Prey/Pred seeking Partners for fun! All M welcome :)

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Prey/Pred seeking Partners for fun! All M welcome :)

Postby studmonkey » Tue May 24, 2022 9:46 am

(Figured I'd bump this since its been a while. Happy to chat with some people and talk ideas.)

Hello! Hopefully I can find some new faces, or maybe some old ones again!

I have a few set characters that I use, but coming up with fresh ones also work. We can use furry, human, fantasy creatures, or whatever kinds of characters you are looking for. I should mention I usually only play as males, so if you had something else in mind, talk to me about it.

Settings for scenes should be set up before hand. We can do something in modern day, fantasy, sci-fi, apocalyptic, really anything. The more we can add to a setting, the more fun a scene can be. Extra characters for scenes are great ways to expand a worlds lore and feel. One idea I've been craving was a group of D&D players realize their DM has sinister pland for them after their character's demise.

Post length generally doesn't matter, as long as each post has substance. I would like decent grammar as well!

I'd like to RP over PMs since I can sometimes be a little busy, and would like the liberty of responding when I can. I don't disappear on people. If I plan on disappearing for an extended period of time, I will let people know I'm taking a break, and give you a reason why.

Something to note, starting a scene with no prior setup out of the blue can be really fun, but if you want that, be sure to give a lot of detail in the first post so I can give a good response, and consider my kinks listed below for themes!

Soft vore
Alternative Vore as well (ask for details)
Size difference
Scent play
Furry pred/prey
Human pred/ prey
Fantasy races (Especially orcs)

Okay with
Hard vore
Same size
Herm preds

Probably not
Female pred/ prey
Extreme macro/micro

If its not listed, I probably didn't think about it, so include suggestions in a PM! I'll update the list as I think of things to add.

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