Official Discord server(s) list

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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby coop500 » Thu Nov 12, 2020 1:30 pm

SearKahn wrote:So I can just post my server ad here?

Writer of wholesome fandom M/F vore.
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Smasherfan69 » Fri Nov 27, 2020 8:54 pm

Server Name: Fate/ Holy Vore War

Purpose: Roleplay, Socializing, General Mayhem.

Summary: Fate/ Holy Vore War is a vore focused Fate/RP server that also allows for lewd/NSFW content as well. The main method of interacting whether it be a servant battle, chat, or some other... special activities is simply writing with one another. There are more classes than the usual seven for more participants, pseudo, demi, halloween, summer servants, etc. etc. are allowed alongside the normal servants due to the simple nature of the RP. Upon the completion of one war another shall be set up in the future. So if you're into Fate/ and of course into vore, please consider joining and participating! That said spectators are allowed if you just wanna chill and hang out, we got normal non-RP channels for just that as well!

Premise: The following explanation is the server premise:

"In a version of the world where one of the basic forms of mage craft magi are taught is the act of devouring another human whole and alive in various ways as... an... very efficient alternative to mana transfer techniques.

Several magi have been invited to La Ciudad de Los Voraces, an Las Vegas like landmass isolated from the world filled with casinos, amusement park attractions, strip clubs, love hotels, beaches, etc. etc. with little rules on public indecency, to participate in a new sort of pass-time... a variation on the Holy Grail War called the Holy Vore War. While still ultimately trying to achieve a Holy Grail of sorts and obtain a wish, the catch to it is that the enemy servants and if felt like the enemy masters must be devoured and digested for their essence to be collected. if struck down in the normal way, they will not be collected and a new servant must be summoned by a new or old master or if the servant is lucky they'll be re-summoned, memories gone though just like any other new summon. The command seals that will appear on these masters also have a nice side-effect of inducing a higher capacity for voracity and their servants will be summoned with the same desire to swallow and digest one another. The system may or may not have a higher tendency to summon female servants and potentially alter their bodies to say... include a cock and pair of balls alongside their feminine form. Servants within extra classes may also find themselves summoned under this system alongside the normal seven though only one may properly exist at a time.

There'll also be no need to worry about concealing the war to the inhabitants of La Ciudad de Los Voraces as only its hosts, staff, and willing volunteers expecting to be preyed upon or even sneak their way into the war will be residing on it during it alongside the masters and servants.

So will you accept the invitation and try to take up the grail? Even with the risk of being someone's lunch?

Let us see!

And well... if this is a successful business venture... there's more in the future to come!~"

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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Mokusoft » Thu Dec 03, 2020 2:32 pm

Server Name : Tinies Destiny [RP]

Purpose : A vore RP Server

Summary : In the world of Yanbako, peoples from their own world appeared here with a smaller size than the usual.
Tinies can try to find a way to go back to their world or they can discover and explore this new horizon and maybe make a new life.
But be Careful ! here, There're giants beings. . .and I don't think it would be easy with them to find a peaceful moment to take a break and breath of air

Link :
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Delete9026b26 » Fri Dec 11, 2020 5:20 pm

Servername: The Gambling Grove

Purpose: Roleplaying + Casual Conversation

Surely you're familiar with games like poker, blackjack, and so forth right? You like the thrill of winning a meal, or losing and being a meal? Or just like playing cards? Well then we're the place for you!

Casually play cards, or even optionally turn the cards game into an RP and make it a competition to see who comes out on top of the food chain!

We have rooms for conversations, media sharing, roleplay, and cards. All of which are available to our users.

I sincerely hope we can welcome you to our casino soon.

Invite Link:
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Cryo » Mon Jan 25, 2021 2:26 am

Server Name: Rook’s Terrarium

Purpose: This server is the main community tab for the Twitch channel @ABatAfterDark, a predator/dom who streams!

Summary: Do you like the idea of a vore streamer? Do you want to be flirted with by a preddy, dominant bat boy? I’m an adult content creator who appeals to folks who enjoy vore, paws, macrophilia, tf, flattening, and other common fetishes, and I’m excited to tell you that I’m starting up a gaming channel on Twitch! Consider joining me, either as a fellow dom, or as one of the bugs I tease in chat! I hope to see you soon! There’s always room for more with A Bat After Dark.
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby celestialforest » Mon Jan 25, 2021 7:15 am

Server Name: The Glory Hole

Purpose: Share and obtain various vore content and other nsfw content created over the years in organised channels

Roleplay channels and roles are also available. If you're an artist, this server is a great place to advertise your work, as we have Artist roles in place!

