Randy and Voracious Giant Stuffed Animals from Planet X

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Randy and Voracious Giant Stuffed Animals from Planet X

Postby icn » Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:11 pm

I finally saw the 'classic' Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Aren't 80s horror movies just the best?
If I had an extra $10 million, I'd make a movie featuring these critters

Do we open on their coming to Earth? No, on one of them being delivered to the home of our Female Love Interest #1 and #2, to flip the script, there are actually TWO FILs who are vying for the attention of ONE Male Love Interest. Both think their plushie comes from their beloved.
Also, I know "Planet X" is more of a 70s thing, but I want them arriving via portal to a hellish landscape. If Outer Space is in the title, there just have to be landing UFOs.
Portal viewed when we get a glimpse of it when the protagonists invade the factory manufacturing their plushie bodies.

It is summer, the last summer our protagonists have together before they must part on their separate paths to college, military, and work.

This weekend is the town founding celebration, the governor is there! as it is his hometown. Replete with two gorgeous women field reporters looking to break from their local station fluff pieces. One wishing to ascend to hard-hitting investigative journalism, looking for a scoop on alleged bribery by the governor. The other wishing to ascend to a cushy national anchor position by getting a recommendation from the visiting governor to join the political mouthpiece of the newstainment network affiliated with the governor's party.

Can anything stop one of these things? Well, the farmer who'd been warning that Ryan boy to stay away from his 20-year old daughter will find out when he hears strange sex noises from the barn. Luckily for him and his daughter, and his wife, he and the audience discover a double-barrel shotgun to the head really work wonders.

Peak mayhem achieved at the governor's newly built mansion ballroom. Those door prizes just won't let anyone past the doors.
You know, peak mayhem? The scene where a large group of the public learn the existence of the threat and are also threatened by it while also possibly leaking onto national or state airwaves?

Most important question, will there be a sequel?
Closing shot on a stuffed animal, lifeless, motionless in the charred ruins of the factory. The camera creeps ever closer and it snaps its jaws open and swallows the camera.
Somewhat familiar
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Re: Randy and Voracious Giant Stuffed Animals from Planet X

Postby Strega » Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:12 am

I've always had a soft spot for man-eating plushies. Especially you you happen across huge ones! Costco this Christmas was selling bear plushies a few inches shorter than eight feet tall. The implications to a human F-on-feral male and vore fur are obvious. 83
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