Prey that underplays their hand - stronger prey

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Do you like the idea of a stronger prey being eaten due to overconfidence?

I like this idea
I'm not sure
I don't like this idea
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Re: Prey that underplays their hand - stronger prey

Postby Squiddicus » Fri Feb 23, 2024 1:58 pm

I got an example of this in a WIP:
The world's probably-strongest man is set upon by his pregnant wife in a monkey's paw moment when he wished they could be together forever. While his wife is no slouch herself, she only overpowered him because she pounced immediately when he was already in gulping range and he didn't realize what was happening until his head was in her stomach. He manages to nearly escape, but he stops after prying the sphincter back open out of fear of hurting his wife or their children. His family's safety ends up winning over his self-preservation.

Not quite the same, but I have another one where a pred swallows a hospital patient and the nurse with her before going for a third when a good samaritan tries to help the nurse but ends up going down as well. The pred wasn't counting on the third person having a superpower where her skin secretes an oil that causes paralysis on skin contact and induces vomiting when ingested. The prey didn't know this, either .
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Re: Prey that underplays their hand - stronger prey

Postby IddlerItaler » Sun Feb 25, 2024 7:27 am

BiliTheGrayling wrote:theoretically such a superpower would make them a terrifying pred but where's the fun in winning all the time? no, it's far better to play the role of the victim for the drama and then just reform after, at least that way any annoying preds (not saying all preds are annoying but there are those occasional ones) will happily leave and not be a pain in the neck.

Oooh, I like the way your OC thinks.
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Re: Prey that underplays their hand - stronger prey

Postby IddlerItaler » Mon Feb 26, 2024 4:21 am

Here's an example from recent media:

Frieren, one of the highest tier mages of her setting, frequently ends up in the jaws of dungeon mimics. Considering her stubbornness, one has to wonder if she's really into it.
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Re: Prey that underplays their hand - stronger prey

Postby DevourerOfLolis » Mon Feb 26, 2024 12:35 pm

I generally do like it when the prey and pred are on a even playing field as I love it when a pred has to work for his food. So the idea of a pred taking down prey that's bigger and stronger than him through one way or another is a idea I like.
In fact, I've been playing AI text adventures recently and one encounter I had in a game fits this description perfectly.

I was playing as a 12 year old kid some ways away from his village. I was making my way back there till I ran into a 6 foot tall demi-bunny girl. Sexy as hell and wearing a playboy bunny outfit. She at first was nice to me and offered to help me get home. I accepted and rid on her shoulders back to my village. However I notice she was actually taking me deeper into the woods away from my village. When I asked her about this, She told me that she was a friend of my parents and that they told her she could take care of me for a while. With my bullshit detector flying off the charts, I got off of her shoulders and tried to leave her and return to my village on my own. She however grabbed my arm and tried to force me to go deeper into the forest with her. I managed to break free of her and flee, but due to her being a demi-bunny and a adult, she outran me and pin me down. Rinse and repeat a few times, with her being a creep doing things like forcefully kissing me, molesting me and even ripping my shirt off, it eventually escalated to her beating the shit out of me after I bit her one time in a attempt to escape. I was then laying on the ground, battered and defeated, as she stood over me looking smug. Asking me if I'm going to cooperate with her now. However, seeing an opportunity, I grab a nearby rock and slam it into her ankle and hard as I can. She collapsed to the ground in agony and I got up and ran into the forest. She got up to chase me once more, but thanks to her injury, I managed to outrun her and finally put enough distance between us to formulate a plan. I grab as big of a rock as I could carry and climbed a nearby tree. I then waited for her to come for me. She did, wondering around the forest on a limp. I waited for her to move under me before jumping off the branch and slam dunking the rock into her head. Knocking her out cold. I then tied her up with vines and dragged her back to my village. Letting the villagers know exactly what she tired to do to me. I then got the privilege of swallowing a bunny girl twice my size whole.
Passionate advocate of female prey. As well as a passionate advocate of male preds to eat those ladies~ Though other preds are acceptable as well.
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