Predator Prowling for Vore ( And Extra! )

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Predator Prowling for Vore ( And Extra! )

Postby Bloxxerstudios » Sun Oct 04, 2020 1:45 pm

Good Afternoon, mine dearest partners, friends, and strangers. I take this time to most kindly welcome you to my Advertisement upon this board. Your curiosity in visiting my post is appreciated, and your willingness to read this far is, in tune, most beloved...


You aren't here for the meager pleasantries that come with a greeting, right? You're not seeking to have some posh fuck introduce you to some droll advertisement you've already read ten-thousand times, correct? No, no. You're here for the good stuff. The kind of things that make you tick... That get your pants to rise, or get them a little bit wet.

So, between you and I, partner, I believe it's best we drop this facade of respect for my Advertisement. You're here to get horny. To scratch those itches that peater you so frequently. And that's what I'm here for. To service those needs. To scratch those itches. To make you feel nice and satisfied. So sit back, and allow me to ditch the empry flatteries of my opening post.

And let's get you antiquated with the Meat of all this....

Some Info About Myself

  • I'm Bloxxerstudios! But call me B, for short.
  • I possess 9 Years of Roleplaying Experience.
  • I deal both in Discord and the typical Eka's Portal chat!
  • If you'd like more information on my Discord, then please contact me OOC, and inquire about my profile. Don't always expect to recieve it, however.
  • I am a Predator... Usually. Sometimes, I WILL Sub! But only for Friends and Familiars.... That, or blackmailing me by including some of my favorite kinks.
  • II am Bisexual! Any relationship is cool by me. No matter who you are, or what your gender or sexuality is, you are accepted!

None of these Kinks are required... Barring Vore.

Some of my Personal Favorite Kinks

  • Weight Gain
  • Oral Vore
  • Anal Vore
  • Absorption Vore
  • Sexual Play
  • Macro Sized Characters
  • Macro/Giga ( A Giant Character being met by someone EVEN LARGER. )
  • Taunting
  • Unwilling Prey
  • Fatplay
  • Hyper Cocks
  • Cock Vore
  • Ball Smothering
  • Stomach Smothering
  • Full Tour
  • Fatal Vore
  • Disposal
  • Hyper Scat
  • Hyper Breasts
  • Excessive Cum
  • Cum Inflation
  • Fattening Prey
  • Xeno/Alien Predators
  • Gluttonous Predators
  • Cruel Predators
  • Hard Vore
  • Multi-Prey
  • Multi-Predators
  • Digestion

My Dislikes...

  • Underage
  • Infantalism
  • ABDL
  • Necrophilia

( Dom't see something in this list? Ask about it in my PMs! )

Current Inspiration


That should be about it for the facts! I hope to see you soon in my DMs, and hope that our relationship can get off to a lovely start...

And end in a lovelier disposal! See you soon!

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