of Team RWBY accidentally causes a small explosion that causes their DNA and bodily structure to be reworked. She gains several new abilities such as an Elastic Body allowing her to stretch indefinitely by using different parts of her body - arms, legs, neck, torso, etc. The negative side to this new ability is that the longer or further she stretches, the more stamina it uses up and the hungrier she becomes. This hunger has her pining for living beings instead of the usual food as living beings replenish her stamina and sate her hunger much faster than normal food would. Her teeth become razor sharp and she becomes an inhuman elastic terror devouring everything in sight. [NOTE: Any Team RWBY member can be the protagonist, with a strong preference for Ruby.]

RWBY: Futa Fusion Chronicles - Two teammates of Team RWBY are in the middle of trying to do a Dust experiment as a homework assignment from their Dust 101 class. An explosion occurs, knocking them both out. When they come to, the duo realizes something strange has happened as they had become fused together, but in the most unusual way. One of them is still a feminine beauty, but the other has become a very long, thick and flexible tentacle-like cock for the feminine beauty, turning them both into a Futanari. The teammate-cock is still recognizable, however, as their Human or Faunus head is at the tip of the cock rather than a normal cockhead. Panicking, the duo try to figure out a way to reverse the fusion. However, the longer they take, the more they succumb to their new hyper sexual urges and want to stay fused together in such a state. [NOTE: Any two teammates of Team RWBY can be fused together. Preference is high for one of them to be Ruby Rose, however. There is also the option of having all three teammates fuse to the 'host' or feminine beauty, creating "Hydra Cocks" of the rest of Tema RWBY. Futa Transformation and Partial Cock Transformation is required.]

RWBY: The Grimm Plague - Deciding to finally put one of her plans into action, Salem decides it's time to create and infect Remnant with what she calls The Grimm Plague. She enlists Cinder in 'volunteering' to be the first one infected with the plague, which is a liquid concoction created by Salem herself by unknown means. She then injects the Plague into Cinder's arm as she's restrained, waiting for the results. Cinder's body begins to mutate and violently convulse as she mutates into a strange Grimm Drider (a spider lower half, human upper half). Her neck elongates and slithers around and her free will is completely destroyed, becoming Salem's drone whenever she's within just 15 feet for her. Knowing the Plague can be spread with Cinder now, she sends Cinder to a local village while sending a fabricated SOS, which Team RWBY picks up. They soon have a run in with Grimm Drider Cinder, who has more mutations now than before, and all of them can't handle the enhanced Cinder. It's as if she was a Grimm they never fought before. Instead of killing them, Cinder does as ordered and infects all of Team RWBY with The Grimm Plague. It then becomes a race for Team RWBY to try and figure out a cure as they slowly mutate and begin to lose themselves to the new feral slave desires to being controlled by Salem and becoming her murder machines. [NOTE: This is a plot that requires various types of Extreme/Unusual Transformation and Lovecraftian Transformation.]

RWBY: Infestation - A strange, otherworldly collection of parasites makes it into the plumbing of a public restroom in Vale. A member of Team RWBY decides to make a pit stop and goes into the largest stall where the parasites are lying in wait. They do their business and begin to wash up, only for the parasites to jump and attack her, shoving their way into her mouth and forcible infesting her. Her body is quickly convulsing and in pain as the parasites assimilate themselves to her body and mind, beginning to make rapid alterations. Her DNA begins to rapidly mutate, something the parasites cannot control at first. Within seconds, her body is mutating as her legs and arms becoming longer, then mutate into tentacles. She grows random eye stalks, her facial features disappear and reappear on another part of her body, her crotch becomes a giant mouth temporarily. This random rapid fire set of mutations continues for several minutes before the parasites set in and she returns to looking normal. Not remembering what just happened and thinking she just had a time of spacing out, she exits the bathroom like nothing happened. Little does she know that she's no longer human and no longer in control of her form or what she may do. Hunger would rise inside of her and the desire to increase her body mass to feed the parasites and make her a truly terrifying creature. [NOTE: Any team member of Team RWBY can be the protagonist, though extreme preference for Ruby. Parasites, infestation, and extreme mutations/transformations are required.]

