Male pred looking for willing, female prey

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Male pred looking for willing, female prey

Postby Hodag » Sun Nov 12, 2023 10:36 pm

I have been roleplaying for many, many years. Too many for me to want to specify. Over that time I have added far more interests and new kinks to my list than I ever thought I would. I will do my best to list those I enjoy the most, but unless it is under the dislikes, don't be afraid to suggest anything you might be looking for.

Oh, nothing under likes is required, it is just a list of things I have or want to try roleplaying. I can't see many scenes that could include that whole list, think of it more as a menu. Let me know what interests we share, and we'll take it from there.

For instance, I have yet to meet anyone else that was into rapid pregnancy and birth. It really isn't an easy thing to balance in rp. but i'll still probably ask if you don't bring it up so don't feel pressured.

Oral vore
Soft vore
Hard vore
Willing prey
adult prey
Loli prey
Belly expansion
Multiple Prey
rapid birth
Furries: pred and prey
Demi species: prey
Human: Pred and prey

Forced or unwilling

I have tried doing forced or unwilling scenes and they are just not for me. It is a personal hang-up where if someone doesn't want to be there, or they don't want to be involved, I can't see trying to make them. Scat is just...again not for me. Can't get over what it is.

Anything I haven't listed above under likes is something I more than likely haven't had experience with yet, so if it interests you feel free to suggest something when you message me.

I have a few scenes below that I have for starting places, but as far as the world I enjoy to play in goes, I prefer a world where vore, public sex, and incest are the normal expectation, or just accepted. A world where kinks won out and have become a part of the every day culture. What precisely those kinks are that society has embraced are, well that's to be decided before we play. Honestly, I'm rather open when it comes to what the scene is. Businesses have popped up catering to the idea and everyone is raised to view it as acceptable to grow up to be a pred or a prey, or sometimes both and it is just part of the fun of life. Women looking to become prey are more likely to show off than cover up, and sex is as acceptable in public as checking your phone or buying a snack from a street vendor... except the snack might suddenly become you while waiting in line.

some potential scenes are :
A predator visits his favorite restaurant where the entire staff are the menu, from the owner down. The entire staff are fully aware and come to work there in the hopes of being chosen. it is not unusual for mother daughter teams, or sisters to work together when waiting tables, playfully enticing their customer to order either themselves or their partner.

Girl Scouts are out performing their annual sales again this year, except this year there was an issue with the cookie orders, namely the Den Mother decided she didn't want to deal with them and decided they would be selling troop members instead for a much higher price. Maybe just to rent, maybe perminantly, but whether a scout, a leader, or a parent volunteer, everyone has to attend the stand and have their time up on the block so to speak.

a mother and son go to the mall to check out new booths that the mother things are just makeover booths or automated hairstylers. in reality they are reformation/transformation booths. the mother has always been a tease in general, but never crossed that line with her son. on this trip though, he gets control over the booth and begins incrementally changing her, but leaves her memories in tact so she knows what is going on, but slowly makes her care less and less. being so pent up, the son has several ideas in mind for her as he has become rather depraved, including but not limited to de-aging her, modifying her into a furry or demi, and making her super fertile and giving birth quickly. Placement of vore variable in this one.

A man decides he wants a new pet after his last one doused herself in honey. She just looked so delicious. He heads down town to the pet store where he is greeted by a woman behind the counter. As they talk, she starts asking him what he is looking for. After a few answers she opens the cabinets behind her and starts pulling out syringes and...injects herself. through the conversation, he watches as she changes into everything he was asking for, a true fast service pet store.

I am currently only using Discord for roleplay, so if your interested Msg me on Eka's and I will send my username.

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