Discord endo roleplayer (Updated with extra scenarios!)

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Discord endo roleplayer (Updated with extra scenarios!)

Postby sabrina_diamond » Wed Sep 02, 2020 10:36 pm

Hello. This is my seeking partner post, and for roleplaying purposes only...
Will Do: Soft-vore, guro, medicine-vore, mainly endosomatophillia and/or medFet, full-tour vore, digestion, soul-vore, absorption, parasites, mind-vore, navel-vore, werewolf-rp, mind palace and possible plant-vore. Macro scenarios, bondage. Hospital scenes, science lab-rat scenarios with other scientist characters. Unaware pred is also fine and body-absorption. Planet-eater scenarios, city-romping scenes. Stuffing scenes are also fine, self-vore. Long term rps, detailed Fantastic Voyage themed rps. MedFet sessions, jungle rps, horror-themed, guro, heart-vore and many others. Ghost possession is also cool. Psychological horror and anything to do with the subconscious mind aka "Journey to the Centre of the Mind", twin scenario (Chris optional) Gas/farting. Lovecraftian horrors, perma-vore (optional) Definitely anything to do with Yokai! I'm usually available every day except for Sundays. Longterm is okay too as well as possession. Don't forget to mention in your post which character(s) you would like to roleplay with as well!

Also I desperately need a long-term collaborative author/writing-partner for stories. I also have two writing.com interactives "Mind Palace" that need extra additions and participants. (https://www.writing.com/main/campfires/item_id/2210969-Mind-Palace)

Dream scenarios: Giantess roaming around the city, werewolf pet, time travel paradoxes, teleportation mishaps, getting a belly-pet, the body-hotel, prey gets absorbed, ongoing documentary series, belly-rental etc... Older brother role model, Osmosis Jones type scenario inside me and/or inside my partner... Possession scenes, the sky is the limit! Mind-play also.
Optional: Being filmed as a documentary, with camera crew... International roleplayers are allowed, but what I am also looking for is Australian roleplayers.
Loves: The movie Osmosis Jones, so an Osmosis-Jones inspired rp is right up my alley. :gulp: Since I have a MedFet obsession.
Won't Do: Scat, Anal vore, unbirth, prey scenes and cock vore. :silly:
Species: Player (giantess), any other characters I can think of... It varies a lot.

Must: Possession of all sorts. Have a long-term writing partner for future stories. Cells at Work!" anime rp scenario

Can also roleplay as:
Seraphine Newt: A brown-furred Worgen vampire-slayer.
Vixen Foxtrot: A normal human, a Spanish singer
Olapen Jinitro: Cheerful herm succubus who can talk to dragons. Has being possessed several times in a row by now. Lives in a medieval village.
Misako Irwa: Serious transgender plant-alien.
Austina: A succubus who owns a night-club (a work in progress, please be patient)
Kotone Nadia: Corrupted being
Zara Hyacinth: Tsundere psychologist

RP Type: Switch pred and prey at times, depending on my mood that day! I like variation.
Must: Be fairly descriptive and really realistic. Must be a first-person perspective. Partner must have detailed writing (maximum 3 sentences) per post, be able to describe their locations well and/or have fairly good grammar and a good grasp of fantasy. I like endoscopes, x-rays and stethoscopes. Settings can be as varied as modern cities, horror-themed villages or medieval times, or even a doctor's office. Must be a fairly frequent rper and be prepared for long-term rps also. Use the metric system.
I also need someone to roleplay as the yandere called Junko from the game Samurai of Hyuga 4 during Misako rps
Times: Available on Skype, Discord, the forums and Yahoo mail on Fridays (Saturdays my time) and weekly. Can also private-roleplay on the Portal itself
Discord: Steph#4070

Important Note: I am always on Australian Eastern Standard Time, so you need to be prepared for that! Usually my afternoon is your night-time. Also, my chat name is Steph_Tsunade, if you want to find me in the chat. Also, to make sure I get quality rps, please send me an excerpt of your rp-logs and remember to specify whether you want to rp on the chat, Skype or forums.

Spoiler: show
I can also roleplay as an organic city if requested. Also, I'm often availiable on Skype, send me a private message before adding me though! On Discord, I am known as Steph#4070. The only times I can't rp are Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon, and after 3 am in the morning.

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