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Re: Dolcett, Vore and Love Quest (Forum Dating Sim)

PostPosted: Sat Jul 31, 2021 7:52 am
by LordDantai
Yeah, this has been fun. And I have been looking forward to read what happens next and for the new votes.

Its also nice knowing that the option for some inter-family 'fun' has been a choice that's popped up, along with some other things that titillate my interest. :D

Re: Dolcett, Vore and Love Quest (Forum Dating Sim)

PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2021 10:00 pm
by Gundamshinobi
I've been having a good time with this story so far. Your initial vote promts are all so good it's sometime real hard to pick just one.

I hope we can explore alot of the plot threads we passed on voting for later.

Re: Dolcett, Vore and Love Quest (Forum Dating Sim)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 04, 2021 11:18 pm
by Lookingforthis
My guys and gals, I went to eat out with family today and just got back. Unfortunately, I have work in the morning so that does mean that I shan't be able to update today, sorry. :(

Will get it done on this Friday.

Re: Dolcett, Vore and Love Quest (Forum Dating Sim)

PostPosted: Fri Aug 06, 2021 2:01 am
by Lookingforthis
[X] Fork and knife.
[X] Her tits, since they are so fatty.
[X] Her ass, since it’s so meaty.
[X] Her cunt since it’s so tasty.

You went through all the trouble of courting her, fucking her and cooking her. And not only is she hot, juicy and alive enough to eat....she also wants to be eaten.

It’s been hours since your refractory period hit but this? This makes you chub up again. You so want to tear at her with your bare hands and finally, FINALLY get your fill.




You are better than this.

You might be a sexual predator as well as a predator of the more traditional kind. You might be an incestual fuck up with massive psychopathic tendencies. And yes, you might be a cannibal. But you are not a barbarian!

The utensils you chose are a normal wood hilt knife and a silvery fork. You so wanted to use the carving knife, but as you aren’t sharing Latisha at the moment you don’t need the benefit of efficiency and better leverage. Besides, you WANT this to be a little bit messy.

Latisha, the poor girl, still follows you with her eyes. Eyes that lock upon your cock and your cutting implements. Eyes that lock up on your teeth when you smile at her.

And yours?

Yours stare at what you are going to eat.

You had wondered in the days leading up to this what you would feast on. There was so much of Latisha after all! But there were only ever the obvious choices, weren’t there?

The spears of your fork press against Latisha’s right bulbous tit and the charred girl can’t help but hiss in anticipation. You press a little harder and the stainless steel slowly breaks through the crispy skin, sinking into the flesh. Only being medium rare, the mammary has give to it and the cooked baby feeder is pressed until the brown skin can’t resist the push of the fork anymore.

Like stabbing a piece of pork, your fork finally sinks into Latisha’s breast and bursts of cooked blood and disolved protein all but usher forth!

“Ooooh,” Latisha moans as the few nerve cells that still functioned in her breast pathetically pinged off in ways that made her feel something. Made her feel some of that feeling of delight, of being consumed that her murderer boyfriend having given her when he had all but disemboweled her with his cock!

With the leverage at your hand, you shifted the breast into a more exposed angle and pressed your knife against the first part you wanted to eat.

Her nipple.

Being darker then the rest of the breast, when you sliced through it the liquids that came gushing forth made it look like a volcano. The rest of her breast marinated on her own juices as the Latisha groaned hopelessly, the nipple being brought to your mouth.

Breath hitched, you now being MORE excited then when you were actually fucking her, you put the piece in your mouth and…

“OH YES!” You moaned as your cock erupted again, spraying her toasty legs with some thick man seed. The flavour just exploded in your maw, the chewy nipple having a rubbery texture but RICH flavour.

Blood you expected, but the pork taste coming out of her was out of this world! Her nipple was crushed, mangled and rendered into ground meat in your teeth, you chewing with so much gusto that it sounded as though you were having sex.

With a gulp, the nipple went into your stomach, a piece of Latisha forever going to nourish you. And when you looked at the dying figure of your girlfriend, you realized how much more hungry you were.

You almost ripped her second nipple as you basically speared it and pulled at it with your fork, the black girl seemed to feel that even more going by the moans. This bite sized treat almost melts before your teeth and it joins it’s sister in your stomach.

