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On the Hunt (MPred LF Prey) -Closed-

PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2022 4:42 pm
by Lunaticus
G'day there!
It would seem that this thread is once more open! To warn upfront, it's quite possible that quite the text wall can be found beneath, but it'd be pretty appreciated if the reader would take note before shooting a PM. The name's Luna, and it's reasonable to write that I'm a decently experienced role-player that has always prided themselves on being a good, reliable partner to go back and forth with. The purpose of this thread, evidently, is to find someone on the same or similar wavelength!

A general summary:
◈ Should the thread title be glossed over, the person behind the avatar is a Predator Player only.
◈ Discord is a no-go, sorry. Contact and Roleplay are both kept on site through the PM system. (There are rare exceptions for people I get along well with and wish to maintain interaction with)
◈ Please be assured that I will not ghost you! By all means, do not be afraid to speak your mind. Not happy with the direction or something in the scene? Not feeling it any more as the interest or muse has vanished? No problem! Just please communicate it straight. ((I'm exhausted by folks vanishing >.> It's rude to boot.))
◈ Please put effort into the RP. You don't have to write a novel but please pay attention to what I'm writing and give me something to play with as well, make some attempt at description and flavor.
◈ Characters used tend to be Original Creations and share a theme of being fantasy related creatures (notably Feral / Anthro). Characters used also will be Male or M!Herm gender. ((I suppose in certain situations I can create a character for the RP))
◈ I'll do my absolute best to respond in a timely manner, but as an Aussie time zones are very much a thing xD
◈ Have a question? Go ahead and ask ^w^

Heck Yes
This section contains preferences where I will, often without hesitation, accept and welcome.
☑ Male / MHerm Predator (Feral / Anthro / Demi)
☑ Soft Vore
☑ Unbirth
☑ Same Size / Similar Size
☑ Human / Demi / Anthro Prey (Prey Species)
☑ Male / Female Prey
☑ Willing / Unwilling Prey
☑ Fatal / Non-Fatal
☑ Soft / Melty Digestion (In most scenes this is a fade to black moment with exception to UB or CV. Slow / periodic / stuttered digestion is not ideally the cup of tea)
☑ Fluff / Horror / Casual
☑ Literate / Paragraph Roleplay / Third Person / Storytelling
☑ Fantasy / Modern!Fantasy

Eh, Sure
These are generally alright and able to be rolled with, but are sometimes mood dependant!
◦ Oral Vore
◦ Cock Vore
◦ Anal Vore (Clean)
◦ Reformation
◦ Feral (Prey Species)
◦ Multiple Prey / Multiple Pred

No Thanks
These are hard refusals, full stop!
☒ F!Predator (Sorry, it's just not of interest on this end - and there's a string of other reasons to boot)
☒ Sex (Since there have been several inquiries behind this choice, it is merely because the person behind the screen is Aro / Ace. It's generally uncomfortable and I can't write it anyway.)
☒ Shota / Loli / Underage
☒ Pregnant Predator / Pregnant Prey
☒ Futa
☒ Hard Vore / Gore / Torture / Cooking (Too much of a softie these days xD)
☒ Macro / Micro or Micro / Macro
☒ Disposal / Watersports
☒ Full Tour
☒ Foul Odours / Paws / Feet / Etc
☒ Fandom (Pokemon / Digimon / MLP / Etc)
☒ One Liners / First Person / Second Person
☒ Content Repetition (Doing the same thing over and over in the same scene, or too many scenes close together)
☒ Predator Species (Plantae / Insecta / Arachnida / Etc)
☒ Prey Species (Plantae / Insecta / Arachnida / Etc)

I'm sure I've missed various things so please do not be afraid to ask! Good day to those that stumble upon this and hope to hear from some creative, literate and chill folk soon! Oh also! While I'm not fond of admitting to this, the mind is not good at recalling names - please don't take it personally if for some reason I don't seem to remember you!