RWBY: Lustful Lips - A member of Team RWBY is permanently mutated when they accidentally fall into a vat of liquid Dust on the outside of a laboratory after fighting off a powerful Grimm. Her body begins to sting as her curves, breasts, thighs and hips become rather large and voluptuous. However, further mutations have her facial features shrinking out of existence while her mouth becomes larger, taking up the entirety of her face and having bright red, puffy lips. Her nipples also become mouths with big, puffy red lips as well as her entire crotch area becomes a sole mouth with big puffy red lips between her legs. She scurries off as her libido skyrockets ands wants to be sucked and suck off any cock she can sense. She gets hungrier as well, beginning to consume Grimm, wild animals and eventually people. What on Remnant happened to them? [Note: Any member of Team RWBY can be the protagonist. An alternative cause is a Grimm parasite infecting the protagonist.]

RWBY: Mass Consumption - A team member of Team RWBY is targeted, drugged and then taken to an undisclosed location while they're in Vale doing errands on what was supposed to be a normal day off for them. They awaken cuffed to a metal slab and soon a needle injects them in the neck with an unknown substance. The kidnappers rejoice as they don't become a lifeless husk like previous experiments, but their body begins to convulse and thrash. Soon enough, mutations begin to happen - their neck, limbs, and torso all begin to slowly elongate before their head is hanging off the side of slab by her neck, breaking he cuffs. Once free, they set their sights on the scientist kidnapper that injected them and devour them. They then break out of the room, devouring the remaining kidnapped and escaping the facility. Trying to get back to Beacon, they keep going from being normal to mutating to this monstrosity that keeps mutating and needs to add to its biomass, devouring anyone and everyone in their way, even their teammates. [NOTE: Horror Hentai plot with various extreme transformations and vore is required. Somewhat inspired by the reverse horror game Carrion.]

RWBY: Noir - Team RWBY is the only team to respond to an SOS message coming from a small village that seems to be quite a bit distant from the direct kingdom of Vale. When they arrive, they see the village is in shambles. Blood is everywhere, corpses are on the street either in tact or torn apart. They begin searching for survivors and for the monster, assumed to be a Grimm, that did this. They inadvertently split up, with one of the team members of RWBY discovering a woman acting strangely but luring them to her with a plea for help. The woman is standing among dead bodies, seemingly crying, but as the team member gets closer, she is also smiling. It was then the woman would grab and mutate into a vile creature that could be assumed to be a Grimm, but its horrific form was unlike anything they had seen before. They are then devoured by the creature, assimilating their personality, memories and appearance to its mind. Its body then mutates, becoming a perfect copy of the first member of Team RWBY to be consumed.

It then repeats this process, using the previously devoured victim as a disguise and luring the other members of Team RWBY to their demise, devouring all of them but the last one. With one remaining team member, they are lured by the creature imitating all three voices and appearing as all three of the devoured team members, mentally messing with the last surviving member. It captures her, then decides to do something different. Instead of devouring her, its body becomes similar to that of liquid and suddenly, its forcing itself into her mouth and into her own body, swirling in her insides and fusing to her, causing her to pass out.

When the member comes to, she is immediately reminded that she's within the village still as she sees the corpses and the blood. As she gets up and calls out for her team, she gets a response, but one of a familiar voice and distorted at the same time. She then looks down at her stomach, noticing a corrupted version of one of her teammate's faces as her stomach, with the Grimm posing as her deceased teammates to manipulate and break her mentally per the orders from the Queen of the Grimm. [NOTE: Any member on Team RWBY can be the last to survive and fused to the Grimm, but there's an extreme preference for Ruby. This is one of the darkest plots on here. Horror, mutations, non-con, transformations, body part transformations, etc are all required.]

RWBY: Noodle Girl - A teammate from Team RWBY is either exposed to an unusual Dust experiment or infested by a Grimm parasite. When they come to, their body feels lighter than normal and her entire form can stretch abnormally long. She finds this out as her limbs, neck, and torso all involuntarily stretch and coil after she wakes up, as if her body is warming up to the new body type. She finally returns to her normal self and manages to track down some help, only to get sexual advances due to her newly voluptuous and busty body. As she is fucked, her body begins to spasm and she begins to "noodle" as her neck and limbs began to elongate on their own again and keep lengthening as she's being pleasured. Will this be a hinderance or an asset to her team? [NOTE: Any of Team RWBY can be the protagonist, though there is a high preference for Ruby.]

