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Re: The Chase

Postby Jermayan » Thu Sep 16, 2021 12:43 am

Sliding out behind Jaku and Tamara as they slowly help Katy out of the steam room and down the hallway towards the bath, Aria watches with interest as Katy starts to adapt to her body. It’s clear that some part of her knows how to move around and handle herself, but that part of her is only a small portion of the larger whole.

“Curious. Admittedly, I’ve never seen this kind of phenomenon before; it’s something that I’ve only read about, but Tamara should be right. The best thing for her at this point will just be time to get used to things.”

Watching as she settles in, Aria gives her one last smile before heading back down the hallway towards the steam bath. Passing Arkain on the way there, she gives him a bit of a wave before heading in. “Oh, I don’t think we’re going to be leaving just yet. Unexpected diversions aside, there’s plenty of time to still enjoy our afternoon. We’ll be in here, out of your way.”

Heading back into the sauna, Aria stretches out on one of the benches next to Kellus, their tails slowly entwining together as they start to relax in the welcome heat. “Well, that was certainly an interesting thing to have happen at a restaurant. If I didn’t know better, I would think that being around you is a magnet for exciting events.”
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Re: The Chase

Postby JakuArts » Fri Oct 01, 2021 3:51 pm

Jaku beams from ear to ear as Katy moves and describes the sensations of her new body. He quickly reminisces to the moment back when he first emerged, and how wonderfully new everything felt. However, after they all start to slither out of the sauna, Jaku lifts up and carefully wobbles his way to a stand. His trunk shudders trying hold his upper body upright as he puts on a good smile for Katy and Tamara. He slips in just behind Katy on her left, making sure she can use his body to push off of and slide across the warm boards towards the bathroom.

He follows along in so much delight, watching her move with a single trunk instead of legs for the first time, he barely notices just how much his trunk aches anymore. In fact he is so fixated on Katy and Tamara that he is completely unaware of any of the other goings on around him.

But its not far across the hall into the bath, and watches for a moment to see how Katy will handle the whole length of her body, from behind her and into the steamy water.

Although with the greatest of ease, half of his length, from his tail on up flops into the water with a very pleasing sploosh. Leaving enough of his body out of the water to help brace Katy and Tamara if they need it. However he can't help but to take a deep breath as his trunk quickly warms up under the water. Lots of bubbles surface from his tail as he sighs in delight.
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Re: The Chase

Postby Tamara » Thu Oct 07, 2021 11:39 pm

"Thanks Arkain," replies Tamara to the lizard-naga. "Please get us the soft soap and the cream that comes with it, on the second shelf from the entrance, as well as a supply of warm towels. I want to be gentle with Katy's pelt for now and just do a light cleaning. The water should be enough for the rest, we can try some deeper cleaning later, if need be, when her pelt has had time to adapt to the outside world," she explained, both for Arkain and Katy.

Katy listens and observes silently but with much attention and curiosity. She turns to look at the bubbles coming out of Jaku's tailmaw and chuckles, amused by the sight and the sound.

Suri is soon by her father's side, bringing him soap as well for a deep cleaning.

"Mom will take care of Katy, Dad," she tells him. "You should take care of you too. Get a good relaxing bath and cleaning," she adds, motionning for Jaku to get fully into the bath and handing him the soap.
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Re: The Chase

Postby Arkain » Sun Oct 10, 2021 2:04 am

*When Aria gives him a wave he stops then chuckles and nods.* "Of course Aria that will be no problem at all. You are more than welcome to stay. You quite right there. There is no reason at all you two can't relax and enjoy the rest of the day here. The door is locked so no customers will be stopping by. I have a feeling we will be busy with Jaku and Katy for a while. You two are not in the way at all. Stop on by if you need anything. I will be happy to help you. If you want to check in on whats going on please do. I can tell all this going on has caught your interest." *He gets a cute wooden sign and hangs it on door knob that says Occupied and pats the sign.* "Enjoy the rest of your day."

*He grins really liking helping Tamara. He wants to be part of all this as much as possible. Listening carefully he nods* "I know exactly where you are taking about." *He smiles and looks at Katy.* "Of course. Got it. I promise I will be very gentle. I agree. There will be plenty of time for any deeper cleaning later." *He looks over at Jaku when Katy does observing the bubbles coming from Jaku's tail maw. He laughs and shakes his head.* "I never saw that before either Katy. You will find Juku is full of surprises. In a good way." *Chuckling again.* "I will be right back." "He quickly slithers up the hallway to the entrance. He goes up to the shelves and gets the soft soap and cream Tamara wanted. He grabs an extra one of each just in case more is needed. He grabs the last of the warm towels and replaces more towels in the warming cabinet for later if needed. He gives his tail the towels to carry and grabs the rest hurrying back. He enters back into the room slowly and calmly to keep that same atmosphere. He slithers over to Katy and places the cream and soap next to her and his tail puts the towels of to the side.* "There we go." *He puts his hand on top of hers.* "Now Katy. I know this is all new to you. This is also new to me. I am not sure how you feel about being touched. I can assure you I will do my best to make it an enjoyable experience. Two things that I ask from you. One. If you feel uncomfortable with how I am touching you or anything else you are uncomfortable with please say something and I will stop. Also if you like something can say so too. Second. Close your eyes and take in a nice deep cleansing breath and let the steam and the aromas relax you. OK? You feel ready to do this?"
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Re: The Chase

Postby Jermayan » Thu Oct 21, 2021 12:41 am

Curled up on the bench, the pair of nagas basked in the heat of the sauna, and it didn’t take long before both of them had stripped off and neatly stacked their clothes by the door. Reclining back, Kellus ended up resting her head in Aria’s lap and in the all-encompassing warmth, it wasn’t long before she was becoming quite drowsy. As Kellus’ eyes started to flutter shut, Aria watched, and slipped one of her hands up to her head, running her fingers gently through the long plume of multicolored feathers on her head.

As she did, a pendant of carefully shaped crystal resting on her necklace started to glow a cool blue, and after a moment her eyes gained a similar glow as she continued to rest a hand against Kellus’ head.

“Now then, that lizard was saying a few...problematic things. It’s still not time for you to come back just yet, so let’s just make sure that he didn’t accidentally knock down any of those mental blocks, shall we?”

After a few minutes, Aria closed her eyes and sighed, and the blue glow slowly faded as she released the spell. Looking down, she leaned down and gave Kellus a quick kiss on the cheek, and as she did her eyes flicked back open as she smiled. Pulling Aria into a hug, she twisted around and pulled Aria overtop of her, and Aria could easily tell that the heat was starting to get to Kellus as her eyes had gained a noticeable red tinge to it.
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