Searching for RP partners!

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Searching for RP partners!

Postby soki » Wed Oct 05, 2022 3:07 pm

Hello everyone! I'm an experienced roleplayer in search of new partners. I'm fairly open-minded and I can play either as prey or as pred!
My major fetishes are soft/hard vore and shota/loli (underaged) preys, but I do enjoy other kinks and age-ranges as well.
I play with OCs and fan characters, depending on my partner's preference. Just ask if you're curious about them.

I play either here on eka's chat, on f-list, on Discord or on Kik (nick: Hanako92)

Here's my list of preferences:


Playing as prey

Playing as pred

Unwilling prey/Noncon

Graphic digestion

Hard vore


Cannibal blowjobs and cannibal cunnilingus (Yes, I mean eating them raw)

Shota/Loli preys

Teen preys (male/female, up to 16 years old)

Adult preys (female only)

Human/humanoid preys

Soft sex, oral, petting, sexual and vore teasing, maw play)

Original (OC) and Canon characters

Any type of pred (Human, anthro, feral, etc.)

Non-vore gore and torture
Soft vore

Non-oral vore
Furry preys
Willing preys

To see more about my pred preferences, check Eerie:

To check my prey preferences, take a look here: or

A non-exhaustive list of prey and pred characters, with images, can be found in my OC folder! If interested in any particular character or situation, ask and I'll see if I can create it.

Comment or PM me for questions or if you want to play! ^__^

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