CLOSED: Descriptive F Switch looking for a Partner

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CLOSED: Descriptive F Switch looking for a Partner

Postby MidnightNoon » Fri Nov 18, 2022 1:52 pm

Hey hey~
Have you been having a good day? I hope you have, and I hope you’re comfortable and curious. This may get long and spicy, but I’d appreciate if you read it all before sending me a message.

I am an experienced Vore RPer, both as Pred and Prey, and I pride myself on being a good writing partner. I’m hoping to find people with similar tastes and who enjoy relaxed ‘post when you can’ paragraph-based RP. I'll usually reply once or twice a day if I have time for it, or once a week when I'm busy, so please be ok with either. There maybe an occasional session of writing back and forth while we’re both on, and we both have the time for it. Hopefully we can write some fun and engaging stories together~

Before going further, some rules:
  1. I won’t RP with anyone underage, so please stop reading now if you’re younger than 18.
  2. I won’t ghost you, and I’d like not to be ghosted back. If life is getting in the way, or interest is fading, please let me know, and I’ll let you know if that happens to me. We can work out an ending, or put the RP on pause. Even if we never get the chance to pick it back up, it’s better than just vanishing without a trace.
  3. If there’s anything going on in the story, or one of us is doing something that bothers the other, we should communicate about it and resolve it like adults. We’re all here to have a good time together, no one wants to be making their partner uncomfortable.
  4. Please put effort into your RP. You don’t have to write a novel but please attention to what I’m writing and give me something to play with as well, make some attempt at description and flavor.
  5. Don’t get overly sloppy with spelling and grammar, mistakes are fine, just make an attempt at checking.
  6. I much prefer RP on private discord servers rather than forums or PM
  7. Anything else, we can sort out together OOC before we start or while we play.

If that all sounds good to you, then read on.

About me
- I like to play as both a predator and a prey.
There are aspects to both that I really enjoy. Sometimes I will be in the mood to get gurgled up, sometimes I wanna do the gurgling.
- I much prefer feminine characters
That goes for my characters and the characters I’m playing with. ‘Futa’ female characters are all good, as are enby characters. Im starting to open up to femboy characters, but that's still a maybe. I can play with male characters sometimes, but I have to really enjoy you as an rp partner first.
- I like Demi / Monstergirl characters most of all
But human, monster, and feral characters are all on the table too. Furry characters are also fine but I would usually prefer demis.
- I’m not usually a fan of playing as / with characters from fandoms/cannons
This can depend on the character and the cannon. I don't usually mind cannon settings with OC characters though, but thst also depends a little on the setting.

Writing Style
I like to write with a lot of detail. Every sense described, every subtle sensation. I want you to know exactly how it feels as your stomach slowly pulls me apart, or how the gentle drumming of fingertips on my stomach echoes like rain on a soft roof around you. I try my best to only describe my side of things, letting you decide how they feel for you. And I like playing off the details you give, describing what your ideas feel like for me. You can look at some of my old stories here on eka’s for an idea of how I tend to write.

My replies can be quite long, usually at least 1 or 2 paragraphs, often more. I don’t require you to match the amount I write, nor the level of detail (I know I can go a little overboard). But I do expect at least a paragraph or 2.

Honestly, I consider writting too much in one post to be a bit of a bad habbit, one I struggle with. The best post reacts in detail to the previous post, and then only has 1 new thing happening for the other player to react to, with as much detail on that as feels right. That could just be 1 paragraph, or it could be 5 if there's enough detail to describe.

I slightly prefer to write in second person. That is, my posts refer to my character in third person, and refer to your character as “you”. I just find this to be a really fun and immersive format, but I am fine if you prefer a different format. I also tend to write in present tense, but that’s more out of habit than preference.

Now onto the kinks~


These are tastes we have to share for us to enjoy writing together. They may not be in every story, sometimes I’m in the mood for something different. But they are my usual favorites, so I want to play with someone who enjoys them too.

- Oral Vore - I love the maw, the tongueplay, the throat bulge, sliding down the esophagus, and then filling out the stomach. I don’t tend to deviate except for the special methods listed further below.

- Unwilling Prey - I find it immersion breaking when characters are eager to be digested alive. They should be fearing for their lives, not to mention the journey they’re in for. It is however, fully possible for the prey’s attitude to change gradually from unwilling to willing, if they have a sympathetic or sufficiently dominant pred. I don’t want that to happen every time though, only when it feels right.

