M looking for female lamia to wrap around me and swallow me

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M looking for female lamia to wrap around me and swallow me

Postby TreeckoOfTime » Wed Aug 05, 2020 12:05 am

Edit: I've been currently feeling a need for a lamia based RP. Something where my character is either in a relationship with a lamia, or caught by one in the wilderness. Something with a lot of teasing and playing. Digestion or release is fine. I'll also leave the rest of this post up, just in case anyone else is feeling some sort of cooking RP that I'm interested in, but for right now, I don't know if I'll go for it.


Hello, all! Been looking for someone to RP with on these here forums, and have had very little luck in finding someone with my tastes. So, I decided to put something out here just in case there's someone who's interested.

As the title shows, I'm a looking for a girl, with the Predator and Prey rolls being interchangeable. I'm fine with being dinner to a lovely lady, or having the lovely lady for dinner myself. I'm also fine with playing a female, if necessary. I do have a preference, preferring to be the predator, but variety is the spice of life.

Since I've been getting some people asking, I feel like I should just make note that I only use this site for RPing, usually the private message system. I do not use Discord to RP. This account was made to explore this fetish, but it's something I'd rather keep confined here.

-Cooking (Practically my bread and butter)
-Soft Vore
-Oral vore
-Some hard vore (Going with a sort of "People are made of clay" approach, people can be cut up and carved into, but there's no blood or organs or anything)
-Multi/F (Can do Multi/M if everyone else is female)
-Story/plot driven RPs
-Gentle Femdom
-Degrading preds
-Complimentary preds
-Big ol' anime tiddies

-Ownership (Not full on slavery, but someone having a tattoo that signifies they belong to someone, and using it romantically/as food is great)
-Trophy heads
-Softcore sex
-Size difference
-Straight Shota

Not a huge fan of:
-Oral sex

Won't do:
-Cock/Anal Vore/Unbirthing (Any vore that has to do with genitals/anything extremely sexual)
-Gore, blood, & pain
-Foot stuff
-Hardcore Sex (Mild things are okay, such as saying "He's inside her", but the main focus should be on the top half of the characters, who are passionately or lustfully making love)

Anything else I just haven't caught. Not sure if it would be a yes or a no. Feel free to ask.

General plots I like to go for are a bit more on the vanilla side. Abducted by aliens and cooked for food, caught by cannibals, gone on a date with someone to their house only to find out that you're their food, just some girls caught and served up by some orcs, women eating restaurants etc. In order to kind of get around this, I tend to like doing longer RPs that continue in a sort of episodic fashion, adding character development and lore as the RPs progress. It's this reason why I tend to do my best to separate RPs using titles and whatnot. I do have a general preference focusing on world building I suppose. Are girl's being eaten a common occurrence? If so, is it fatal? If it is, why do people do it? Is there a food chain for things if there are multiple species (I.E. furries/Aliens/monster girls)? These are all questions I'd love to answer in any given world.

That being said, I do have a few scenario ideas.

Spoiler: show
Mermeals: Mermaids are more then just pretty faces. They're also vicious predators, often using their beautiful faces and buxom breasts as an attempt to get easy food. And while there are many situations where they succeed, there are also people who hunt and fish for Mermaids, because they're just a delicious as their prey. Essentially allowing for the predator and prey roles to be interchangeable.

Super Feast: Super Heroine and a Super villain face off in a climactic showdown. The Twist? The Heroine falls. And the villain decides to enjoy their victory with a feast.

My Girlfriend's a Cow: Cowgirls exist. Giant, milk-filled breasts are everywhere, with thicc thighs, and soft bodies. And the fate of these cowgirls? Well, they're the number 1 menu item for society. And somewhere along the lines, a young man/woman now has themselves a wonderful cow girlfriend. Now their significant other is just as much a meal as the steak in their fridge.

Hawaiian Roast: A girl volunteers to be part of a big luau in Hawaii. However, what she doesn't know is that she signed up to be the roasted pig.

