Seeking RP Please (Mostly Vore, Others Welcome)

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Seeking RP Please (Mostly Vore, Others Welcome)

Postby giantessfanx » Wed Oct 13, 2021 5:16 am

Hello all. I'm an experienced Rp'er here on Eka's, and I'm looking for some folks to rp with, no experience necessary. Please read my likes and dislikes below. And if you're interested in an rp with me, please Pm me.

*Current wishlist*
Some things I currently have a particular interest in, but not necessary.
Spoiler: show
Naga/lamia pred
Couples in vorish scenarios

Special scenario:
Spoiler: show
Karri wasn’t sure why her father had asked her to accompany him out tonight. The two of them had never really been close, indeed since Karri’s mom died he’d seemed to grow even more distant. But she’d gone along with him, hoping perhaps they could mend their relationship like Mom would have wanted.
They’d left the car and had been walking for about five minutes before her father turned into a dark alley. Karri paused for a second in bewilderment.
“Dad, what’s going-” she started to say as she trotted into the alley after him, only to be interrupted as hands grabbed her from behind. She started to scream before a chloroformed cloth covered her mouth and nose. Before the darkness overtook her she saw her father face a figure in the shadows and heard a voice say “Very good Mr. Lawrence. The debt is settled.”


Likes (Will Do):
*Soft vore: oral, unbirth, and maybe breast vore :gulp:
->With oral I prefer it be implied that the prey is digested and perishes.
->With the unbirth, I like the ‘Pred becomes prey’s mother’ thing that’s mentioned in the Eka’s Vore Wiki (it is not necessary for this to be in every UB rp I participate in)
*Being Pred
*Being Prey
*Macro/micro (Prey seems about 2 to 6 inches tall to pred)
*Female Preds
*Male preds
*Almost any personality pred (unwilling, dominant, playful, etc…)
*Unwilling prey
*Willing prey -Only via hypnosis, mind-control etc...
*Rp's based on an anime/cartoon, video game, movie, etc...
->If we do this sort of scenario, I would prefer a Canon-Character/Orignial-Character or OC/OC situation, no CC/CC
*TG (M to F only please)
*Furries/Anthros or whatever you call them
*Non-vore focused Rp's

Maybes (Might Do):
*Underage characters (non-sexual stuff obviously)
*Non-human prey
*Vampiric vore (just a bit)
*Soul vore
*Unbirth where the prey becomes cum
*Foot stuff IF if it's clean (no odor, toe jam, etc...)
*Bondage (As a means of restraint, not torture)

Dislikes (Won't Do):
*AV and CV
*Toilet related content (This means scat and watersports. Definite no's)
*Hard vore
*Cooking the prey
*Full tour
*Willing prey (exception in Likes)
*Pregnant prey
*Characters, particularly prey, with a vore fetish


Other Need to/Should Know Stuff:
*I'm fine with one sentence posts, but please try for longer.
->My own posts will be in the range of single-sentence to multi-paragraph, just to let you know
*PM's or private rp threads on this site are my preferred medium for roleplays. However Discord is now an available option, username available upon request.
*As I currently obtained work it may be some time before I can reply. It could be five minutes, or five days; it all depends. If I don't respond in a week please remind me of our rp.
*I write in third-person (He, she, they, etc...)
*The gender of the player is unimportant to me
*I prefer that preds be at least 18 years old and look it, but am willing to consider underage preds in non-sexual scenarios


Possible Plots/Scenarios
*An experiment mixing human and animal/alien/plant DNA goes awry
*An archeological dig unearths more than a few fossils/simple artifacts
*One who has battled monsters for many years becomes one
*Someone's roommate isn't what they appear
*The (substitute) teacher is not as normal as they look
*A journey to another planet has unexpected results
*A fallen meteorite makes things interesting for a small town
*Messing with the occult is never a good idea
*One should be careful what they wish for
*A lost traveler seeks shelter from a nighttime storm, but something is already there
*Some lost hikers chance upon an abandoned summer camp, unaware that something now lives there
*Someone discovers that they're not quite as human as they thought
*A strange object is more unique than the finder realizes
*An immortal being encounters a human that looks like their lost love/child
*A zoo has an incredible new specimen

Character List: (I can use these or I can make a few on the fly; RP plots for specific characters can be found on their profile)
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