Sock Muncher, Hungry For Those Sneakers!

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Sock Muncher, Hungry For Those Sneakers!

Postby RebelRiley » Sun Nov 27, 2022 6:52 pm

Ah, shit. Looks like they're onto me. Anyways, while I have the time before they catch up, thank you for checking this out!

What do I want to eat? You, your socks, and sneakers!

How do I want them? By any means necessary!

Why do I want to eat them? Because I'm crazy into them! Whether it be for expanding my own wardrobe, collecting trophies, or just plain eating them, I want them!

If you're reading this, you may be wondering; "What the heck? What's up with someone like this? Making a roleplay ad, hoping to attract fellow foot fetishists or people who are willing to indulge them on something as weird, freaky and crazy as this? Why would someone make an ad on something like this? Do these pants make my butt look big? Will my Jungler ever gank my lane? Did I leave the oven on? Is water wet? Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Why am I still reading this portion of the ad and haven't looked down further to get the answers to the actual serious questions of this roleplay ad?"

Well, I've got answers for ya'! If you'll have me, the first part of what I said holds some value. While I do love both vore and feet equally, I'm going to take this opportunity to let my foot fetish shine through some more! It hasn't been getting the attention it nearly deserves and when that happens, this happens! I splurge and make an entire ad calling for delicious, unsuspecting prey to get gulped, allowing me to savor the rich tastes of their feet and their socks, giving them the attention that they deserve! But I'm not just a foot freak! I'm a freak for many other things as well! So if you indulge me, I seriously don't mind indulging you! So just consider this a foot freak calling out for prey to eat!

But let's get onto the meat of this ad!

"What are you looking for, specifically?" I am looking for prey, feeders, switches or observers that would not mind roleplaying something with me that has heavy foot fetish elements! Ranging from prey being targeted just because of the smell of their delicious socked feet to predators getting jealous of a prey's sneakers, so they swallow them whole to steal them! Maybe even a predator that specifically targets prey because of their socked feet! These elements don't have to take over the roleplay entirely by the way because that's just dumb and unfair, but I'm still seriously looking for someone who either enjoys what I'm advertising here or wouldn't mind helping me with what I'm advertising here! Oh and in addition to that, I would love if you could be literate, detailed and have decent grammar! I'm not asking for you to write me a book, I just want enough detail to keep things interesting!
"Okay, so say that I'm interested in your weird obsession with socks. What kinds of socks do you like?" The clean variety, with preferably not much dirt to them! However, sweat-soaked and wet socks are also good with me as well! But more specifically, my favorite has to be sports' socks! Athletic socks like Football/Soccer socks! Bombas socks, Asics socks, Thorlos socks, you name it! Length-wise? Ankle and crew have to be my favorite but knee and thigh length are certainly liked as well! Striped and cute socks have a special place in my heart though as absolutely scrumptious treats!
"I don't have a foot fetish but I still want to roleplay with you." That's perfectly fine! I don't want to force anything onto anyone so if my roleplay ad seems interesting but you aren't down for the foot fetish themed/based roleplaying, I understand! We can still probably work something out if you give me a chance! Like I said, having the fetish take over the roleplays would be ridiculous so I am down to roleplay other things without the foot fetish elements.
"I am male-prey preferring and I want to roleplay with you." The furthest I can go with a male prey is a femboy. If femboys are not to your liking, I sincerely apologize.
"What if I am also looking for a friend?" All the more better! I look forward to getting to know you!
"What about OOC-chatting, teasing, and talking about vore?" Once again, very acceptable! We can talk about many things from the kinds' of people we'd eat, why'd we go for them, how we got into vore, share art with one another, comics, talk about games and stuff! See the answer to the question above, I'm more than happy to make a friend out of you!
"Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?" Yes!
"Do you seriously expect to attract roleplay partners for something like this?" Nope! Not at all, honestly! But hey, it's worth a shot! You know what they say, you miss one-hundred percent of the shots you don't take!

