How do YOU start a successful unwilling approach?

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How do YOU start a successful unwilling approach?

Postby SweetCheese » Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:13 am

This is kind of a genuine question - my mind and everything I am as a player is not geared towards unwilling play. I know what kind of things I adore in unwilling play, yet getting to the point there is kind of contradictory mentally. I like to RP smut - and I like to RP in a way that teases and engages someone's inner desires. However, I have yet to pick up on what engages someone's desire to take and claim someone unwilling - it's as if I don't know how to BE alluring in that sense.

So I want to know your opinionated strategies - at all times, starting, current, and after, how do you allure predators to enjoy unwilling prey?
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Re: How do YOU start a successful unwilling approach?

Postby Chameleonette » Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:34 am

Wish I could tell you the answers to that, but... I'm in the same boat, really. More often than not, potential RP partners or even just people checking out my art/writing, act as though my character(s) are "secretly" willing or wants it. And I've had to explain way too many times about all the reasons that unwilling appeals to me as player, but that my character(s) react differently and are not associated with that mindset.

It's a tricky thing. Prey are always in more surplus anyway, but from what I've seen on the M/F side of things, most of the preds/pred-leaners that I know or have gotten to know tend to favor willing IC interactions. And it can be difficult to make one's self/character(s) sound appealing when you're unwilling and especially (as far as I've seen, from personal experiences) if you enjoy fatal/digestion.

I'd be interested to hear the responses to this, though. I always try to reassure the person OOC that my character(s) is sassy/unwilling and not openly submissive, but that as a player, I really enjoy many aspects of that kind of play. And I tell them in detail if they want to hear about that and about my prefs revolving around it. And that's probably what it all boils down to, over all: different prefs. From what I've heard of the few I know who were really into unwilling prey, they really like the dominating aspect of it and having that control to call the shots. And from the POV of my male pred characters, they garner pleasure from struggling and enjoy having that upper hand in the power dynamics. They enjoy the squirming, giving hope (and subsequently taking it), subduing prey, etc.

I'd like to think that being very reactive helps, though? At least from some of the folks I've played with over the years and the few I've played with several times---they like having things to build off of, even if the consensual aspects are missing. It keeps things engaging and interesting. And there's still a dynamic to build between the pred and prey. Situations and settings can vary and help with that, too.
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Re: How do YOU start a successful unwilling approach?

Postby Tebomas » Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:50 am

Not sure if I can help out that much, but I played both preds and preys many times - preferably with willing prey either way, but I also played it with/as the unwilling type.
I guess the "they secretely like it trope" is something one gets to see often enough: The IC prey either just doesn't want to admit to its selfdestructing tendencies (in fatal scenarios) or they get there very seductive descriptions and taunting. It ticks off a lot of kinks and is in the beginning barely disinguishable from really unwilling prey.

The main factor that folks focus on for unwilling that I heard is "that it is more realistic". So perhaps that can give your partners a better understanding of how your character feels: "How would a real person react if she is about to be swallowed alive? Terrified". I mean if I get demands to play unwilling, I shout, scream, beat and try to run at every turn. And to play the pred I really need the OoC info - because the approach is completely different. No seductive sweet talk; instead preparing yourself to keep the prey from escaping, and only starting to taunt if they have no place to run.
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Re: How do YOU start a successful unwilling approach?

Postby Saeshan » Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:46 am

I hope I am not beside your point here, but I would suggest you get inspiration from Hemingway. You may be wondering why the hell I am talking about an old drunk man. Hemingway was really into bullfighting. "Death in the afternoon" for example describes you how the Spanish refined the art of showing death as art, and the different acts that lead to it, preparing the unwilling prey, showing the illusion of danger, cutting its muscles, so the prey loses its strength and means of defending itself. In the end, where the danger is at its paramount, the prey cannot move, but can give a lethal kick, this is the coup de grace. etc...

Yet, you get a big bull, which is the unwilling prey, and a little guy which takes a lot of danger. However, if he does his job right, then he stays safe, and the big bull has no chance but to meet his final demise. The better part, as unwilling prey, is that the bull scores a couple of points. In ancient times, the horse was often killed by the bull during the show. But the bull is slowly got to the point where it loses of illusion of its might...

There is tragedy in unwillingness, and the predator is a beautiful little doll ensnared in silk and satin, dancing and playing acts for the arrogant beauty of giving death... Well, I guess, you would need to adapt this to your context but... I guess you got the point. Spanish know how to allure predators to enjoy unwilling preys...
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Re: How do YOU start a successful unwilling approach?

Postby Winny » Sat Aug 10, 2019 8:19 pm

Little bit of sadism goes a long way. I would say appeal to that.
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Re: How do YOU start a successful unwilling approach?

Postby Noxyoursox » Sun Aug 11, 2019 4:11 am

Definitely communicate OOC first, so the pred knows whats up--especially if you're going for realistic unwilling as opposed to "secretly likes it" unwilling. As far as how to approach the situation in a way that tempts/allures the pred, it depends on the situation. If they are in the wilderness being hunted, for example, they are probably already nervous about potential predators given the setting--maybe they give off a scent of that nervousness, quick heartbeat, jumping when they hear something, etc. Once they know the pred is there, they can try different strategies to survive--trying to run/hide, talk the pred out of it, use various means to fight back. Part of the fun in taking unwilling prey is knowing that they did everything they could to avoid their fate--and they were still ultimately powerless to prevent it.

Winny wrote:Little bit of sadism goes a long way. I would say appeal to that.

Definitely this. Prey that immediately gives up is less interesting than one that has hopes to dash and fears to play with.
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Re: How do YOU start a successful unwilling approach?

Postby linthia » Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:28 pm

I don't know if I really understood the question but here is my try to help you out even if for me that seems pretty obvious so I think I am maybe out of subject :
As a prey try to show that you don't want at all being eaten -> struggle as much as you can, even before the pred try to eat you, it'd appeal even more the pred if they know that their meal doesn't want to be eaten at all and will do whatever necessary to survive, it'd be even more rewarding for them. And continue this to the last moments, you shouldn't accept your fate as food, if you do it's just that you wasn't that much unwilling, so it leads to the "secretly willing".
So knowing this, the pred shouldn't care at all about the prey, just thinking about the prey is only food, and need to end up in their stomach, though some teasing if the pred is stronger than the prey physically or in any ways, it can be really good to insist on the unwilling side of the prey, as it'd make the prey even more angry and scared, so making it even more unwilling.
Wouldn't mind rephrasing the question if I didn't answer accurately !
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