Plane Crash Romance: Essentially, a plane crash lands on a deserted island and there are only two survivors. Both of these survivors must work together to survive. And after a while, with a budding romance starting, one of them gets too hungry and decides to have a nice roasted meal.

Girlfriend for Thanksgiving: essentially, someone invites their girlfriend to come over to their place for Thanksgiving. Little do they know, they're not being invited as a guest, but as the Turkey.

To Serve Woman: A young woman ends up abducted by aliens, who reveal that they're going to take her to the best space restaurant this side of the milky way. The reason why? Because Earth women are one of the tastiest things in the galaxy.

A Romance with Alien Meat: Some poor person has been abducted by aliens and harvested for food. They're put in with another alien being that's meant to act as a complimentary piece to themselves. And now, laying together, naked in an oven.. well something's about to bloom.

Cannibal War: A pair of cannibal tribes are at war with one another. More often then not, their fights often end with feasts of the losers of fights. But what are they fighting over? Perhaps it's another nearby village that they want to use for stock. Or perhaps a traveler that would also double as a good meal has found themselves as a good excuse for war. Either way, somebody's ending up on a silver platter.

I'm also totally fine if you want to base an RP or a character off of an existing picture, or comic. One of my favorite things to do is take a few of my favorite comics and/or pictures based around vore and do something based off of that.

As for canonplay, I'm not really sure what topics I would or would not consider roleplaying. Some things I just can't see working out in my head, like Steven Universe or Avatar, but other things like Sonic and Pokemon, I can very easily see. I'll list a short list of what I think I'd be okay with, and a few ideas in a spoiler tag because this is already pretty long. They're also all pretty basic right now, I might add in more details later. It you have any ideas, feel free to send them as well!
- Sonic
- Pokemon
- Shantae
- Mario
- Huniepop
- Splatoon
- Super Smash Bros. (Kinda)
- Zelda (Limited to certain games)
- Teen Titans (Animated series)
- Dragon Ball Z
- Kill La Kill

Spoiler: show

Tails has grown bored of his plant-like girlfriend, Cosmo, and has his eyes set on a new girlfriend, Zooey. However, he has no way of impressing her for him... Except for making a tasty seedrian meal for her.

Sticks and Amy go out on a camping trip together, and Amy forgets to bring food. Sticks, knowing the law of the jungle is eat or be eaten, decides to spitroast Amy

During the voyage of the Blue Typhoon, the crew is starving and in desperate need of food. Cosmo offers herself up as a meal to be eaten by the crew.

After being caught for another attempt on the Master Emerald, Knuckles decides to get rid of that annoying bat Rouge once and for all. By having a nice roasted bat.

After being berated by her for so long, Tails finally decides to get his revenge on Wave the best way possible. Roasted Swallow.

Tails decides to give in to his predatory instincts with Cream and Vanilla. After being invited over to their house with no one else, he decides to make some rabbit stew.

Rouge gets captured and cooked during one of her missions.

Rouge's treasure hunting days appear to come to a close, as she accidentally tried to steal from a cannibal tribe in the amazon. And the punishment? Well, they get to be part of a lovely feast.

Set curing Sonic Adventure, when Amy goes to the past, she inquires more about Tikal and her culture, and why her father needs to get the Chaos Emeralds so badly. It turns out there's a neighboring country filled to the brim with beautiful hedgehogs that would make for both fine mates and fine food. And here Amy was, in the middle of a borderline cannibalistic society with her at the bottom of the food chain.


After the events of the Meteor shower, Brendan is the latest in a great line of Lorekeepers, a title passed down from Zinnia. However, one day in his base, the Draconid girl comes to him and tells him there's an initiation. He must eat the previous Lorekeeper.

May getting cooked and served as part of a contest

Olivia doing her final act of a Kahuna: Getting spit roasted and served for a luau.

Rosa on set for the Magical Doors series getting a bad ending, involving Sabrina cooking and eating her.

