looking for female pred for ub rp

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looking for female pred for ub rp

Postby ken115 » Wed Nov 16, 2022 5:29 pm

looking for a female pred only rules here is them and don't kill my oc unless I want it to happen and have fun, if you want to rp with me pm me and if you have any questions ask me in a pm.

(Please note the ideas here are mostly ground base of what kind of stuff will happen the rest is up to you and me as in where it goes and so on)

list of rp ideas we can do,

idea 1 is a dark souls one, I would like someone to play the role of Priscilla and fight the prey till they are weak she then is willing to give them one chance to leave her world but they talk and over time they get to know each other and she ubs them so they won't die making her pregnant with them.

idea 2 is about a pred who finds the prey and the prey begs to not be eaten so the pred ubs them making the pred pregnant.

idea 3 is about a evil pred who is looking for someone to unbirth to get more power and unbirths the prey once she does so she has unlimited power and because she is pregnant she could be more nice to people or turn into a even more evil person up to the pred.

idea 4 is kind of a sadish story idea I had in mind where the pred is homeless and the prey finds them and takes them into their house and slowly they become friends but that is all I will say for this one.

idea 5 is a odd one where the preds is going to be 2, one being a male and the other being female, the prey will first be cv by the male and then used to impregnate the female pred, this is the only idea that has this so don't worry too much.

idea 6 is one of the pred and prey fighting one another till the pred wins and unbirths the prey as winings.

idea 7 this one is one of the sister being the pred and she finds the prey her brother very depressed and about to kill himself so she tells him that she can get rid of this depression so she ubs him.

idea 8 is of a Giantess who falls down and gets knocked out and by mistake ubs someone.

idea 9 is about the pred who is looking for a way to get away from her old life so she one day finds a paper about people who will pay women to ub someone and turn them into babies so they can give them to a care home make a lot of cash while doing so, this is as far of the idea can go for parts after will be made up as we go along.

idea 10 is where someone who was testing a new type of magic makes a mistake and teleports into a random female's womb making them pregnant but however they won't be full term when he enters them, he will be a unborn however the catch to it is while he grows he will have his powers still but he may end up making her pregnancy last longer or shorter up to what he thinks when he is at least 9 months old, this whole idea is a full pregnancy form one and it will be the only idea with no vore at all.

idea 11 this is mostly a kind of meeting someone type of thing, my character would be going out with someone they know for a very long time and say they don't want to be just friends then something more and this would leave the pred really annoyed and would lead to her going to his home when he is asleep and unbirth them making themselves pregnant with the prey.

idea 12 is of a undertale type theme, my oc would end up in the world of monsters and would meet someone who is from the game that being toriel, the pred would be her and the prey would be a kind of made up name for the nameless child/ frisk, also this is with unbirth only no other types of vore in it, note this is the only idea here with the undertale theme in it.

idea 13 is a bit like a rpg, the pred would attack the prey however the prey is too weak to fight back so they just weakly fall on the pred in a kind of cuddle and as this happens the pred would feel pity for the prey and takes them home and once there they find out they are dying slowly so she ubs the prey to keep them health, but once she does this it would not fully heal them so he would need to stay in there for a whole month. While that happens they get to know each other and because of this he slowly says to her to turn them into her child the rest is made up as we go along.

idea 14 is a very simple one where a pred would mistakenly ubs the prey but when they find out they try to find a way to get them out however over time they get to know each other and the prey slowly dies and becomes a baby in them and becomes the child of the pred.

idea 15 is one where my oc finds a pred who is dead and goes to her and goes into her womb making her come back to life.

idea 16 is of a female cop going after a criminal that has stolen goods and many other things of high value and make him answer for it all, it will have unbirth and some of it might have abit of mind wiped from a crash or something like hit his head forgetting who he is and so on this is not needed from the ub just a bit more to the plot as it were.

idea 17 is of two friends who are looking to hang out in a new house that one of them got and at the first night something goes into one of them and starts to change them over time making them kind of evil and as this happens they grew in size making them become nearly as tall as a job building and their womb/belly grows to look like it is about the size of a 8 month pregnant woman and it holds the thing that is making her evil and change to be evil. This is one of two ideas I got that will have trainsform, ub, ov and changing someone.

idea 18 is abit like idea 17 but has the other person change from the being and this being the prey they will try to fight the pred with some odd things they change their body into. the idea for both of theses is to make the pred or prey end up having to ub the prey and remove the thing making them change and be controlled same with idea 17 but with that one you need to be let to be ub or get into their womb to remove this thing in some way.

idea 19 is all about a pred who is hired to take someone out that being the prey character and the way she does is by unbirthing him and the rest is well mostly a up to the makers but pregnancy will happen in it though.

idea 20 is kind of about someone who can't have kids and talks to a few friends if they know of any way to help her and one of them does and offers themselves to be her unborn child.

idea 21 is of a prey being mostly a free sprit like person who is with the world and loves life a lot and is about to be taken by a pred to be used as a test dummy for something and the tests are mostly unbirth related.

Last idea is of a caretaker/ nanny who looks after a child finds them very depressed and askes them what is wrong (this idea is more on story based as in the rp will be very long and hopefuly fun. Also the idea has unbirth and pregnancy in it too)

I must let you all know that I also like the pred to be barefoot but we do not need this just leaving this here if you would like to add it in, also like to say that I like long term rps and I would like them for most of the rps a lot more then short rps or rps where the other rper just ups and not replies at all after a few posts. I don't like anything to do with pedophilia as I find it to be disgusting.

Still open to rp just pm me and we can do one of the ideas any time, just talk with me about it and we can go from there. :)

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