Looking for pregnant prey! Updated vore methods!

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Looking for pregnant prey! Updated vore methods!

Postby Eatspregnantprey » Wed Oct 13, 2021 11:54 pm

So odd i cant for the life of me get my old account back but my original account was "alexpreggoeater" so lets start over i guess lol im looking for pregnant prey and i have a list of what i love

Digestion or non
Vaccuum or object vore
Drain and toilet vore!
Quicksand and mud vore!

Feet play
Soft vore
Vaccuum vore
Object vore (object eats person)
Tight spaces (like drain vore)
Animal eats human
turning her into a literal cow
blob eats her
mosquito eats her
object transformation
turned into actual food
turned into statues
stuffed in bottles or jars (liquid or solid)
House bored people through various appliances like through a corded phone or shower head
Car vore Couple goes on vacation and the car bored the lady either through the trunk, the hood or the gas tank
possibilities are endless! come on down!

If you feel you would like to rp with me lets have at it! I have discord so pm me if you wann rp there

Possible scenarios we could do are but these arent mandatory AT ALL if you have an ideai want to hear it

mom and dad are on vacation and brother and sister are caring for the house...older brother watches his sister and she has a sleepover of friends...and party games begin

School teacher health class vore demonstration brother and sister go to same school and a new teacher is in the health class,and she picks the sister as her demonstration meal of the digestive system

Family dinner boyfriend and girlfriend live together and one fateful sunday dinner the dish...is the girlfriend as contribution for the dinner

Sister takes care of brothers snake or plant and she is....taken care of

As stated before I WANT TO HEAR IDEAS! But i mainly do human pred and prey or animal pred on human :) so hit me with what you have!

Etc PM me if your interested

i now have discord VoreFan93#5949 message me on there and tell me what brought you to me!

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