What's your Vore roleplay style?

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Re: What's your Vore roleplay style?

Postby Indighost » Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:59 am

MeTheMe wrote:Roleplaying has been important to me for a long time, I really like being able to step outside of myself and play another character. It's a fun game to me! It's kind of like co-op storytelling and writing as well, a lighter version of writing a story where someone helps you! I was out of it for years, and missed it, it's nice to get back into it.

I couldn't agree more! :D It's so fulfilling, in a strange, exciting , unpredictable way, more than just writing by oneself. It took me a while to find a style I'm comfortable with, a reliable source of good play, and a way to fit it in the weekly schedule, but once you have that, it's just gravy. There's just so many possibilities!
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Re: What's your Vore roleplay style?

Postby SCREAMINGLOUDLY » Wed Oct 21, 2020 3:25 am

1. In terms of "style", I'm pretty . . . reflective, I guess I would say, in multiple meanings of the term. I reflect the effort I'm given, work within the kinks of my partner as best I can, and I can lean pretty far out of my kink's lane if my roleplay partner(s) are visibly leaning out of theirs to accommodate me. However, I'm also pretty navel-gazing a lot of the time . . . my characters wind up being aggressively characterized if I'm not intentionally making them simple for a more streamlined roleplay. A bit oversexual as well, but most don't seem to mind that.

2. I usually try to confine a roleplay to whatever site we met on, but for those who get picky, I've also got Google Hangouts, Slack, and Telegram. My phone's an anemic piece of shit, though, so it can't handle Discord to save its life.

3. I'm a pretty private person, generally. But, in cases where I'm public, I generally choreograph myself a bit more . . . my forum roleplays are generally a bit more sterile than the private ones, where I more aggressively tie submissive prey into knots and indulge in hedonistic submission of my own. People who experience both can apparently tell the difference.

4. Wherever they may be.

5. Not rare, it's just that there are so many sub-kinks involved that nobody scratches all my urges simultaneously. Put bluntly, I'm forever a little unsatisfied, because my kink expands into so many different directions, calling for so many ideas, that I have yet to meet anyone who is willing to indulge all- or, hell, even most- of them at once.

6. It's a mood thing. Which kinks do I need to satiate today?

7. No lol, I wasn't even aware that was a thing.

8. Lifelong? No. I've met a few people I could RP with for long stretches of time, but everyone gets bored of me eventually.

9. I can. Again, one kink in a chain of them.

10. Bit of column A, bit of column B, and it feels good to help people satisfy their desires. It's why I'm so blunt with my nos- if I can't get off to it, and my not liking it will sabotage your experience, we don't need to do anything.

11. I don't exactly have characters, per se. I tailor ideas to a roleplay at hand. There's a few recurring faces, but they're more a vague idea than a definitive being- a set of traits that I like linking together with a name that doesn't get annoying to type.

12. Never had three opportunity to.

13. I plan a sketch, really. The basic idea, a general flow so I know the basics of what I need to do, but not exactly how to get to the scenes I planned. It comes mostly from reading my partner's preferences.
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Re: What's your Vore roleplay style?

Postby MrGrimlock » Wed Oct 21, 2020 6:38 am

Indighost wrote:1. Pretty general question, but what's your Vore roleplay style?

2. Where do you play? A certain Forum or chat , or Google docs? Private messages? Discord?

3. Public play, with show offs, audience participation and hecklers? Or sealed, discreet and deniable privacy?

4. Where do you find your partners?

5. Do you have a really rare sub-kink that makes it harder?

6. Do you do other kinks mostly and just Vore once in a while?

7. Are you in a tight knit rp club?

8. Do you have a lifelong rp penpal?

9. Are you unable to get off without vore content?

10. Do you rp as masturbation aid, or for self expression or some other reason?

11. Do you have one character or a cast of thousands?

12. Do you play tabletop rpgs as well? Dm ?

13. Do you plan your rp scenes or improvise?

I'm curious! :-)

To get myself out of the way: I use big chat channels, i looove public in-character-only chat rp, i stick with one furry oc, i find partners from all over the vore/furry community, and I roleplay for self expression, Vore about 33% of the time.

1. 3rd person paragraph format only, no 1st or 2nd person

2. Discord primarily, PMs here if not an option

3. Private

4. Here, either by seeking them out (most often) or letting them find me (rarely happens)

5. Not that I know of

6. Try to balance both

7. Nope

8. Still nope

9. Not what I'm here for

10. Out of pure boredom and wanting to talk with others

11. Small handfull

12. No, but *might* want to try something with a RTD thing

13. Always plan first, improvise if hitting a blank spot
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