The amputated flesh beneath the nipples is brownish red, with a very extensive layer of fat starting to leak liquid fat through the wound, the fat cells giving up their energy bounty through the efforts of the heat.

You raise your fork again and put it on her right tit once more. You start cutting yourself a bigger piece this time, one fit for a burger, as Latisha weakly...cums?

“Aaaaah,” She sighs in relief as what nerve cells she has left give her a release at death’s door. The knife is going through her breast. She can feel it. And it is being detached and her nerve cells manage to send indescribable pain to her? What else can she do BUT cum?
The slice you cut detaches from the rest with some trouble, your knife hand having to saw through the biggest bit of fat you’ve ever been off a roast. Guess that’s why butchers trim their meat before selling it, huh? You don’t mind though.

You raise it to your mouth, open your lips, and plop in that piece of Latisha tit into your mouth.

You almost orgasm again.

“Yesssss,” You moan out loud as that clear HUMAN porky taste is even stronger now. You have to chew a lot because the fat is hard to render with your teeth, but render it does. You crush that piece of human udder until you squeeze all the fats out of it, swallowing as you go. As you finally gulp it down, you go for her other breast.

And slice another burger titty cut out of it.

You chew. You chew alot. You chew while looking at Latisha, letting her SEE you consume her.

She starts to get hot and bothered again even as she starts to bleed out through her tits. Honestly, they are so big that you aren’t sure you are going to finish them. However, as you swallow the second bite, you look down and, past the cascade of blood and dissolved protein coming out of the wounds, you spot….

Her mammary glands?

Your knife is sticking down into Latisha before you can think of what you are doing. You are spearing one of those milk making globules and ripping it out of the flesh prison it was surrounded by. It’s pinkish, round and connected through tissues to gaping tit wound even as you lifted out of the breast. You sever it’s connections and put it in your mouth.

“OOOooooh,” You and Latisha both moan again as the sheer flavour of human milk and meat explode in your mouth. It’s sweet and heavy and you swallow it whole!

You had planned to eat her tits like a roast but you didn’t know that this how it was. Couldn’t have known point in fact!

Instead of cutting her breasts, you start digging your knife into her tit holes, digging out her mammary glands one by one.

From time to time, you “shave” a bit of the fat layers that make up the outer part of the breast to give the glands flavour, you mostly stick to putting as many glands into your mouth as you can. In a way, it’s almost like eating caviar!

They are like milk bombs that just explode as you bite into them, essentially flavouring the human flesh as you go.
Before you know it, her tits are collapsed as you have been eating them from the inside. The black short girl that used to have perky D cup tits now had deflated tits that would have been more at place on an old lady. That is, if they weren’t so obviously butchered.

And it was YOU who made them like that~

“I am going to turn you,” You told your girlfriend as you decided to move on. There was still so much tit left but you wanted to sample MORE of Latisha then just that.

Her eyes were lidded now, almost as if she was starting to slip away from consciousness. That means you would have to make this fast; It would hardly due to have her fully die before you’ve had your fill.

You shift her into her side, marveling at how what breast there still are make it easy to balance her on her left hip.

You are smelling her rump in a second, breathing in the steam and the smell of long pork loin. You put a knife to her ass and sink it in, feeling the sort of fleshy friction that her breasts didn’t have.

When you start cutting into it, Latisha starts moaning again, indicating that this time you have to dig in deep to get to her nerves.

That in mind, you go in DEEP this time. You cut yourself a cutlet thick enough to serve as the main entry of a dish, your knife stopping when you hit something hard.

“AAAAAGHHH,” Latisha manages to moan like the dead, your knife having gotten stock on one of her hip bones. Deciding that you aren’t going to let her body dictate how you butcher her, you use an inordinate amount of strength to just...push through.

And, with fleshy crack, half of her right ass comes off.

It’s lean.

Lean, lean, lean.

It’s so lean it’s almost dry, but the blood, dissolved protein and what fat under her skin there was manage it to make it just right.

You cut it into piece and put it in your mouth and get to chewing.

Blood starts staining the plate you brought out for this as you surp what you can down. You tear with your teeth and pull apart at the Latisha cut knife and fork. You make it into more manageable pieces until you get to the bone piece.

It’s dusty white. Or more like clay white. You can see where it joined it’s brethren in Latisha’s butt, but you put it into your mouth anyway.