Now, onto my actual roleplaying preferences!
I am a massive-pred leaning switch. Strongly, I prefer to play predator but I can play prey as well! If you're strictly a prey, a switch, or even a pred-leaning switch that wants to play prey sometimes but can't get that good break or actually have someone decent enough to satisfy you, I'm your girl!
How do I roleplay? My timezone is GMT-6, America-based but I can conform to timezones outside of the US if necessary! Just bear with me if I do not respond as I have a life, I get busy, I don't feel like writing somedays or our schedules are just not completely synched with each others! And I do not roleplay on here or the forum! The only place I roleplay is Discord. Discord is where I can have everyone and everything neatly coupled together. If I seem like the partner for you when you finish this advertisement, my Discord is: Rebel Riley#6874!
Pairings? Ranked from favorite to least favorite! F/F, Futa/F, ?/F, M/F, F/M, ?/M. (Transgenders may apply!)
Any limits? Anything inherently disgusting, such as anything have to do with scat and watersports. I also do not like Micro/Macro/Giant/Giantess stuff. Hyper-stuff is also a no-go.
What about Vore methods? I'm a fanatic for Tail Vore! If you love it too, then yay! Aside from that, I love every type of Vore! Even the weirder ones! Oral vore, Anal vore, Unbirth, Cock vore, Navel vore, Nipple vore, Breast vore, Hair vore, Cleavage vore, Absorption, Assimilation-- You name it!
Settings? I love a good modern setting, of course! However, I can conform to a modern-fantasy, futuristic setting and many others!
Roleplay length? Long term, Worldbuilding, Short-term, Grab n' Gulp-- I can do 'em all! Personally favorite is casual long-term though~

My Absolute Favorites:
Spoiler: show

Foot fetish content. (Focus on feet, socks, and sneakers. Oh and bonus points if we use name-brand things like Converse, Jordans, Nikes, ad1das, Under Armour, Puma, etc!)
Absorption Tail Vore. (Like Cell, from Dragon Ball Z~ Particularly looking for some partners for this stuff!)
Clothed vore and Casual Clothing. (Prey wearing/being eaten wearing jeans, jackets, sneakers, slip-ons, socks, shorts, etc!)
Female prey. (Extreme liking for goth girls.)
Transformation/Trait theft. (Merging the prey's body with the predator's in forced absorption to turn them into a new cock, body part or even steal parts of their looks for themselves. Or changing the prey into inanimate things such as foods, clothing, objects and so forth!)
Nonconsenual/Unwilling/Fear. (If a prey is scared and terrified, it makes it all the more better to me!)
Human prey.
Possession/Skinsuiting. (Stealing the bodies of hot characters for oneself~)
IRL prey. (Definitely have to explain this one. The depiction I like to use for prey within the roleplay when the narrative is long or has the potential to have too many characters for the multiple prey to keep up with is using pictures of real life people as the descriptions for prey.)

Spoiler: show

Digestion. (Can be fast, instantaneous, slow, painful, painless, gooey, gorey, it doesn't matter to me!)
Unbirth pregnancy.
Mind Control/Hypnosis/Mind break.
Human predators.
Monster predators.
Monstergirl predators.
Underage prey. (The lowest age I'll go is thirteen and no lower than that. No sexual acts with them as well, they are to be eaten and only eaten.)
Out-Of-The-Box predators/Object vore. (Things like a Jack N' The Box, a blanket, a washing machine, a couch, a TV, etc!)
Flushing/Toilet/Drain vore.
Werewolf predators.
Canon prey and canon predators. (I play games, watch anime, and stuff like that! So we can include some characters we like from different series and things like that!)
Dark/Morbid/"Bad Ending" themes.

As for things that I may need convincing for:
Male prey.
Willing prey. (It just isn't fun to me anymore. There has to be some brainwashing/hypnosis/mind control at play.)

No goes, Don't even ask:

To end this ad off, I just want to say that if you even read this far and cared enough to finish reading it, I highly appreciate it! Even if you don't message to try and contact me about this, I'm still thankful for you giving me the time of day and just a chance by looking at this out of curiosity! Regardless, if this was a fun read for you, thanks for looking! If you're a potential partner with some questions, shoot me a PM! Or if this roleplay ad was just capturing enough to grasp you, head on over to Discord and add me!

My Discord: Rebel Riley#6874.

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