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Switch looking for Switch (Disposal Required. )

PostPosted: Fri Apr 09, 2021 2:29 am
by zandveer
Hello, I've been on the chats for a while and have various characters but I'm not overly picky on who or what I play but I do mostly play as my cat girl Sallyy though ( ) Would be more than happy to make characters with someone else though for specific scenes. Can say that I love world building and would enjoy if we could do at least paragraphs or so at a time. Sizes can vary of course just depending on the scene as well. i am a switch for the most part but have been prey leaning of late, just as something to keep in mind.

For the most part I like a lot of things so just ask and we'll see. I'll post my biggest likes and dislikes for a base though.

Anal Play
Anal Vore
Casual sex
Casual vore
Casual world
Same Size

Hard Vore
Being mean