- Graphic Digestion - I love realistic digestion described in detail. The crushing pressure, the stinging, itching acids. First hairs fall off, then skin starts to soften and flake away, until finally muscles are tearing and fraying apart. This doesn’t have to be overly gorey or excruciatingly painful, blood and guts can be glossed over, and the nerves can be numbed by the time anything starts to really fall apart. Just needs to be descriptive.

- Fatal - The fatality of vore is half the fun! Reformation or voluntary release just takes away all the interesting stakes and consequence. I want the prey to understand that her life is over, and consider the consequences of that. I want the pred to understand that they’re killing a living person just to satisfy themselves, and not really care. Everything the prey could have been, all their hopes and dreams, the value they added to the lives of their friends, all snuffed out because a pred got hungry. Vore is pretty dam dark. As with most other things, I can sometimes deviate from this, but Fatal is my standard.

- Disposal - This is just what happens to food once the pred is done with it, gross but natural. It’s perfect for adding finality to the prey’s fate. This includes scat and watersports, but note that I’m not interested in those as anything other than disposing of the prey’s remains. Detail level can vary, but I like some description of how it feels, what undigested bits might be sticking out, and a little bit about the waste itself, without too much gross detail.

These are other kinks I love to play with. You don’t have to share these kinks, and I wouldn’t want to play with them every time. But if any sound interesting to you, I’d love to include them in a scenario.

- Slow Digestion - I’m a big fan of when digestion isn’t just a few hours, but a few days of slowly falling apart in the pred’s belly as they lose track of time while the pred simply continues on with their life. If it lasts particularly long, the pred may even need to relieve themselves of some waste while the rest of the prey is still digesting and maybe even barely conscious. This needs plenty of time-skipping and interaction so that it doesn’t get boring of course.
These days I prefer to limit digestion + full absorption to a few days max, as the scenario can drag on if it’s made too long.

- Gradual Disposal - Eating a whole person in one sitting is one thing, getting them out in one sitting is another. I love when the pred has to relieve themselves of their prey multiple times before they're fully done. After all a big meal isn't all going to digest at once. It may be that they just have to pee the first time, as plenty of water has been absorbed but the solids are still pushing through their guts.

- Regurgitation - The pred puking up indigestible material is fun. The pred puking up half-digested meat and bones is even more fun. In some cases, the entire prey could get puked back up, half-digested and unrecognizable.

- Burps & Onomatopoeia - I like burps, urps, and belches. Not tooo much, just a good amount, and they don’t need much description. I like inserting Onomatopoeias for these and other things like the grrglgllp of a churning gut.

- Belly rubs - Fun interaction between a pred and their meal, can be soothing or oppressive, but always aids in digestion. Bonus points if it’s not the pred but someone else rubbing their belly.

- Saliva - Just a lovely detail to include. Licking and drooling are all fun~ As with everything it shouldn’t be excessive, just plenty XD

- Moderate weight gain - Love including the fact that the prey won't be reduced entirely to just waste, part of them will be sticking around on the pred's thighs, atleast until the pred burns them off. I don't like making characters obese, just adding some extra weight that they'll either appreciate or be annoyed by.

- Casual Vore & Degradation - I love preds who don’t really care that they’re eating a living person, as soon as they felt hungry and spotted their prey, that person became nothing more than food. The thought of letting them out is frankly a bit absurd, why would they? I mean, technically they’re gonna be let out, but they’ve got plenty of digesting to do before then.

- Digesting in public - Whether the people around can notice or if they’re totally oblivious, it’s quite fun for a pred to be casually going about their day, while their prey is slowly melting down inside them or pumping through their guts. A personal fave is when the pred is questioned about the prey, and either gives a half-assed lie, or is totally honest~

- Cruel / Bullying Preds - Preds who do care that they’re eating a living person, and that’s frankly part of the fun for them. Breaking their prey spiritually as well as physically, either with sadistic bullying or casual dominance and degradation.

- Caring / Sympathetic Preds - Preds who do care that they’re eating a living person, but they don’t care quite enough to give up their meal. Could be apologetic and remorseful about it, or not apologetic but still trying to be nice to their prey. Soothing their meal’s worries as gently as they can, but still admitting that they do plan to digest them.

- Playful / Teasing Preds - Preds who are bit in between? Taunting and teasing not out of malice, just because it’s part of the fun.