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Vore in Spanish - Vore en Español

Postby Helh » Mon Jan 25, 2021 3:43 pm

Hola a todos;

Este es un server en discord para todos aquellos que quieran explorar el vore en español.
El server busca ser sencillo, simple e inclusivo, por lo que todo el mundo tiene cabida, sean cuales sean tus gustos.
Es un server de vore, en español.

Existe una sección separada para hacer roleo (rp, roleplay) también en español, por si te animas a probarlo.
Este es el enlace para unirse;

Un saludo, y bienvenidos!


Hello everyone;

This a discord server for all of you who wish to explore vore, in spanish.
The server aims for simplicity, and being inclusive, so everyone fits in, whatever your tastes are.
Simply put; it's a vore server, in Spanish.

There is even a separate rp (roleplay) section, in spanish too, in case you wish to try it.
This is the discord link:

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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby SimplyFulcrum » Wed Jan 27, 2021 5:12 pm

[18+] Welcome to Devoravore :snake:
This is an NSFW furry/scalie vore server. You can roleplay with others, show off your characters/sona's, share your talented artist, writing, or animation skills, and more! You don't have to be into vore or into the furry fandom to be in the server, we welcome all. If you're curious then by all means.
> Self-assignable roles to your interests
> Verification system to prevent unwanted guests entering
> We have Tupperbot, Dyno, Rhythm, and more!
> We also have a couple naughty bots too... but don't tell...
> Meme channels
> Channels for artists, writers, animators to show their skills!
> 120+ emotes; including animated emotes as well.
> We have reached level 2 with 16 boosts!
> Automated posts from r/Vore, r/furryporn, and r/scalieporn!

We are also looking for active staff members and server partners, if you are interested considering applying!

Note: Icon is made by Cakeinferno, he is neither affiliated nor does he own the server
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby AmyGiantess » Sat Feb 06, 2021 12:58 am

(AmyBrooke#0943 on discord)
Amy’s Room is my giantess, shrink, roleplay, and size change community. I will be here for years. I want you to have a fun and enjoyable experience with us. I care about my friends and our members. You are allowed to DM me personally. We also have 23 Staff Members to DM for help. We are cool and laid back most of the time. I believe that Staff should be passionate Members who have last-resort mod powers to only use when needed after discussion and to uphold Discord’s Rules.

We are a Level 3 Server with 500 emotes, I personally have over 120 original video files that I edited in #amys-gift channel. We have 72 select-able roles. 61 visible channels. Over 4,200 Members. 23 Staff Members. Amy’s Game; a unique currency system with automated responses written by me so you can earn money, win prizes, and Roles. You can post messages, suggestions, art, videos, links, music, giantess audio, stories, advertise your social media, etc. Join Amy’s Room and DM me later to share your experience with me. We are always trying to improve.
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby sambarton20 » Sat Mar 06, 2021 4:15 pm

Server: The Gut Club

Purpose: Vore Roleplay, Nightclub Aesthetic, Weekly Events, Music and Picture Sharing

Summary: Welcome to The Gut Club! This is a premier 18+ NSFW vore roleplay server, modeled in a night club aesthetic. We have several rooms dedicated to roleplaying, as well channels for sharing music, artwork, memes, and more! Human and Furry characters of all sizes are all welcome and we look to grow our server with a number of new guests! The staff will be running several events over the coming weeks and, should they succeeded, will make them a regular thing to encourage activity within this server. Come join us!
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby LucifersChef » Mon Mar 08, 2021 4:26 am

Server Name: Den of Lucifer

Purpose: Socialising, writing advice & critique, roleplay ads

Summary: The Den is a small, cozy M/M, consensual vore and other bad ends server. A particular focus on casual vore, but not exclusively so. Furries and human fans alike are welcome. We don't stay too strictly within any boundaries, but instead like to talk about all sorts of kinks. We particularly focus on fostering creating vorish content yourself, receiving feedback, sharing ideas and sharing obscure works that risk being lost to the internet, and count many experienced contents creators as members.

Check our rules, stay with in them, and enjoy. We don't welcome fascists or -phobes of any sort (except Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia).

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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby AlicesStomach » Sun Apr 04, 2021 2:19 pm

Server Name: Puyo Puyo Gulp!

Purpose: Vore Game Devolpment and more.

Summary: Welcome to the Puyo Puyo Gulp! Official Discord server, PPG is a visual novel based off of the Puyo Puyo Franchise. It will be non-sexual, for anyone wondering. I hope if you join you'll have a great time!

