Female, prefers being prey, can be pred. Males preferred!

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Female, prefers being prey, can be pred. Males preferred!

Postby theshadowstar58 » Sun Dec 05, 2021 2:53 am

Decently experienced vore roleplayer here, I'm female and love playing as prey but can also play as pred..
I have several plot ideas where I'm prey, including:
- pred best friend eats his prey friend
- fictional popstar girl is eaten by a fan
- pro vore Brother eats his anti vore sister
- babysitting a prey species lead to hunger
(and more)
- bully eats nerd girl.
- parent digests offspring
- a twin absorbs their sibling in order to truly become one

I can also be pred here's a few basic ideas:
Babysitter eats boys.
Popular girl digests nerdy shy boys.
Teacher digests bratty boys.
A boy has a crush on his pred friend.

(Those are just ideas, happy to discuss any ideas together)
I also love stories with animals as the pred like a big snake, maybe a girl is eaten by a wild snake or meets someone with a pet snake.
(Side note I absolutely adore large snakes in general, love snakes that swallow food whole, a beautiful part of nature)

main tropes i love include: Digestion, unwilling, tricked, manipulated, instincts taking over, casual vore, taunting the prey, interspecies vore, taboo vore, fatal, naive prey, etc
i tend to set my roleplays in a world where vore is accepted but semi taboo and prey and pred species coexist. Can be human or furry

so anyway, if you want to discuss a roleplay lets chat in pm? Or send me your discord.
you can also find me on telegram or wickr with the username Supernerd58
Just message me saying if you're pred or prey

dont be shy!

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