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F Prey looking for Play (mostly Unbirth but others too)

PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2022 12:51 pm
by Virgo13
How goes everyone? This is Virgo13 with a somewhat updated seeking thread. So yeah as it says in the title I play female prey only. Sorry I know there are a lot more prey to pred's but I tried being pred and it didn't stick with me not a fan. Otherwise guys I'm pretty chill of a person, I understand real life first, and don't really get insulted less you actually well insult me. So don't be afraid to approach, worse I can say is no, nor poke if I don't answer sometimes I get airheaded or busy but I will try to answer you and not ever ignore someone on purpose. I have depression so sometimes I just lose motivation and get more forgetful and tired...but again I will try to keep up communication even if I don't say anything for awhile I will reply back or send a message in due time.

So if that doesn't scare you off here are my roleplay requirements.

1). Semi-Literate please that means No One Liners or First Person

Look I like to write I do like detail and story and all the fun stuff. But I'm not expecting a multi paragraph post every time as I understand not everyone can. Even I can't do it every time. But please try to keep posts a minimum 2-3 sentences, sometimes a one liner is unavoidable if can't think of anything and that's okay, but I will most likely write more then that cause I do put effort to be descriptive. Not asking to be matched but to also put a bit of effort too or at least find those who feel the same. I abhor messages like this *I grab you* using *action* is a no go with me. No offense to those who use it but we just won't click.

2). PM's, Forums, and Eka's chat and lately Discord

I've finally figured out how to work the roleplay chat and find I like the pace there as well. PM's, Forums, Eka's chat are my go to's, but Discord is potentially on the table. Even if we play on discord though I prefer to at least communicate some here before I just give it out.

3). If I don't reply in awhile contact me

Messages either get lost for me or I'm having a moment of writers block and not sure how to end. I won't lie there have been times that I was replied to and just well forgot or have lost interest. I do feel guilty of leaving people hanging but by the time I remember its pretty much gone. If this happens just keep messaging me and I will apologize profusely if you don't mind waiting though then we can finish another time. Just know it will NEVER be your fault at most times, as I said I have depression and that sucks a lot of life out of me at the worst of times...

4). Don't be afraid to ask me questions
As you read my likes and dislikes its okay to ask questions. The worst I can say is no or that I'm not quite into it. But I will ALWAYS be respond kindly and with respect.

5). Most importantly Real Life Comes First
I am a very understanding person, I know real life is first and foremost important, and I hope others feel the same.

If you've read this good on you and thank you for your patience and I will now move forward to the rest of the stuff.

Current Cravings
Unbirth with regression: Been in the mood for this lately, can think of all kinds of idea's for it but will get a yes from me.
Pokemon Themed: I do love the pokemon setting so would be fun to do something with it.
Andromeda Galaxy: Inspired from the series by ascmine but instead of playing a small male, I'd be one of the few small females.

AV (clean)
Multi-vore scenes
Playing Unwilling prey
Playing Willing Prey (will never be overly willing though)
Unwilling to willing scenes
Female Preds
Male Preds
Cboy Preds
Anthro/Feral Preds: (Love Cats, Wolves & Dogs, Dragons, Equines, Bovines, Kangaroos)
Monster/Mythical Preds: (Naga's, Centaurs, Harpies, Mermaids)
Pokemon Preds
Caring Preds
Belly Pet Scenerios
Multiple Preds
Playing Multiple Prey (prefer 2-3 but can play 4 but that's my limit less I know you)
Story Driven: I'm a writer so yeah
Lengthy: Doesn't mean it has to be long term though can always come back to it too, always fun to have something to fall back on.
Same Size
Size Difference: Not full on micro but also less then half the preds height. Or reversed a Micro pred is also really fun.
Pokemon Setting
Fantasy Setting
Modern Fantasy Setting
Sci-Fi Setting
Modern Setting
School life Setting


Alternate forms of unbirth/pregnancy: pitch an idea we'll see what happens.
Feral Preds
Male Pec Vore (tried it once was interesting)
Pouch Vore
Tail vore
Micro/Macro: Also depends the shorter I'll let my characters be is about the size of a barbie doll.
Digestion: So long as its not graphic it should be fine, bonus points if reformation is involved, prefer the melty kind of digestion where the prey gets all sloshy.
Be Willing Prey: It really depends, perhaps if the character has no choice, overall they will be reluctant no one is gonna be an eager beaver on my end

As in might if you ask me but its kind of on the fence
Fatal: I have to be in a mood for it so long as not too graphic
Food Related: Never really tried this I might give it a try
Light Hard: As in a broken arm or leg but that's about as far as I'll go

Definite No's/Will Never Do
Really don't even ask
Being Pred: I know there is very little preds out there but I'm sorry its really not for me and I won't partake in it.
Note: Alright let me clarify something on here. I am Asexual, while I may find men and women attractive, I am not interested and have no desire for sex in real life. Sex is not my thing and honestly I don't think it will be given my utter lack of interest and absolute no curiosity for it. So I will not play out intercourse or rape or anything. However, I have no problems at all should my characters bring sexual pleasure for a predator in the act of vore, such as unbirth as an example. I have no problems in that at all or say if there is more then one pred and they have sex no problems either. Hell look at some of the cravings list, honestly if you have an idea and your unsure if I'm comfortable with it just ask me, there is a lot more I'm okay with then people think. It's mainly I won't play it with my characters due to my personal feelings. Personally I think the reason I'm okay with certain things is that I can fake voreish scenes, I can just pretend, sex is something that is real and I have no reference or idea for it so I just don't feel as comfortable in trying to fake it. Again I know it seems weird but please respect this and again feel free to ask if you have an idea. I have had characters treated as a sex toy before will not be the last.

New Note: Recently I have come to open up a tad in this direction but not traditional intercourse, cunninglingus is pretty much all I'll do and I won't go into too much detail just enough to hopefully be satisfying so really only female's, herms, and cboys will be the only one's here. Sorry but its about the only progress I think I'll make.

Play Male Prey: Sorry but I'm a female in real life so I only play females just more comfortable that way.