Do you do any roleplay that involve vore?

I do roleplay, and yes vore related
55% (243 votes)
I do not roleplay, anywhere, about anything
22% (97 votes)
I do roleplay, but not vore related
10% (43 votes)
I do roleplay nothing but vore!
7% (29 votes)
Other - see commen
3% (14 votes)
3% (13 votes)
Total votes: 439


Pretty much learned how to rp

Pretty much learned how to rp through talking to people about it before o knew what it really was, dipped into sexual rp, but now if it's sexual there's always got to be vore involved lol

I've roleplayed before, but

I've roleplayed before, but it wasn't vore only because it wasn't on vore-based sites.

Hard to find predators that

Hard to find predators that are female, though...

Only vore

I only rp about vore...*wink wink*


Depends/varies (again), but i usually stick vore/fetish related to specific area, such as Eka's Portal.