Male Prey looking for low-limit futa and female preds

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Male Prey looking for low-limit futa and female preds

Postby Heero » Sun Sep 11, 2022 8:09 pm

Looking for a ton of F/M or Futa/M lewd ideas capping it off with some horny voracious fun. Some ideas include

-A loving mother turned horny voracious predator

-Horny lewd low-limits cafe idea

-One particular idea I've had in my mind is looking for someone interested in playing multiple female and futa doms in a casual filth/sex/vore world where a young man ends up in the porn industry of said world and is taken on a tour of debauchery in multiple scenes with the various pornstars of the world, getting churned up in various ways and revived for the next scene. This idea not required.

-another thought I had was an idea revolving around a dominant horny party of pokemon furs. Inquire for further details

Kinks I'm looking for include: Oral Vore, LOTS of fucking (anal, oral, breast, foot), body worship/licking, aphrodisiac/addiction, toilet play/scat (hyper loved), sweat, saliva, teasing/dirty talk, clothing play, footplay, thigh highs/sexy legwear and more if interested

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