Very obscure or minor characters

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Re: Very obscure or minor characters

Postby Birichino » Sat Feb 20, 2016 7:50 pm

Although it wouldn't appeal to me (unless she's humanized), I'm kind of surprised I've never seen any art of Kazooie. She's sassy, and she audibly gulps down every Jiggy you collect in Banjo-Kazooie. She also swallows the eggs, incidentally. They're collected from the world and she can spit them or pass them.
There's kind of a lot of vore in that world, actually. Clanker in 1, then that sick dinosaur and the whale in 2.
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Re: Very obscure or minor characters

Postby FishnorFowl » Thu Feb 29, 2024 9:50 am

That one T. rex that was nice to calvins mom in that one Calvin and Hobbes strip
Presumably an imaginary event idk I saw the T. rex in a post about dinosaurs in Calvin and Hobbes
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Re: Very obscure or minor characters

Postby DSUHO » Wed Mar 06, 2024 10:46 pm

neco arc chaos from melty blood
nya nya nya
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Re: Very obscure or minor characters

Postby JettCabino » Mon Mar 11, 2024 5:20 pm

Bulkmon from the Digimon Vital Bracelet and King Goobot from Jimmy Neutron would be some of my pocks. Also Looger from Scaler on GameCube and PS2, Dark Yabu from Vexx on the same systems, and Victor Von Ion, Dr. Nefarious, and Emperor Nefarious have little to no vore. Not that Nefarious is obscure, just underutilized in vore specifically. I also agree with Watto, as well as adding in Dexter Jettster. Grievous has a decent amount of vore if you look on certain sites but he's also a fave.

Also big fan of Thresh and Mordekaiser from League of Legends, and honestly Dota 2's Tidehunter is a delightful pick for pred. I also would say so many of the Dragons in Spyro Reignited are underutilized overall in favor of specific ones in general. I think I would be food for all of them tbh.

Also General Tsao and Captain Lafwee from Sly Cooper 3, and Clockwerk from Sly Cooper 1.

Lord Zemerik from Hot Wheels Battle Force Five, Pork Chop from Acceleracers, and people never have Zenyatta from Overwatch as pred. Ramattra would also be underutilized in vore. And it's honestly shocking that Papa Titan from The Owl House I haven't seen as pred yet, granted haven't checked the portal for it recently but I have checked other sites and so far nothing.
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