As you can see, I like basically all pred archetypes. The main thing I like is variety in preds really.

These are other things I am fond of and will gladly include when applicable.

- Semi-Hard vore - Little bit of blood being drawn is perfect for crueler preds, just enough to remind their prey that they could chew if they wanted.

- Observer / Companion characters - Adding extra characters to interact with the pred is fun, whether they’re aware or unaware of the prey.

- Indigestion - The pred’s meal isn’t necessarily easy to digest or keep down, and the pred is determined to keep them in spite of that.

- Game Messages - Something I’ve been having fun with lately is inserting little gamey messages like status conditions and things: Prey’s struggle Failed. Prey is being Digested (20%), etc.

- Object Vore - Swallowing an object that’s precious to someone is quite fun.

- Tail Vore - Haven’t really done this but I expect it’d be fun.

- Vampiric Vore - Imagine a light-headed prey rubbing a sloshing belly that is full of their own blood.

- Absorption - Really been wanting to try this. Seems quite fun, especially with how visible the prey would be as they digest if it’s a slime pred. Extra fun if the slime is trying to hide them.

- Belly Maw - Similar to absorption, can be quite fun.

- Soul Absorption - Not just gone, so gone that your soul doesn’t exist anymore. I love to write this as a semi-melding of the prey’s mind into the pred’s.

- Oviposition - Not related to Vore, I’m just particularly fond of this. Would love to try.

- Mind Control / Possession - I’ve been wanting to try this. Could be full on body-steal or just mind control. May overlap a bit with soul absorption.

- Avian Crops - The ‘waiting room’ for food seems like it’d be fun.

- Moderate size difference - Ranging from prey is chest-height on pred, to half the size of the pred.

- Mini-Giantess - From the above all the way to almost Macro/Micro, but the prey will still take some effort to get down and probably leave a nice bulge.

- Webbing - Webbing someone up / being webbed up seems so good.

- Petplay - Whether it’s an actual pet or just a prey that’s been adopted for a time until their pred gets hungry.

- Entrapment - Sometimes a meal gets saved for later. Maybe in a pocket, maybe in a bottle, maybe in a collar.

- Other food digesting with prey - Pred decides to snack even after they’ve eaten, and the prey just has to sit among the rest of the food.

- Unwilling Pred / Accidental - Leads to interesting scenarios.

These are things I can enjoy and don’t mind being added to an rp, though I might not always be in the mood for them.

- Sex / Masturbation - I’m not the biggest fan of this. I prefer to focus on just the vore, so if you’re fine with leaving it out I’ll be glad. Can still get up to somewhat lewd stuff though.

- Willing prey - I find willing prey harder to buy and write with, but can work for some stories.

- Micro - Not my go-to, but can be good sometimes.

- Hard Vore - I don’t mind some crunching occasionally.

- Male Preds / Prey - I usually prefer feminine characters, but can enjoy some male characters.

- Multi prey - This can be fun but is quite complicated.

These are things I will do on rare occasions. Will require a discussion to include any of these.

- Cannon Characters - I generally prefer OCs, mostly depends on the character.

- Unbirth - Not a fav, but can be doable.

- Reform - Takes out a lot of the fun

- Endo - Again, takes out a lot of the fun. Can be good sometimes though.

These are things I just don’t like and don’t want to include. I won’t be able to enjoy any rp based on these.
- Cock / Breast / Anal vore
- Cooking
- Scatplay / Watersports
- Hyper bodyparts
- Extreme weight gain
- Inflation
- Slob / super overweight characters
- Full Tour

Here’s some of my characters I am fond of

Spoiler: show

Alpha wolf, powerful, dominant, and uncaring.

Pred type: Taunting tomboy bully. Dominates her prey physically and emotionally to show them that they belong to her. Once she's eaten someone however she becomes less deliberately dominantand more uncaring, just expecting them to shut up and digest. Soft to Semi-hard or even hard oral vore.

Appearance: Very tall and ripped tomboy. Tanned skin. Shining yellow eyes. A long, wild mane of grey hair down her back, matching the fur running up her legs and forearms, as well as the large, fluffy tail trailing behind her. Her arms end in ferocious claws that look as though they could stab through metal. Her teeth aren’t sharp enough to draw blood unless she tries, but she could bite through bone if she wanted.