RWBY: The Old One - After getting exposed to a strange artifact, a team member of Team RWBY has their body invaded by a seemingly malicious god-like entity. Revealing itself to be an Ancient One that Humans and Faunus used to fear, it proceeds to attempt to possess and permanently take over the team member's mind and body. It is interrupted, however, when they're knocked over on accident by one of their teammates. This leads the Ancient One being trapped within their body, leaving the team mate mostly in control. The Ancient One reveals it still has most of its power as it can forcibly alter Ruby's appearance, physically alter other people, alter their thoughts and even straight up mind control them. As punishment for not allowing the possession to fully finish, the Ancient One decides to manipulate and mutate their friends and classmates into sexualized Lovecraftian tentacle beasts hellbent on ravaging her in hopes for the Anicent One to create a body for the team member to birth and take over Remnant. [NOTE: Any member of Team RWBY can be the protagonist of this idea, though with higher preference for Ruby or Blake to be the protagonist. Lovecraftian mutations/transformations are a requirement as is non-con.]

RWBY: Reality Warp - An ancient artifact is accidentally purchased by a team member of Team RWBY at a flea market in Vale while they are enjoying a nice day trip. This artifact imposes the ability to warp reality to the user's will as long as they write or type down sentences and dictate what happens. This is found out on accident with the teammate utilizes the artifact, thinking it's an everyday thing to write or type on. Their thoughts become reality as it warps around them, though the teammate writing in the artifact is the only one that notices. The pages are left blank for anyone else looking at it as well, though no one else can use it either. Corruption slowly sets in for this teammate the more they alter reality to what and want to see how they can make it perfect in their eyes. Eventually, they become so corrupted that they toss the artifact out and it disappears from reality, trapping them in the depraved reality they've created. [NOTE: Any one of team RWBY can be the initial protagonist. Unusual fetishes required as reality is being warped.]

RWBY: Slithering Fright - During a solo mission, a team member of Team RWBY winds up being accidentally infested by a small, strange snake-like Grimm. The infestation of their body is unknown until several hours later, where her body suddenly heats up dramatically as she's readying to head back to Beacon to report the mission as a success. She feels intense pain for several minutes as well. Her body begins to distort and elongate, her limbs elongating as well. Her eyes turn pitch black and fanged teeth replaced her normal ones. Then suddenly, the elongation reverts and she's back to looking normal. She stands there, looking dazed with her mouth hanging open, sharp teeth on display. A line forms perfectly down her forehead and face before it slowly splits open to the side as if the skin she was wearing was a costume. Out comes several eye stalks and a big, slimy body that is a much, much larger version of the small snake-like Grimm that had infested her. Their now former human/faunus skin is nothing more than a skin suit for this mutant creature version of herself to put on as a disguise. They then make it back to the pilot that brought her there, only to ambush them and force the new snake-like Grimm body into the pilot's mouth and begins to devour their insides, forcing the pilot to turn into another skinsuit, allowing the mutated member of Team RWBY to have another disguise. Once she is within the new female pilot skinsuit, she manages to pilot it back to Beacon after gaining their knowledge. This newfound desire for more skinsuits and devouring living creature and their insides to get them was increasing rapidly. Her former team members wouldn't be safe from her either. [NOTE: Any team member of RWBY can be the protagonist, but extreme preference for Ruby. This is a dark plot with skinsuits. This is a requirement, as is elastic body/elongation.]

RWBY: The Superdrive Sexdemic - A newly anticipated soda is released one day in Remnant. All of Team RWBY is excited for it and Ruby had run off to get a case as they are flying off the shelves. The cola, called Superdrive Cola, claims to be the best soda in Remnant and Team RWBY wants to test that. Excitedly, Ruby comes back with the case and opens it up, giving a can to each girl and getting one for herself before putting it in the mini fridge in the dorm. The entire team downs their soda cans in record time, seeming to very much enjoy the flavor as their tastebuds had mini orgasms. However, their bodies begin to turn rapidly hot and each of them begin to feel rather aroused. Each member of the team then begin to mutate in some way, becoming a sexual mutant that is hellbent on fuck or fucking. The transformations seem random, as there is no indication of what's influencing the mutations. What was in that soda? [NOTE: Transformations can be permanent, or they can be temporary, with people reverting back to normal eventually but needing Superdrive Cola to mutate again, but into a different mutation. Highly unusual and extreme fetishes are required for this role playing plot.]

RWBY: Sunshine - A new experimental mixture of Dust injected into a drug that's being made underground in the Black Market called Sunshine is becoming popular as it has the potential to transform males into females, women into futanari, and give them the best high of their life. However, the price is too steep for most people and its popularity is only within the criminal underworld. Regardless, a bandit duo buy several vials to try it on themselves and to target a particular person. The target is spotted not too long afterward and they are knocked out by the duo. While waiting for the target, a member of Team RWBY, to wake up, the duo decide to consume their vials of Sunshine. This causes the male to mutate into a bimbofied female and the short female bandit to become more dominant, grow a massive cock and have larger breasts and much tighter clothing.