And then you bite down hard.

Latisha’s eyes manage to widen as the cracking sounds of the piece of her hip bone manage to cum out of your mouth, you almost ecstatic as you savour the umami coming out the mix of meat still attached to it along with the calcious human bone.

She is breathing hard again, this time more shallowly but almost close to orgasming. She has altogether lost too much blood by this point and the heat stroke that she had been putting off was almost finally getting to her.

So, rather then move to her other ass cheek, you would finish this in the only way you possibly could.

“Well, let’s go for that pussy,” You told her with a cheeky smile and, was it a trick of the mind or did she actually blush?

No matter, you put her down on her back again, with her body greatly leaning into her right since there no longer was a right ass cheek to balance into, and spread her legs.

Her uterus, brown and crispy, is still hanging from her vagina. You consider it eating buuuut you are almost full. You can eat a lot but her ass had a whole lot of meat. And you want to eat her pussy. But with that uterus on the way, what is a fella to do?

Well, get digging~

You cut into the base of her crotch, north of her vagina, making her weakly moan as your knife sinks into flesh that had all it’s pubic hairs burned off. You start cutting into her thigh, going down as you keep to her crotch. Blood and cooked liquids start coming out of the cuts circle her vagina as you saw in and saw it. Soon enough, you are propping her uterus up as your knife goes through her taint and start making it’s trip up again.

And soon enough, your knife finally completes it’s journey, coming together with the first cut.

Gingerly and gently, you grip the pussy lips with your fingers and pull at them, making them slice around the girl’s uterus. Her vagina, brown and crispy, comes loose as you show it to your girlfriend one last time.

“To us,” You tell her with a satisfy smile as you manage to shove the whole thing into your mouth, closing your eyes as your cock hardens and you get to chewing.

There is a musky aftertaste to it, her girl juices evidently having gotten into it. It’s full of pheromones and vagina zest to the soft meat that, as you swallow it, you cum for one more time.

“AAAaaaaaghhhhhhh…” Latisha does to and then goes silent.

You open your eyes and look at the now dead body of your girlfriend.

You’ll remember her well.

To be Continued.


Yes, I couldn’t get the whole thing done and I am not going to be able to write tomorrow. So as not to make a liar out of myself again, here you go, the first part of this update.

The next will be done on Tuesday or Wednesday and I hope you’ll forgive me this broken promise.

That aside, what did you think? Was that scene to your liking?

Re: Dolcett, Vore and Love Quest (Forum Dating Sim)

PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2021 10:07 pm
by Gundamshinobi
That was pretty good.

As far as our unrealistic fetish relise on a sliding scale of realistic to idealized. My personal preference tends towards the idealized. Breast meat that is tender and juicy like a marbled steak. Unrealistic but nobody really claims any of this has any relation to reality.

But you handled the scene well, and seems fitting with the story you're writing. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to more.

Re: Dolcett, Vore and Love Quest (Forum Dating Sim)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2021 2:17 am
by Lookingforthis
[X] Share her? Your mother didn’t seem to think much of your obsession but maybe you can normalize it for her at least.
[X]- Super Share them. We should have more than enough to supply 'mystery meat' dishes with our entire family and even share with our friend Mike over the weekend. But we should definitely tell our mother the truth about what she just ate.

“Good lord Dominic, what is in this?” Your father exclaims as he goes to town on a rump of long pork. Your girlfriend, even beyond the grave, is met with the approval of your parents.

“Salt, pepper and garlic,” You say with a simple smile as you nibble on the lips of your dead girl, relishing the crispy yet mild taste of her oral flaps.

“I have no idea how you got pork that it’s this lean, but by all means keep bringing some home son,” Your father congratulates you as he cuts another cut of the black girl’s ass and mixes with some mash potatoes the maids had made to go along with it.

“I got a whole carcass in the coolers, if you want some more for later,” You mention, trying to not let a single piece of the girl that was your first in more sense then one go to waste.

“Will do!” The man who had sired you responded with relish.

Your mother, on the other hand, is looking at a few strips of human bacon as if she were going to be sick.

