M looking for female partners

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M looking for female partners

Postby Zombieflanders » Wed Oct 27, 2021 12:22 am

As the tital suggests, I'm a fairly literate pred looking for a couple new gals to add to my collection, sort of speak; for roleplay with in addition to just chatting vorishly or friendship. With that being said, if there are any girly's out there looking to take the plunge or just get dicked down, feel free to hit me up. I'm into most conventional vore scenarios and am pretty flexible in that regard. My list of likes obviously aren't requirements, but it'll definitely garner special attention with me. The only one I really ask you adhere to is playing as yourself, or something close to it. I rarely play prey, but might entertain the notion with either gender depending on my mood.

-Playing Feral preds. (Plants, snakes, worms, Frogs, etc.)
-Soft vore
-Monster preds
-Oral vore
-Food play
-Maw play
-Petite girls (are Under 5'6. Preffered but not required.)
-Redheads and asian girls (I love em. I will inhale you)
-Players who RP as themselves or characters loosely based on themselves
-Any casual yet sexy female attire (Tops, skinny jeans, Sneakers, thick socks, leggings, etc..that kinda stuff)

Not a fan of:
-Anal vore
-Cock vore

Also some niche things I'm into if it applies to you:
Vacuum vore
Three partner roleplays or being an observer
Wing vore

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