By the time the target wakes up, they can hear the sounds of sex nearby. The bandit duo is soon revealed to be none other than Neo and a female that reminded one of Torchwick. The latter of the two was getting plowed by Neo's massive cock.

With the target awake, Neo pulls out of Torchwick (or Romana) and force feeds the third vial to the target. This causes the target's body to shiver and convulse. Her body mutates like Neo's did, growing a massive cock between her legs and becoming rather busty and curvy. She passes out again, then Neo and Romana dump her back at Beacon, ready to watch her spread chaos with how she would act now. However, it goes a little too well. A mutation the team member gets is that they can spread Sunshine via their cum and start forcing themselves to have sex with various classmates and begin to mutate them, causing even more chaos than was anticipated. [NOTE: Anyone of Team RWBY can be the protagonist, but extreme preference for Ruby is still there. Non-con is required, as is Male-to-Female and Female-to-Futa Transformation.]

RWBY: Tentacle Trouble - A team member of Team RWBY is exposed to an experiment in some way (Parasite infestation, injection, pill, etc) that mutates them rapidly into a Tentacle Grimm straight out of a Lovecraftian horror story. The only thing that remains Human/Faunus is their head, which looks completely out of place among the amalgamation of tentacles hunting down prey to fuck and devour. Eventually, they can revert back to looking normal, but they are not the same person her team once knew. Despite regaining themselves and having no memory of the horror they mutated into, they begin to mutate again and again more often, devouring more people - friends, family, strangers, etc. Soon enough, the mutation might be permanent. Can anyone help her? [NOTE: Any of the team members of Team RWBY can be the protagonist, though preference for Ruby is still there. Lovecraftian horror transformations are required for this idea.]

RWBY: Unbirth Chronicles - A member of Team RWBY is altered in some way (via Grimm parasite, injection, an artifact they wear, etc) and begin to feel rather empty on the inside. As they return to the RWBY dorm, their fellow teammates begin to notice and act strangely. One of them grabs her and holds her down while the other spreads her legs, removing any pants/skirt and panties before pushing their face against their pussy lips. Thoe pussy lips part rather easily as if they are made of rubber and the teammate shoving their face up their pussy forces their way inside. The other teammate restraining her becomes aroused and grows a very, very large erect cock, eager to fuck her with. Once the teammate shoves themselves fully up her pussy and into her womb, she is forced to bend over and go against the wall as the massive cock the other teammate grew is now slammed into her. As she's fucked, the huge belly she had gained shrinks down as the unbirthed teammate is reverted into a fertilized egg to be reborn eventually. [NOTE: Any team member can be the protagonist, though a high preference for Ruby exists. Non-con and forced unbirth are requirements.]

RWBY: Voracity - After a strange Grimm parasite invades a member of Team RWBY's body and mutates them from the inside and they turn into an Apex Predator, Remnant slowly begins to change. If the teammate is not devouring and feeding herself, she is passing copies of the parasite into another's body, mutating them from within and turning them into fellow Apex Predators. This spreads rapidly, with either the population dwindling due to being devoured by an Apex Predator or being turned into one. Females either become prey or they become Apex Predators. Sometimes they can mutate into Futanari as well. What is happening to Remnant and its inhabitants? [NOTE: This is a plot that uses the Futaverse idea as a backdrop, though only having Remnant consist of Females and Futanari. Any team member can be first infested by the Grimm Parasite, though there is a high preference for Ruby. It is up to the individual RP partner if the rest of Team RWBY is devoured or mutated into Apex Predators (Female or Futanari).]

Other Fandoms

Shantae: Half Genie Hero

Shantae: Magically Haywire - After a strange magical parasite makes its way to Shantae and infests her, her genie magic begins to amplify greatly. This, in turn, causes it to become more unstable. Shantae's body is greatly enhanced with bigger breasts, thicker hips, and a curvier body but her magic begins to further randomly transform her and others around her. Other effects also begin to happen, though they vary by the contents of the RP. She turns into an Apex Predator, needing to devour other humans like her friends and enemies to increase her magic and sate her new hunger. [Note: This does require the use of unusual transformations such as Lip Girl Transformation, Elastic Body Transformation, etc. It can also include optional extreme fetishes like Body Horror.]