After you had cleaned up for yourself after you had finished your “dinner” the day before, you had of course went over the recordings of your first sexual cannibal murder. The sounds of sex, messy eating and chewing was music to your ears but you full knew how most people in the world would have responded to that. Well, the Families wanted to see what you had to offer so you uploaded the recordings and passed the links to the files to your parents so that they could present them to their new “friends”.

Now, a day later, you had sat down to share the fruits of your labor with your family. Except that, knowing how people reacted to what you liked, you opted not to tell them.

Except your mother.

“Mom, are you going to have that bacon?” Ada, your little sister, asked from her place at the dinner table. Being 13 years of age, she seemed to be developing many of the “assets” that your mother had ahead of time. A huge ass, hips and thighs seemed to be something that helped her out in her sporting endeavors, but she perpetually seemed to be a bit unsure of her B-cup chest line, worried that apparently she would be stuck with “flat breasts.”

You supposed that having to compare one’s self to your mother wasn’t the most edifying of experiences.

“I-yes dear,” Your mother almost looked tempted to give her daughter the strips of belly in her plate, but then decided against it.

“Eat your veggies,” She added instead, pointing at the steamed offerings in Ada’s plate.

“Awwww,” The girl who had frizzled brown hair pouted at her.

“Do you really not like it ma?” You asked quietly, so as not to make it a table topic as you looked at her.

Seeming to be torn between looking at the both of you, her face softening when she saw the quiet hope in your eyes, she swallowed her throat and brought a piece of Latisha bacon to her mouth.

She hadn’t cared for what you did to the girl as she had said she wouldn’t. Neither had your father for that matter. But while she made a line at actually sharing your interests, well, it had been a long time since the whole family had been at the table like this.

All it was missing was your older brother and his family to make it complete.

Biting the bullet, or the bacon as it were, she closed her eyes and tried to ignore where it came from.

Her eyes widening as her taste buds got a full hit of your cuisine.

‘It’s almost like pork, except more tender,” She burst out, holding a hand to her mouth to avoid showing any of it.

“Well, dah, it’s pork,” Ada sassed, giving your mother a cheeky grin.

For your part, you felt pride at the fact that, besides looking like she was going to throw up, she was also fighting how delicious it actually turned out to be. Honestly, Latisha didn’t HAVE to taste good to you, you simply wanted to live out your sick fantasies! But the fact that she had, well.

She would always have a place in your heart for it.

“Dominic, have you seen Latisha? Her parents said she never returned home after she left school last Friday,” Mike asked you as you both made your way to your morning classroom the following Monday. He was chewing on a piece of Mystery meat jerky as he went, not knowing that he had the answer to it in his hands all along.

“She’ll turn up eventually,” You coolly replied, not worried in the least. When the cops came, and they would come, you would show them what you did. And then, after that, they would leave you alone.

You were, for all intents and purposes, untouchable.

‘Well, since you are going out with her, I suppose you know better,” Your best friend shrugged.

“Well, about that,” You said with a shake of your head, “We are not anymore.”

‘ did that happen?” The Asian boy curiously asked, eager for some gossip.

‘Friday afternoon, we went home, we fucked and then we finished the relationship,” You truthfully said, opting to omit the terms in which it finished.

“You were that bad at sex, huh?” Your best friend said with a wide grin, giggling his eyebrows.

“You’ve seen me when we showered, what do you think?” You drily asked, gesturing at your monstrous package in your pants.

Expressing a voiceless “oh” Mike seemed as if he had had an epiphany. Most assuredly the wrong one, but one nonetheless.

“I think I can handle whatever Latisha couldn’t,” Rain said from her seat, seeming to be unbothered with her friend’s disappearance. To be fair, only three days had passed, so the members of her group didn’t seem very preoccupied yet.

You shot a smile at the brown skinned girl. She had those Mediterranean phenotypes which made it hard to say if her family came from southern Italy, Greece or the coastal parts of Spain, Turkey or North Africa. She was probably Latina, but her name wasn’t so you had your doubts. In terms of body, well, she was taller than Latisha but that wasn’t exactly hard to achieve. In all other regards she had nothing on your first meal, being average in most regards except her eye color.

They were a vibrant yellow. They almost quite literally shined.

And she actually blushed as she looked away.

Well, it’s a new week, so what are you going to do? Or rather, who?

