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Female Switch Goes Searching!

PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, 2020 5:43 am
First and foremost, hiya! As the title says, I'm a switch; that means I'm good being pred or prey, and frequently trade off between the two. This means that other switches, or a prey/pred that knows somebody that can satiate my other half, jumps instantly to the top of my list.

Anyway, since this is a thread for roleplay partners, not just introductions, let's get this show on the road.

PLEASE read the whole thing before sending me an ask!

My likes and dislikes, in organized chart form-

Loves - This will attract my attention!
•Multi-stage shrinking (especially if the prey winds up microscopic!)
•F/f (in general)
•FF/f (in general - this describes a pair of lesbian preds sharing and toying with one prey)
•FF/m (in general)
•Soft vore.
•UB (especially featuring cum digestion!)
•Prey (you or me, I really don't care) covered in something sticky and delicious- candy, honey, chocolate, etc.
•Prey sexually attracted to their pred (most of my sticking point with a lot of my dislikes springs from this)
•Literate RP partners (if I can't read it, I can't respond to it)
•Athletic preds.
•Power dynamics, either someone from the top of society nomming down, or someone from the bottom putting someone uppity in their place.
•Willing prey, unwilling prey, who cares what food thinks?
•"Repeated" vore (either due to lack of digestion or prey that self-revives, I love the idea of prey getting to experience multiple otherwise fatal ends.
•Entrapment (tease prey by pinning them against the pred's body, or inside a toy, or trapping them between two pancakes, or even imprisoned inside the pred for the foreseeable future.)

Likes - I'd like to do it!
•F/m (in general)
•H/f (me as prey)
•F/h (in general)
•Mostly-human, or basic choice monster girls (lamiae, kitsune, catgirls, dog girls, succubi, angels/demons, fae, etc.)
•Sexual content (Our characters gonna fuck?)
•Cruel preds.
•Softhearted/gentle preds.
•Hard vore.
•Non-vore endings (The plot need not end in being devoured.)

Meh - I'll do it, but that can't be all ya got. We'll need another round where you give me whatI want, or a bit if my loves/likes mixed in.
•Graphic Digestion
•H/f (me as pred)
•H/m (me as prey)
•FM/f (me as prey, preferably with the F pred being my final destination)
•FH/? (Never done it, but it got my attention once suggested.)
•HH/? (Sounds simple enough.)
•Multiple prey (It's more to keep track of either way, with usually very little in terms of payoff. It can be done REALLY well, but I put it here because it's so hard to pull off right.)
•Cock vore (Herm pred only)
•Same size (Sorry, half of Eka's. Not my shtick.)
•Slightly more esoteric monster girls, that are still at least half human (driders, centaurs, harpies, that cow girl thing Karbo is on, etc.; I'm mostly concerned with the human upper half)
•Implied disposal (bit boring tbh).

Dislikes - Definitely, absolutely requires you to pander to some of my likes/loves in the same roleplay.
•Large age gaps (Bit of a cougar IRL, but I don't rob the goddamned cradle, I seduce drunk college students.)
•Micro/macro (that's . . . not how bodies work.)
•Anthro (this applies to furries, scalies, whatever. Not my cup of tea.)
•Cuckoldry/cuckquean (as pred- I don't exactly like stealing anybody else's lover.)
•Canon scenarios (I probably have zero idea what the setting is, or who these characters are, and as such, limitations placed this way feel arbitrary.)
•Grab-and-gulps/one-liners (I work hard on my setups, please and thank you.)

No - Nope, nah, not happening, mm-mm.
•Described scat/watersports (Not something I like thinking about. At all.)
Loli/shota/actual children (WHAT)
•Incest (I'd rather not think about it).
•Feral (I just don't get it. At all.)
•Solo male preds (I made exactly one exemption for a particularly good roleplayer, but I have no intention of doing that for anyone I haven't already developed serious rapport with.)
•Cooking (Just kinda uncomfortable for me.)
•Discord (Doesn't work on my phone. I have Eka's, Google Hangouts, Telegram, and Slack, in that order of intended use.)