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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Zapor » Sat May 01, 2021 5:47 am

you should add in descriprion "we will instaban you without any reason if we just want it" on every your server, lol.
Funny fact:
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby fixated1 » Tue May 11, 2021 1:55 pm

Zapor wrote:you should add in descriprion "we will instaban you without any reason if we just want it" on every your server, lol.

This is good advice. Always have a rule that says you can be banned at the moderators'/owner's discretion. Because some people will always try to skirt the rules just enough to harass others in your server but not break the letter of the law, then claim they're being treated unfairly when they get in trouble.
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Eka » Tue May 11, 2021 6:10 pm

Zapor wrote:you should add in descriprion "we will instaban you without any reason if we just want it" on every your server, lol.

I only moderate one server. If you get booted by more than one server chance is the problem is you. Not me.

fixated1 wrote:This is good advice. Always have a rule that says you can be banned at the moderators'/owner's discretion. Because some people will always try to skirt the rules just enough to harass others in your server but not break the letter of the law, then claim they're being treated unfairly when they get in trouble.

If only everyone is smart enough to know that.
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby NaomiLuvsU » Tue May 18, 2021 2:54 pm

Server Name: To A Man's Heart

Purpose: Roleplaying, sharing art, And hosting a community of like-minded individuals (AKA Hungry Men)

Summary: "The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

Welcome all to "To A Man's Heart", where the quickest way to a man really is through the stomach. Men and women of all walks of life; furry? Human? Doesn't matter to us, so long as you're 18. Ladies can sample our wide variety of predators to fill your dreams of being gulped and gurgled. Gentlemen, why not partake in our wide selection of needy women looking for a predator to satisfy? Be they vanilla or far more risque, come satisfy your deepest desires. "To A Man's Heart" is open for business.
(contact Ω.#3322 for any questions)
Lovely Lady Naomi!

Naomi Naomi Naomi Naomi Naomi Naomi

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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby KittyBoi » Thu May 20, 2021 10:40 am

Server Name: KB's Lounge

Purpose: Discussion/Brainstorming, Networking, Sharing of Art and other creative works.

Summary: KB's Lounge is my own personal spot, intended as a place to share my works and commission progress, as well as a spot for discussions, critiques, and collaboration. I like all types of vore and am excited to see all sorts of work and ideas! Being over 18 is, as should be expected, a requirement, and I do not tolerate underage art/content in the slightest. I do reserve the right to act as a moderator and make my own judgements. (just saying that upfront.)

Anyways, I love talking with you guys!

It's not hard to be greedy... a little bit of overindulgence goes a very long way.

Feel free to support me:
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby QueenCeleste » Tue Jun 08, 2021 10:43 am

Server Name: Mouthwatering

Purpose: community, discussion, roleplaying, games

A glass of wine. Friends surrounding you as you relax in our homely community. A gentle gurgle emanates from your belly as a happy prey squirms inside.

This is Mouthwatering, a server where we do our best to uphold and protect a community that promotes friendship and fun! Naturally, not only the mods do the fun welcoming, but the entire community is excited to see you! We have roles, emotes, and colours aplenty to express yourself. All we ask is that you be civil and chivalrous.

In addition to this friendly community, we also feature two large RP settings. The first is a fantasy/post-apocalyptic realm called Hadaellya. Society has collapsed and it is now in the process of being rebuilt.
The second is a modern version of our world where death by vore is no consequence. You just resurrect and go about your day once more! Everything is fun and games here.
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby ad5570 » Sun Jun 20, 2021 10:14 pm

Are there any discords for humanxhuman or big/large bellies?
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Re: Official Discord server(s) list

Postby Grima » Thu Jul 01, 2021 10:08 pm

Server name: The Dragon's Table

Purpose: Socializing, sharing art and writing, and roleplaying

Summary: Welcome to The Dragon's Table, a vore server centered on male pred and non-binary pred content in roleplay, art, writing, etc! Despite the name coming from Fire Emblem, all types of fandom AND original content are welcome!

There are channels for: gaming and media talk, channels to post your works and other people's works, channels and bots for roleplay, and(most importantly) roles that give you access to channels with content you want to see, show whether or not you want to be DM'd and/or want to roleplay! Other roles we have show what your tastes are, what role you prefer to have in vore, and if you're a content creator! Suggestions to improve the server are always welcomed, in fact, we encourage it!

We're a brand new server and we keep the safety and security of our members as our number one priority! Everything is kept strictly fictional, and absolutely no nsfw IRL content of any kind is allowed, photoshop or not.

We do not allow harassment of other members for their interests, and anyone found to be spreading dissent will be kicked back to the holding stage of the server. We expect adults joining an adult server to be capable of taking care of themselves, and we would rather you block members you’re uncomfortable with. Be mature.

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