Goodness gracious, another prey/observer looking for preds?!

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Goodness gracious, another prey/observer looking for preds?!

Postby Neetchi » Thu Aug 24, 2023 1:44 pm

Alright ya freaks here’s the deal. I’m a m/nb prey or observer and I’m looking for some preds. Yes, read that again if you must I know it’s super rare. What I can offer is multiple paragraphs of, if I do say so myself, pretty decent writing and sometimes maybe even good? I’m looking for humorous, light-hearted rp so that means positively no fatal digestion with unwilling prey! Don’t even. Thank you.

I should also say right now that I’m not comfortable with sex in rp. Sorry to disappoint the masses! I can do original characters or canon but bear in mind I’m an uncultured heathen who’s watched like no anime.

So what kind of preds am I looking for? So long as they’re not super masculine I’m not picky! While I do prefer humans it’s not too strong a preference. The only main stipulation I have is that the characters should be able to function outside of vore. They need to feel real! I have plenty of plot ideas, mostly slice of life or comedic in nature. Now here comes the typical list of likes and don’t likes but I hope you did read all this too.


Reluctant preds
Humorous scenarios
Oral vore
Same size
Slight size difference
Being observer/prey
Human/anthro preds
Modern setting

Is okay with-

PG13 lewdness
Fatal with willing prey (seems a bit hypocritical but eh)
Feral preds (ruh-roh)
Fantasy setting

Is not okay with-

All the other vores (wow this guy is pretty picky huh)
Digestion with unwilling prey (damn I was hoping they’d change their mind)
Sex (yeah yeah you already said as much)
Super serious settings
Masculine manly men preds (wow it’s -

Hold up (oh shit)
Get out of here parentheses guy! (damn caught again)
And I’m taking your ) off you too! (What an asshole

So there you have it! First post up here so I hope it’s not too shabby. Message me here and if we hit it off I’ll add you on discord. If I get busy irl I’ll be sure to let you know, I don’t like to keep people waiting or ghosting them! If you have any questions or think I forgot something feel free to let me know, I don’t bite! That’s your job.

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