Anthro pred(rare prey) looking for willing meals

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Anthro pred(rare prey) looking for willing meals

Postby StormyGem » Wed Nov 29, 2023 6:11 pm


Update: permavore's been a recent curiousity of mine. If ye have any oc's ye wanna off for good, lemme know~

Hi there. As the title says, i want prey. Below, i'll list some of my likes n dislikes
EDIT: I will now to Scat and gassy stuff in RP's, depending on how it's done. I don't like graphic digestion still, and i now will do fatal digesting, depending on what you have in mind

I've had cravings lately that i've been unable to satisfy. Such as modular, disassembly, bimbo prey, and some other weird stuff. So if yer into that, DM me. I would like this itch scratched

I rarely update update this, and preferences can change overtime. If there's something thats on/off this list, ask about it, maybe i'll be interested in it, maybe i won't. No harm in asking though

ALSO: I can be prey. Its once in a blue moon though, something i have to be in the mood for. If i do wanna be prey though, i'll come to YOU about it
My favourite types of prey: Femboy's, teachers, ladies, milf's, and a couple others I can't think of

In terms of pred/prey, i tend to prefer furries. unless my prey is a cute human girl :3 otherwise i'm picky with humans
Dominance- i prefer to be ontop on most situations. from sex to vore n such. I'm mostly the Pred in vorish settings :3 the best way to describe how I'm dominant is "playful-dominant" if that makes sense
Prey- i prefer my prey willing, i'll rarely do unwilling, doesn't do anything for me 9 times outta 10. while i don't like to be cruel i love to tease and play with them when they're in my stomach or nuts
Weight Gain
Oral Vore
Cock Vore
Anal Vore
Casual vore
Size difference, to a degree. Maybe like. Up to their belly or so. I happen to enjoy prey bigger than me~
Nipple Vore/Cleavage Vore
Reformation- i tend to prefer to reform my prey, but if you want it to be fatal, no problem
Mate/prey- I prefer Anthro mates, furries mostly. mainly the likes of dogs (most breeds) cats (domestic or wild, i like both) dragons aren't something I like too much. but if you have a dragon and i like it, then I'm fine with it. I'm okay with feral and human prey too if its female
I much, MUCH prefer female prey, but males can be also be accepted. i also love femboy's and herm's. girls with dicks and the like

I love Vore RP, but I'm also into Love, Sex and Romance too and other stuff :3
now onto my Dislikes
Hard Vore
Graphic digestion (blood, guts, etc)
Macro/Micro (i prefer to know my prey is there)
Scat eating: just... No

RP: when it comes to rp, i can do fairly detailed posts, and i will try my best to satisfy you. I can do shorter ones, but if you come to me with: Hello *smiles* just... Don't bother trying to rp with me.

also, if it tickles your fancy, here are things i have either already RP'd or want to rp
The Lion King
Bimbo prey. Constant craving. Give me your bimbos!
One Piece
Celeb Vore (I've started to want to RP that, with me eating a sexy lady celeb :3)
Loonatics: Unleashed (I have NO IDEA why I want to RP that though lol)
FNAF settings are always fun too

This goes for you guys who want to be eaten by canon characters. i will rarely play a canon. i don't feel comfortable with it. i'd be happy to RP the likes of GTA V even if the mood strikes me, but i'd rather play as my OC rather than a premade character. If i like the canon and feel i can play em well enough though, i might play em

there are many games, movies and TV shows i like that i might be willing to try too. I'd also gladly be your friend and talk to you regularly, maybe even play games together if you'd want

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