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Big-bellied vore RP (M/M)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2022 10:13 pm
by RyanKrakinski
DISCLAIMER: I do NOT have Discord. So please stop asking me if I can talk there.

I need a fat/chubby/potbellied guy to rape and vore me. Any scenario world, especially gay nightclubs and schools. PM me for more details.

Bad breath
Disposal: What goes in must come out. It only adds to my ideal pred — someone who is truly disgusting and really doesn’t care about her hygiene or what other people think of it.
Burping: Well, of course. Always seems to happen.
Big bellies (REQUIRED)
Smoking: While I know smoking is unhealthy in real life, it’s completely harmless in roleplays. There’s just something I find arousing about preds smoking a cigarette.
Bad odor: The pred is already disgusting enough. Make her unpleasant to be around with some ungodly stench.
Foreign preds: American preds are honestly overrated. You could argue anime girls qualify as foreign, but with the style tending to look identical, it’s hard to tell if that person is Asian or Caucasian. The only real clue is the character’s name.
Accents: When dealing with foreign preds, part of the charm is the accent. Broken English or certain words being said in a different way are a good indicator through text that the pred is from a different country.