seeking role play partner ( updated )

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seeking role play partner ( updated )

Postby salamandermo » Sat Oct 14, 2023 9:09 am

I am looking for partners to roleplay with. I prefer being prey but do not mind being pred sorta a prey lean switch . I prefer long scene where we can comfortably just talk character to character or player player as long as I get to have some fun XD I have been rping a little over two years now . I like all kinds of partners and many different types of preds. my favorite has to be strong commanding preds to have you way with me even slightly hurt their prey . but never fully break me I mean you need to eat me again dont you ? lets have some fun ! also as it will eventually come up im a trany so yeah if that scares you away glad to be forward and not waste either of our time . been into male pred recently as everything has changed but everything else really the same hope to hear from you .

soft vore,non fatal,endo sometimes hard
human preds with personality
monster preds harpy lamia centaur sea monsters dragons the more powerful the better !
bondage such as ropes hand cuffs being coiled around and many more
vampires biting sucking tasting tongue play .
general closeness and caring even if they do it just to keep me as a toy

gas play and watersports
digestion if needed needs reforming

child preds
non sentient preds
graphic digestion
pain for pains sake
perma play

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