[] Home. This is where your servants, mother and younger sister are. Better start with those close to you?
[] Your friend Mike’s house. He has a mother, aunt and sisters living with him. Maybe he won’t be too upset when they start falling apart?
[] School. There are teachers, students and school staff here. You are now friends with a number of kids here, some of them who you even like. Perhaps you'll keep going down the menu?
[] Your father’s work place. He is rich and influential, so he has a large staff. A lot of whom are easily hidden if they were to start appearing in a poor state. Or not appearing at all.
[] Your older brother has a family. A wife and your two wonderful nieces. He was also something of a freak growing up, so maybe your odds of finding “prey” here is not as impossible as first thought?
[] The City Council is in full array against your family now. But a few of them actually live in your wealthy neighborhood. Maybe it would be a good idea to be a good neighbor and pay them a visit, if only to see what you can do for them?
[] Write-in.


There you go. A bit short, but I thought it was concise enough. You also get the introduction of your littlest sister! Also a target in case the options weren't clear enough.

Your hunger is sated for now, so maybe your next target won't be a victim? Or maybe all that scratching your itch does is make you want to scratch more? You decide!

Will close vote on friday and update next tuesday-wednesday.

Re: Dolcett, Vore and Love Quest (Forum Dating Sim)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2021 5:21 am
by LordDantai
Choices, choices, choices... now this is tough.
I feel its a bit to soon to do anything at home. Want to savour that stuff for later. Let it build up a bit more.

I love the idea of going to school and going for Spicy Miss. Cox, a teacher for dinner sounds fun and if the 'blackmail' story is part of it, even more tantalising however as of right now I am going to put my vote down for;

[X] Your friend Mike’s house. He has a mother, aunt and sisters living with him. Maybe he won’t be too upset when they start falling apart?

Maybe we can talk him into having a nice family dinner :P

* * *
I know (and truly enjoying) that his is a dolcett base story and, as this was brought up a while back, I would also love to see a oral vore scene or two. However I also think it truly needs to be earned in the story. Way too soon for it to happen and Dominic needs more time to grow into his new found privileges.

Great chapter. Mothers reaction was fun to read. Props for Gundamshinobi for his suggestion on expanding on the 'share it' choice. Looking forward to what's next and thanks for your hard work.

Re: Dolcett, Vore and Love Quest (Forum Dating Sim)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2021 12:43 pm
by Gundamshinobi
That was a fun epilogue to our first foray. Fully worth the wait.

Let's keep the momentum going and go with...

[X] Your friend Mike’s house. He has a mother, aunt and sisters living with him. Maybe he won’t be too upset when they start falling apart?

Although I somewhat disagree with LordDantai and think we should try to give Mike a little sister or niece this week.

Re: Dolcett, Vore and Love Quest (Forum Dating Sim)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2021 11:53 pm
by LordDantai
If we are going to give him a new sister, is he really going to need his old one... :wink:

Re: Dolcett, Vore and Love Quest (Forum Dating Sim)

PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2021 4:47 pm
by Lookingforthis
Guys, I am having problems with my computer and I am not masochistic enough to write these updates with my phone ;_;.

Quest is going to be on hiatus until that's fixed, sorry. :(

Re: Dolcett, Vore and Love Quest (Forum Dating Sim)

PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2021 6:11 pm
by Gundamshinobi
Lookingforthis wrote:Guys, I am having problems with my computer and I am not masochistic enough to write these updates with my phone ;_;.

Quest is going to be on hiatus until that's fixed, sorry. :(

It's all right. Nobody can help technical issues, in this Quest has been good enough be worth the wait.

I just thank you for posting why you're not updating rather than just letting it sit and leaving us wondering what's going on.

Re: Dolcett, Vore and Love Quest (Forum Dating Sim)

PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2021 1:13 am
by LordDantai
Thanks for the update. Good luck in the fixing the technical issues. We will be here whenever you are ready to return. :-D

Re: Dolcett, Vore and Love Quest (Forum Dating Sim)

PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2021 7:04 am
by thom183
Glad I stumbled onto this piece. This is really good reading and I am enjoying.

[X] Your friend Mike’s house. He has a mother, aunt and sisters living with him. Maybe he won’t be too upset when they start falling apart?

I like what Gundamshinobi is prepossing

Good luck with the tech problems and hopefully we will be ablee to see something soon