Personality: Samara is a natural bully. She’s certainly the most physically intimidating of my preds, domineering over anyone she feels like. She can be a cruel and dominant pred, taunting her prospective prey about their future, licking people’s faces or even eating their pets, just to remind them that she owns them. Not really one to make people suffer just for the hell of it though, only to make them know their place. She’s not necessarily sadistic, just likes to play with her food a little. Once they’re eaten though, she’ll barely pay attention to them usually, why would she? She also eats a lot, sometimes her prey may find themselves sharing the space with more mundane snacks, or the remains of other prey.

Unlike typical bullies, her cruelty isn’t covering insecurity, it’s just because she enjoys it. That’s not to say she won’t sometimes just grab a quick snack when she feels like it. She does have a softer side, but it’s rare for even her close friends to see it.

Half-Vampire Mage

Sadistic girl with ridiculous magical power.

Pred type: Teasing, smug, sadistic Dom. Keeps her prey for a while as playthings. Oral vore with shrunk prey ( typically causes indigestion), vampiric vore, absorption, soul absorption, possession. May also feed prey to other prey, pets, or plants.

Appearance: Quite short and petite, could pass for a high-schooler. Casual goth most of the time, but with the occasional dress or tomboy day. Long blond hair often done up in ponytails with red ribbons. Her eyes are dark auburn in the light, but shine red in the dark. Can grow and dismiss shadowy wings as she pleases, as well as transform herself in other ways.

Personality: Valentine is an absolute sadist. She will keep her prey around for a long time, finding new ways to tease and play with them. Whether they enjoy being her playthings or not, she doesn’t care so long as they aren’t boring. She’s extremely powerful with magic, capable of shrinking people, possessing them, even absorbing them into their body. She also likes to keep pets, especially people that she's developed a special interest in. Some of her prey might be given a new life in her home, maybe even a new name, even having other prey fed to them if she really likes them. But there's no telljng when she might grow bored of them and put them back on the menu. She also loves to grow carnivorous plants.

Being half-vampire, her stomach isn’t actually well suited to solid prey, not that she won’t indulge from time to time, just has to deal with a lot of bloating.

She also has a soft side, and can be quite loving of her playthings. But her love is one-sided and dangerous to receive. Samara is evil because she doesn’t care about hurting people. Valentine is evil because it’s what she cares most about.


I have got other pred characters, but none have stuck in my mind as ones I’m super keen to re-use like those too. I’m always happy to create new characters too.

Spoiler: show
I don’t actually re-use prey characters generally. On account of the fact that they’re usually nothing but a pile of waste and an inch of fat by the end of the story. :lol:

New Characters
I am always happy to create a new character for a scenario. I like making characters with a variety of personalities and body-types, rather than big tits and skimpy clothes every time.

My fav demi/monstergirl species to use, mostly as either pred or prey, are:
- harpy (I love harpies)
- wolfgirl
- lamia
- succubus
- slime - Really want to make a slime
- arachne - Really want to make an arachne
- foxgirl
- plantgirl

I’ll probably enjoy plenty of other species too. I usually don’t like herbivorous species however.

Spoiler: show
I tend to prefer fantasy settings. A typical dndish world with monstergirls and demis. Eating someone is tantamount to murder, but sometimes accepted (like murder is sometimes accepted in dnd) though probably taboo.

I can do more modern with fantasy elements. One I enjoy for that is a high school of human and demi races, perhaps they teach magic in addition to regular classes. I still like Vore to be atleast taboo, if not outright illegal. Though usually not very strongly enforced. A school where vore is outright allowed so long as it’s outside of class can also work though.

I tend not to like cannon settings unless they’re basically just a type of fantasy or modern fantasy setting. Pokemon is an exception, as I think a pokemon rp could be great fun.

Scifi settings could also be allowed, just not familiar with them. I do love cyberpunk as a genre, just never tried a vore scenario with it.


Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post, and I hope it wasn’t too long. Have you found something that interests you?

If you are keen to chat, please send me a PM. Tell me about yourself, what ideas and kinks here sound fun to you, and what other interests you might like to play with. Hopefully we share a bunch of tastes, and we can make an interesting story together. I’m up for longer RPs or shorter ones, and even ongoing if we’re a good enough match.

Please do not just send me your discord without any extra information. I would like to know a bit about what shared interests we have before adding anyone on discord.

I’m not wanting to juggle many rps at once, so I’m sorry if you respond but I end up too busy to play with you. But I’ll gladly make friends to possibly play together in the future!

That’s all. I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you have a lovely day!

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