Pretty much any sort of Player character beating some important girl character in a battle and gaining the right to eat them. Granted, it's more of a case by case scenario, as I'm a lot more likely to have Flannery or Skyla get cooked and served as opposed to Jasmine or Maylene.

Set in a world where pokemon are anthropomorphized, Gloria embarks on her Pekemon Journey. And while there are many people who'd love to take a bite out of her, she has her own idea. Assemble the tastiest team, and make the world's best batch of curry!


During their first encounter, instead of winning against Rottytops' challenge, Shantae actually looses and must pay the price. A nice half-genie dinner.

Risky Boots decides to team up with Rottytops to defeat her foe. After all, roasted Shantae sounds pretty good to the zombie woman.

Shantae gets herself captured in the mermaid factory and is packed up as monster chow.

During their misadventure in Tan Line temple, Shantae needs to rescue the other girls and escape all while dressed as sexy space princesses. However, the situation turns even more dire, as the girls are planned to become part of a great feast for the main princess, who will in turn become a feast for the rest of the island.

AU of Seven Sirens where the seven sirens are cannibals and desire to eat the Genies that were kidnapped. Obviously ending with all of the girls eaten.


Beli is convinced by Jessie to try out this new roleplay idea. Little does she know she's actually going to become a meal at the Maye's.

Celeste Luvendass' main reason for coming to earth was to try out a delicious delicacy. And as it turns out that delicacy is none other then human! It's up to the protagonist to feed her as many of the girls he's dated as possible.

The protagonist has been found out by everyone that he/she was stringing them along to get into their pants. All of the bachelorettes decide to get back at them the best possible way. By having them for dinner.


The Salmonid have always used frying pans as weapons, and it's only just now has this all female group of squids found out why. Four poor inkling girls get caught and fried by them, and eaten alive.

Agent 8 fails a test in the Deepsea Metro. Instead of being exploded by C.Q. Cumber, however, she faces a much more humiliating punishment. Be part of a nice meal for the Denizens of the Deep.

After Agent 8 gets the final Thang for the telephone, she finds out about Commander Tartar's desires. Which in this RP ends with her on the menu.

New Splatfest! Tits VS Ass! Which one is the tastiest.


Cia is overlooking the portal of time throughout all of history and happens to notice one of the many Link's significant others throughout time, Malon. She decides to have a bit of fun and plucks Malon out of time for a nice meal.

Set in an AU where the Hero is reborn as a girl, Link(le) must overcome a threat greater then any other Link before her. A cannibalistic kingdom that loves girl meat.

AU where Link joins Cia's side and she wins the war against Zelda's Kingdom. They decide to celibate their victory with the princess on a platter.

During one three day cycle of Link's time in Termina, he convinces Cremia to do something for the Carnival of Time. Be the main course in an attempt to attract people to it.

Smash Bros.

Ridley, King K.Rool, Incineroar, Piranha Plant... So many carnivorous newcomers. And Samus' body is the only thing perfect enough for them to eat.

Seriously, Samus Aran is one of my favorite preys, I just sadly don't know too much about her home series. If Samus is on the menu, I'll happily go for it.


Largely anything where Bowser's romantic desires are replaced with hungering ones. Kidnapping Peach for a nice roast, a stew, a burger, literally anything of that sense. Peach's peaches are gonna be delicious.

Boeser's decided to use the power of the Super Crown in an attempt to usurp the Mushroom Kingdom and take Peach's place... only to find out that tonight's a special night where the kingdom decides to turn Princess Peach into a feast, using 1-ups to keep her alive.

Rosalina must keep the balance of the universe intact for every cycle. And when Bowser threatens to concur the universe, Rosalina must stop him, no mater the cost. Turns out that cost is becoming dinner.

Set in an alternate universe where Mario never went to Sarasaland, Daisy's fate as Tatanga's prisoner turns later on to become Tatanga's dinner.

I will say at least that if we do canon-play, and we continue more based of of the same thing, it will probably diverge into it's own mini-universe.

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