Results Of Vore Game Poll!

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Results Of Vore Game Poll!

Postby TastyAce » Thu Apr 29, 2021 1:46 pm

Hello! This is the results of the vore game poll I asked people to fill out a few weeks back. I got a total of 105 responses; thank you to everyone who told me about their favorite vore games!

The top games:
God Complex
The Ryanshow Games
Skyrim's Devourment Mod and Fallout 4's Vore Mod
Nyan Adventures
Echidna Wars

The things most of these have in common: a vibrant cast of characters who are fully fleshed out, good vore scenarios (along with multiple vore types) and artwork, unique ways to interact with the characters, solid story and gameplay.

The most interesting thing that most of them have in common was this comment that kept repeating: "even if it didn't have vore, it would still be a great game".

I plan to use this research in the vore game I'm currently working on. I plan to post more information soon!
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