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PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2021 1:06 pm
by JustSomePrey
I'm taking on a few new roles. I still prefer to play as male prey, but I can also play as female prey or pred. There are a few differences that I have with most, if not all others on here. I do not swear, you may don't worry I'm used to it, but I won't. I do not smoke, drink, or do drugs, so neither will my characters. Finally, the difference that sets me apart from others, I'm Mormon and admit it on site, now that doesn't have to be part of the RP, however if you want, it can be.

I RP over the PM, it's easier that way for me. I check my messages multiple times per day, but I'm fine if you don't get back for a while. My time zone is US Mountain Time, just so you know my active hours. If you want to start, send me a pm. Note that I do like to talk on the side, often to establish what's going on in the RP, though I do like to get to know people as well.

I'm also fine with Canon play. Pokemon, Digimon, Marvel, Harry Potter, etc. I'll do my best to play the characters somewhat accurately.

This is my OC's profile:

Note for preds, if you need I can change the personality. I can also change the size and species of my character as well.

Vore likes:
Soft Oral vore
Female preds
Breast/Nipple Vore
Anal vore
Urethral/Bladder vore

Vore Dislikes:
Male Pred
Hard Vore
Cock Vore

A few vore roleplay ideas:

Spoiler: show
1. Students in a highschool in a world either discovering vore or well acquainted with vore. Anthros, taurs, monster people, and feral sentients can of course be added.

2. Borrower hiding out in the house of a human/anthro and the human either has an idea he's there or discovers him that night.

3. Race of giant aliens abduct humans and sell them as pets in an all to familiar but higher tech society. For example, a pet store in a futuristic alien mall. Aliens can be anything from actually alien in appearance to anthros or even just massive humans.

4. Born with a genetic disease that makes him tiny but nearly indestructible, or not depending on your preference, a boy must get used to or try to survive his giant family, friends, classmates, teachers, babysitters, and more.

5. A student at Hogwarts gets shrunk or transfigured as an unofficial punishment by a teacher or another student.

6. A psychic type Pokemon or woman/girl with psychic powers shrinks via teleport a friend, crush, or random person to protect them or to play with them.

7. A human is brought to a version of Equestria and either shows up shrunk or is shrunk by a spell, both of which can be by design or accident.

8. Female Digimon vores her tamer/digi destined to protect them, out of disappointment, or just to play.

9. Someone develops a shrink technology, obvious warning is that results may vary.