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Male prey looking to play the part in a female's pred story

PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2022 9:23 pm
by Preyenaround
Hey I'm newer to this whole role playing activity which by the way is awesome. I've been into vore for a long time though. I'm looking for a female pred to role play with. I don't have any characters because I'll just stick to being a human unless you want me to play as something different for some role play. I'll switch to pred from time to time just to change it up. Now for the list of loves, likes, and dislikes oh exciting.

Oral vore duh
Food TF
Same size or different size doesn't matter
Being prey
Anal vore
I'm sure I missed a bunch

Yeah I either love it or hate it.

Underage is a no go
Incest that's also a no go
wow that was a short list

Well if you want to chat send a pm over to me on this site or to my discord.
Discord bigmeal76#7680