Gay Male looking for a BF that's into Hypnosis and Snakes~

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Gay Male looking for a BF that's into Hypnosis and Snakes~

Postby Oddball » Thu Jan 21, 2021 10:24 pm

I'm currently looking for any Single Males/Trans person that's also looking for a partner to have, that is big into Hypnosis, and as a bonus, Snakes, though Furries and other types are fine as well~

Vore is of course on the table as well, with me being prey personally with a love for being coiled up and losing both my mind and will as I get lost in the gaze of my loving partner. There is one other major thing to add, that is that I'm more into open relationships, so those that can't handle that need not apply, as I can't abandon those with me already. This is more of a much closer romantic pairing that I am seeking though, someone to fully claim me for themself first and foremost, making me their territory around those I'm already with, whom are all also both into vore, and at least switches, so there would be no one to compete on your level if you claimed me~

Hopefully someone will find this and wish to add me, as I've been quite lonely as of late without that style of companionship, and I want someone to call my own in that regard, to fill that void and gap that I'm currently missing.

You can ask me in the PM what platform to add you on, I have several options, and I hope to hear from you soon~

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